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Testing the Pet Treat Launcher

We tried out a pet treat launcher for our baby – Wilma! Looks like it could be fun but Wilma is not much into catching anything, lol.

Come on come on hey guys okay welcome to my channel today you got helena and sophia and it’s all about one two three today is all going to be about wilma and honestly it’s really so you want to throw me that box so she got something from santa claus this year and i know it’s kind of late but we’ve been wanting to try this it’s a pet treat launcher so we

Want to see if this thing really works it was like five bucks i’d like that beyond do you want to see if it works do you want to show you your tricks first lay down lay down okay not yet all right so this is the pet treat launcher and let’s see how it looks inside i haven’t even opened this yet this is the way we put our treats she knows huh okay so load

Pet treats in here snack launches out of that hole press the button pull the switch so all right so all right there we go so you ready guys see if this works oh my god what all right so okay so you’re gonna try first so you gotta pull the lever okay down and then press the button to shoot it oh oh oh i get it think it’s gonna explode in my face right now

All right let’s get the whole bowl right well what is it coming out of here it’s talking all right you ready mama it’s because there’s one stuck on oh okay you okay come on okay you got did you pull the trip the thing yeah ow okay first wait a minute all right i think what’s gonna happen i’m gonna have to stand all the way over there and shoot them yeah yeah

All right you ready go over there come here sit here sit sit watch it okay you ready stay here you have to get in you need to make sure you sleep oh oh there’s too many in there oh okay this is the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen in my life i gotta back up no come here right all right i went back to it you can’t even see it though i know no did you eat it

All right tell me about a video sit down turn around okay you’re ready wait a minute okay yeah all right well how about we just show wilma show them homeless tricks all right so we’re just gonna show you some alumnus tricks since that kind of didn’t work too well because i think it’s better if you’re outside but if you’re outside you’re not gonna see it

On the grass so i don’t know okay let’s show them your tricks okay give me a pour good girl yay lay down lick good girl does it really know it does there oh roll over can you roll on the couch roll roll over stick let roll over thing yeah she doesn’t know it though but like she’s like so okay that was pretty good that was good so we got well mom

So we got wilmer so we got wilma like five years ago girls yeah and then we adopted her and at the time in the shelter and at the time i think they said she might have been like two or three years old so she’s gonna be like seven or eight right you think so and everybody they said she was a poodle but um i don’t know everybody’s telling me she’s more bijan

So i think looking up bijan she looks more bijan right no she loves food anything for food when we will do it but yeah a good girl right we love her she doesn’t birthday much not only somebody’s like adults outside all right so okay well we tried to test the shooter and i don’t know it it’s fun but it shoots really high and honestly i don’t know one was not

Really a catcher of goals anyway so that probably wouldn’t have really worked even right wilma it’s all about obama today right okay guys so i hope you enjoyed that video on wilma and uh she’s our baby she’s our little helper so all right so please subscribe to the channel and give us a thumbs up okay thanks for watching watch it from the sidelines

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Testing the Pet Treat Launcher By Deb NYCurl