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TESTING REVLON ONE STEP HAIR DRYER AND STYLER ON CURLY HAIR – HONEST REVIEW #RevlonOneStepHairDryerAndVolumizer / Hey guys! Here’s my honest opinion on the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler. Hope you guys enjoy this video! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and join the crew! Love you all!

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel if you’re new here i’m julissa as you can see my hair is wet today and it is because we are going to try out the revlon dryer so this is the one-step hair dryer and volumizer and i’ve been wanting to buy this for so long now this retails for sixty dollars at ulta and about forty dollars at target so if you want to buy this

If this works out go ahead and purchase it the link is gonna be down below so this is supposed to be like kind of like a brush that blows out your hair and also like brushes your hair so you don’t have to use a brush and a blow dryer you just have to use a vase to blow-dry your hair so i want to see already how this works i’ve heard really good things about this

So i haven’t opened this box yeah so excited to see how it looks and this is a first impressions i have never ever used one of these so i’m looking forward to it so much so i heard that this cuts your hair drying time by like half so if it takes you like an hour to blow-dry your hair it only takes you like thirty minutes so we’ll see i’m gonna time this so let’s

See how this works at this it takes me like an hour to go around my hair with the regular dryer and brush and it doesn’t come out that smooth anyways i have to straighten it okay anyways and what the strainer but oh here it is so this is the only thing that comes in the box right by the way my wisdom tooth is coming it’s growing and it is very very annoying so if

I talk kind of funny today that is why because i have really bad pain back here so this is what it looks like it is huge like it’s like bigger than my hands and if you compare it to my face it’s pretty big um so i mean that’s cool so i guess you turn it on through here you put it low high cool so it says it’s lightweight and yes not that heavy but it is pretty big

It also says that it is tangle free so let’s see if this doesn’t tangle my hair i hope it doesn’t um because that would be very annoying and very painful smooth blowouts and up to half the time so we’re going to time this and we’re gonna see how long it takes me to blow-dry my hair and less heat related damage so it’s pretty cool because if this gives me a nice

Blowout i might not have to straighten my hair with a straightener so i will do forward to that my hair looks crazy by the way i have really really really curly hair so if this works out for me and i have really curly hair my hair is hard to below out so if this works for a week it should probably work for you but we’ll see so i’m taking a small section i’m taking

Maybe like an inch i don’t know let’s do this guy’s wow look at that shine guys look at that shine you see that this my first impression is that i love it i mean so far i love it it is way quicker yeah it’s way quicker than using a brush and a blow dryer and look how smooth like my hair never ever ever looks this smooth when i blow it out with a regular blow

Dryer and a brush like ever and look at the ends the ends are nice i like how this you can kind of like twist it in the end and it doesn’t come out like with my blow dryer and the brush like i just don’t know how to you do that i don’t know how to keep the ends in my brush when i’m using my blow dryer i don’t know if that happens with you guys but it happens with

Me all the time but with this i just like keep rolling it and rolling it and flipping it and flipping it and it just stays there and it keeps the end so smooth and so nice like look i need a haircut and it doesn’t even look like i really need a haircut like so far and love and the price 40 bucks are you serious like revlon you guys killed it i mean let me finish

My hair because i have to finish it but i already know that it’s gonna come out nice i hope so one thing that i have to mention though is that this brush is huge so it’s so hard to get like on your boot but i mean if you twist it kind of like if you flip it and you go like that and you really put the brush all the way in your roots and then you kind of like smooth

It out like that then that helps a lot a lot a lot with the roots being flat and being smooth and also this gets really really really really hot i mean obviously it’s a blow dryer it gets really really hot i put it in high by the way and it gets very high it gets very hot so just keep that in mind i mean it is a blow dryer though it’s gonna get hot so you gotta

Just work with it so here’s the first side my hair has a number like i have never done my hair this nicely like just blowing it out like i always have so straighten my hair with the flat iron when i blow out my hair just because it’s not straight enough but like wow look at that and look at that shine i’m like impressed i really really am impressed and

That only took me this side only took me like 15 minutes like 15 minutes so let’s do this side and yeah so here is the final look i literally have never ever ever done a blow out this nice ever i am pretty impressed i mean look at that shine look at my ends they don’t look bad at all and i need a haircut i know but they really don’t look bad like when i

Blow out my hair with my regular blow-dryer and a brush the ends are just saying terrible so i always have to go in with a straightener and kind of fix them but my hair is so soft and it’s so shiny and i would totally recommend this to anybody because my hair is very big very curly i have a lot of hair and it was so easy and we took me about like 30 minutes maybe

Like 40 minutes but i am very impressed and i love this and i feel like this should cost more because this is really good this was only 40 bucks at target like it’s so worth it it’s worth every penny and i think it’s an amazing amazing price like i totally recommend it i give this a big thumbs up i totally recommend this i mean it i’m gonna show you guys my back

Come back he’s a little bit harder to blow up and i’m sure it’s not as nice but if you take a look at that shine i mean look at that i hope you guys can see that yeah and i didn’t even use a flatiron i didn’t use anything so like when i will dry my hair with the regular blow dryer and a brush i always always have to straighten my hair with a flat iron but like

I don’t even feel like i have to because it looks nice i mean i can go out like this it’s shiny i’m just like some processes a game-changer like this completely just changed how i do my hair like i’m gonna do my hair like then i’m gonna do my hair like i’m just so excited marvin gavin mira como que lo me pelo okay why not other blanche the my so i hope you guys

Liked this review for the revlon salon one-step hair dryer and volumizer i totally recommend it like i said already but if you like these types of videos i will continue to upload kind of like reviews um and just like first impressions of other products and makeup and skincare so if you like this video make sure you go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel and

Also sirmione post notifications shaking and notified every time i upload a video bye guys love you

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