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Testing a BUDGET Rowing Machine with HYDROW App | Peloton of Rowing? DOUFIT Review

Did you know that with rowing, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour AND it utilizes 86% of the muscles within your body? This gives you a full body workout combining cardio and strength training. Shopping for a rowing machine can seem daunting, especially since it’s less of a common at-home exercise machine. I’ve reviewed a number of spin bikes as well as compact, foldable treadmills on my channel and this is my first experience reviewing a rowing machine.

Did you know that with rowing you can burn up to 800 calories per hour and it utilizes 86 of the muscles in your body this gives you a full body workout combining cardio and strength training shopping for a rowing machine can seem a bit daunting especially since it’s a less common at-home exercise machine here on my channel i’ve reviewed a number of spin bikes

As well as compact foldable treadmill options and this is my first experience reviewing a rowing machine as with any product there are budget as well as high-end options the popular hydro rowing machine aptly called the peloton of rowing machines has a retail price of 2245. its sleek design also includes a 22 inch screen for streaming classes similar to the

Peloton their digital basic membership is 19.99 per month and it also includes a free 30-day trial which i’m currently utilizing if you’d still like to get a rowing experience but for 10 the price of the hydro machine perhaps consider this option today’s video will be broken down into the following topic areas this machine retails for 229 on amazon it has an

Aluminum and alloy steel frame this machine has dimensions of 70.5 inches in length and 22.4 inches in height it has magnetic resistance giving you a smooth quiet power rowing experience there are two wheels on the front for easy transportation so this is what the display looks like here we have a set mode and a reset button the screen turns on within two

Seconds of you using the machine if not you can always press one of these buttons the display tracks time count distance calories and strokes here we have the tension knob it has a range of one through eight it has a non-slip handlebar the seat is two inches thick and 12.6 inches wide it also has non-slip pedals with adjustable velcro straps the front and

Rear stabilizers have adjustable rubber feet so now i’m going to go over the assembly process this product has a net weight of 25 kilograms and a gross weight of 29 kilograms this is what it looks like when you remove all the cardboard packaging here’s a layout of the included parts so on the first page of the instruction manual they include a parts list the

First step is to assemble the front foot pipe so here i’m grabbing the front foot pipe this is the one with the wheels i’m lifting and placing the machine over it here i turn the machine upside down and i’m screwing everything into place there’s also an instruction video on doe foot’s amazon webpage so feel free to check that out if you get stuck on any areas

So step two is to attach the rail i’m going to begin by removing all of the screws and once again i’m using the included wrench we’re going to slide it in then reattach the screws holding it in place the third step is to attach the seat and the fourth and final step unfortunately not depicted is to simply attach the petals you’re going to use those two long

Metal posts to thread it through the machine and attach the petals while this machine stores in a vertical position folding it down is quite simple you’re first going to remove the long screw and the yellow knob slowly pull down the machine reinsert the screw and reattach the yellow knob so now i’m going to quickly demonstrate how to fold this rowing machine

It just takes a few minutes and it’s quite simple so first we’re going to remove this long screw second we’re going to remove the yellow dial next we’re going to just lift up the back portion and it’s going to pop up right here from there we’re going to reinsert this long screw and lastly we’re going to reattach the yellow dial and there we go it’s folded

In half you can see that this is quite stable i wouldn’t have this stored in the upright position around kids as the manual recommends but i think for adults or if you’re going to put it in a closet or somewhere this is quite sturdy from there you can easily transport this from room to room with the two wheels in the front so this is my first time trying to

Work out using the hydro app and let’s dial it back so this is what the app looks like it does show the days of the week just like peloton on the days that you work out you get a little filled in circle they have different exercises they have on the mat a drive section a sweat section breeze warm up cool down and what’s also interesting is that they have a

Learn to row section which i haven’t tried so here’s an example there’s a 15 minute welcome to hydro and this guy’s actually using it with a hydro rowing machine i am pumped to bring you one of the best workouts out there they do have the location of where these workouts are filmed quite a few of them are from miami beach here’s one from jacksonville here’s one

From charleston so i guess these are all on the east coast so under the app they have the home page and they also have a page for the feed say if you’re following different members just like peloton you can follow various members there’s also a page for activity or your workout history and lastly they have like a hashtag area which peloton has hashtags as well

There’s also a hydro one-on-one section for beginners and they also have a support section just like with peloton they do have a schedule of live classes so that’s also what you’re paying for with the 19.99 per month here you can see the upcoming classes and if you want to bookmark them or save it just click on this and then i guess you can add it to your calendar

So i wasn’t too sure what to expect with this app surprisingly they do film this like in an outdoor setting not using the hydro machine you can see that the instructor is actually steering the rowing machine and it’s not just like a green screen or a background one downside i find with this rowing machine is that there’s no spot to hold your phone i guess you

Could like i don’t know figure out a way to prop your phone up on here but yeah there’s no other place to really put it so what i did was just put the phone on the side on the ground i guess you could prop it up somehow during the workout they do call out resistance numbers but it doesn’t show on the screen which i guess wouldn’t matter anyways because they

Know that i don’t have the hydro machine this app does cost 19.99 per month which i feel like is quite expensive it’s more than the peloton app which is 12.99 a month also there’s no way to cast this via chromecast onto your tv i tried it but it just has like the apple airplay option so this is a screen that shows up after your workout just shows the total

Time elapsed there’s no way to click the workout and have it start up again if you wanted to repeat it i guess you would have to search it again here’s some on the mat exercises we have a 15 minute kpop lengthening pilates hi everyone i’m kristy and i am your pilates instructor here at hydro today’s workout is also not only a lengthening workout lower it

All the way down so i just did eight minutes on this rowing machine i’m actually using one of the cycling workouts just for like the music and the motivation so this is what the display looks like to turn it on you just push one of the buttons here is the resistance or the tension dial i have it at a three it goes from a one to an eight one is pretty much

No resistance it’s more like the neutral position and here’s the feet portion of course we have these velcro straps that you can remove and tighten for your shoes i am a shoe size seven and a half and this is what the foot portion looks like the rowing machine case is fully enclosed with this plastic covering so here is the seat portion it just slides back and

Forth obviously i do need to oil the track because sometimes the seat gets stuck anyways i should do it for today’s video i hope you enjoyed it be sure to like this video subscribe if you’re not already and comment down below what are your thoughts on this rowing machine do you feel like it’s worth it for the price or would you prefer just to purchase the hydro

Or more well-known brand there are a few free rowing videos here on youtube but if you want something a little bit more consistent i would recommend to try the hydro app with that being said that should do it for today’s video and i’ll see you in my next video thanks for watching you

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Testing a BUDGET Rowing Machine with HYDROW App | Peloton of Rowing? DOUFIT Review By Christina Marie