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Testing the VIRAL Tiktok leggings! *not what I expected*

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So i get a lot of emails from active work companies i swear half of them are about this pair of leggings and if watching you can probably relate to this but i see ads for these exact leggings everywhere and they all market them as our new anti cellulite lighting design it’s just a weird concept to me in general cellulite it’s a very normal thing and they’re all the

Same price they’re all $29.99 i can’t seem to find the original creator of that some on a mission to try as many of these leggings as i possibly can to determine are these all just actually the exact same legging or any of these superior are any of these legit oh this is actually one of the brands let it you mailed me i didn’t email him back i just went ahead and

Bottled myself called the perfect and this actually came out of california um i feel bad but these are worse than i was expecting so i got them in this tie-dye print because i thought i was fun as you can see it has this almost like honeycomb texture to it and then the bum is ruched i went with a medium in these ones they are normally 44.9 but i got them on sale for

2299 they just look very similar to something that you would get on amazon i expressed like i’m looking at the inside of them and how the power stitch together it’s just they’re not that quality flatlock stitching that you see in nicer leggings the material feels pretty thin there’s no branding on them oh here they are um it kind of looks like a cow print actually

I mean they’re really comfortable i’ll give them that they do feel a little big the mediums what do you what do you think of my bum in these leggings jesus i have a weird thing with tie-dye leggings where i keep buying them thinking it’s gonna be a good idea they’re just kind of weird they see-through yes just on just on the white sheet so these next ones spend a

Little bit more money on their called top rio shops so they have their own and then they also carry a couple of other ones and they were actually doing a deal on this stuff for awesome only $50 but i got up for 29 it’s a cute design and there’s not a lot to it for a sports bra and then the leggings normally 67 gone them for 33 all they’re actually shorts they have

The high waist the booty scrub the actual fabrics that these are made out of do feel like a little bit better quality no no no no no no this is known the least supportive sports bra like i don’t even have to bend over to fall out they just maybe if it was tighter but this is a disaster waiting to happen like the design is a cute idea but but also i actually really

Like the shorts these are really pretty fun oh booty scrunch they’re super high-waisted are a good length they don’t pinch my thighs at all okay so we’re gonna go to the gym but i’m gonna need a different bra okay yeah i mean wear this gym shark alone instead and then i found this i found this shirt at lululemon it’s just this like super lightweight material and

Then it has these cute little laser-cut details on the bottom but the best part is the fun shorts you can just kind of see the pink on the top peeking through these are also pretty squall proof so i just did some low effort cardio today it was one of those days i couldn’t tell if this guy behind me was staring at me the whole time or tv above me but i actually quite

Liked his they were super comfy normally all my bottoms are way too tight in the bumpy side plenty of space he wasn’t wearing underwear with these and it felt so little just imagine this texture on your bear and the real question were they anti-cellulite know kind of funny that i got them literally for that they don’t cover enough to be anti cellulite so i’m gonna

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Highly recommend these it’s a new day so i wear these around all last night just while we were hanging out eating dinner we went on my favorite ice cream places where they roll up your ice cream into a taco the longer longer i wore these last night the more hated they just weren’t flattering and they stretched out as i bore them so they started out a little bit

Too by the end of the night i just felt like they didn’t fit at all so today we have another one to try these ones are from a brand called light leggings honestly i ordered these months ago so i don’t even remember which ones like oh please don’t be ugly please don’t be ugly bright cherry red okay right off the bat these ones feel extremely similar to these ones

That i just were seeing down to the elastic waistband oh yes our spandex is your spandex i will say i like the feel of the pink shorts the best still this one’s actually a poly mighty lasting so a little bit different they did at least embroider their logo into this one so let’s test these out today we’re going on a hiking adventure i’m wearing the leggings i’m

Bringing a jacket because last hiking adventure we ran into a fun lightning and hail storm so you just never know what’s gonna happen here in utah we’re gonna see how these do you ready to go on a hike oh my gosh i didn’t tell you guys what hike we’re going on the ted bundy cabin height only it’s actually it’s cabin i think that that’s amiss but it’s a very creepy

Cabin no ow it’s so beautiful great job swimmingly this booty scrunches it is intense as it is the pink one no it’s not it’s not like all the way up in there i got that utah theme song stuck in my head working together alright so i liked these ones better than the weird tight i was the fit was a little better they weren’t huge on me they didn’t really have a lot

Of compression like i said the booty scrunch was definitely not just noticeable on me did they hide my cellulite well they sure did but like if your i feel like if you’re really feeling self-conscious about the texture of your legs you don’t have to go this far and i have yet to be like absolutely blown away by the quality of any of these the pinker and lily we’re

Gonna move on with the next pair this is the most expensive one it was also on the top rio shop website you have some navy leggings size medium a navy sports bra it’s already looking a little bit more promising than the last woman in the hood medium also you have these seam details down the front crisscross waste bin and it looks like they have a nice taper in the

Waistband too these are like a hundred bucks so i’m hoping they proved to be superior wow like look at this sports bra the medium fits i think this small would be a little bit more supportive but this is so cute and then i love the waistband on this one definitely a little bit more compressing and these are nice are these linkies $80 more nice though i don’t know

How these leggings have seams that give them a little bit of shade the rouge on this is perfect i’m gonna say it’s one of those sites where it’s good to wait for stuff to go on sale though cuz i’m sure this stuff will eventually any wax which is actually like a soup religion active our company came out with their version of this but the lighting’s were all sold out

So i got the top just cuz i wanted to at least see it like low-key room i’ll do those tops that are super popular we were in elementary school this texture is the same idea but it’s a lot more dense there’s makes it feel a little more like plushy luxurious actually really quite like this top and then i also wanted to throw this set in here actually talked about

It in my last video but it’s from valence athletica it’s the energy pant and energy crop top these are actually on sale right now but there’s not a ton of them left but these ones have this like 3d diamond pattern they come in a bunch of different colors they run pretty small i got a small in these and they’re tiny like we got to do some serious stretch for me of

These over my booty they put the top i think you’re gonna prefer to medium and bold for sure they’re actually more of like a knit seamless type feeling legging i don’t know i just feel like it’s a little bit more of a flattering subtle way to do this raised 3d textured print and they didn’t have to do any gimmicky anti-cellulite advertising all these they’re pretty

Much the same there wasn’t like a mind-blowing difference between them so just know if you’re in the market for one of these and you keep getting ads from a ton of different companies with the ton an different prices just know it’s probably the exact same linking that’s on amazon for $19.99 it’s an interesting idea but most of these were a miss for me if you want

To continue watching this some videos i picked them out for you over here to subscribe to this channel you can click on my face right here and leo and i know so tired from that height we’ll see you guys in the next video goodbye youtube

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Testing the VIRAL Tiktok leggings! *not what I expected* By HopeScope