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That Girl Morning Beauty Routine Olaplex, Oribe, R+Co Reviews

Thank you to for sponsoring this video!! I’ve shopped at Dermstore for ages so working with them is a no-brainer for me.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video we’re doing like a that girl beauty routine pamper routine this happened on a weekend morning so basically i decided to go for a walk around the lake by my house it’s so beautiful but it did get really really hot so i cut it a little bit short but i really love just kind of taking time for myself in the morning

To get moving get my blood flowing get some fresh air get some sunshine now we’re gonna jump into the beauty part of this so i want to thank dermstore for sponsoring today’s video i’m going to start by using the olaplex hair perfector number three olaplex is something so so hyped all over social media and i decided to give it a go and i’m actually pretty shocked

So i start by just brushing through my hair my hair is pretty sweaty and i’m going to be washing it which is why i’m doing the olaplex hair mask right now but basically i get my hair damp using my hair brush and then i take a pretty generous amount of olaplex because i do have really long hair and i just work it through my kind of like mid to ends of my hair i

Really make sure my hair is super saturated and i get a lot of it in there and then i like to brush through my hair just to make sure everything is evenly distributed and i put my hair back into a braid dermstore is an amazing destination for tons of professional hair care makeup products and beauty brands i personally shop there all the time because they have

Such an incredible selection of really high quality products that i have used for a very long time and love dearly anyway now it’s time for a little indulgent bath i have really gotten into baths lately it’s just something so relaxing and i’ve really been getting into blue mind theory which is basically you’re happier and you’re calmer when you’re around in or

Underwater so i’ve been trying to practice blue mind theory more and more in my life going for a walk by the lake taking a bath all these things i find really calming loving my bath right now yes this is my bathtub yes it’s insane so so grateful to have this bathtub now i’m hopping in the shower and i’m going to rinse out that olaplex hair mask um but we’re going

To start with some shampoo this is the orbe gold lust shampoo and this shampoo is so bougie and so fabulous you don’t need that much to create a really beautiful frothy lather to really saturate your hair from roots to ends and it cleans my hair so effectively my hair doesn’t feel stripped or dry or anything it just feels super fresh and cleansed after i really do

Like the shampoo and the packaging i mean the packaging is just stunning i mean it has this like embossed kind of stamp on the front it has really beautiful reflective gold on it it’s such an indulgent bougie product i think if you’re gonna get something that really elevates your morning routine this is a product to get so after i rinse all of this out then it’s

Time to condition and i’m going to be using the rnco television perfect hair conditioner now i’ve tried a lot of conditioners and none of them really impressed me except this one actually does an amazing job of somehow straddling the line between super conditioning and super moisturizing and yet light weight i have very fine hair and it can tend to get very weighed

Down by really really heavy conditioners but this one actually does a great job of coating my hair in a really nice layer of kind of moisture and slipperiness so that when i do brush my hair after i shower there are no tangles also the packaging super cute now this is a towel that i’ve been using from crown affair this is actually so cool you just kind of tuck the

End of the towel into the strap and you’re good to go it stays put for my skincare routine i’m starting with the summer fridays gel moisturizer i bought this on a whim and i freaking love it it’s so hydrating and moisturizing without feeling sticky or tacky or heavy it layers beautifully underneath sunscreen in a way that feels just very non-imposing on the skin

Use a little bit of yerba mate wake up eye gel from good molecules just kind of tapping this under the eyes i don’t think this really does anything for me but i love how cooling and refreshing it feels so i use this on most mornings then for my sunscreen i’ll be using the kinship self reflect probiotic sunscreen with spf 30 i believe this is a mineral sunscreen

And it’s not my favorite but i do like it i’m gonna finish with some lip balm and then i’m gonna go on to my body treatment this is a pharmacy honeymoon glow body aha bha lotion i take my hair out of the towel which by the way this towel does an amazing job of absorbing so so much water i find that if i want to blow dry my hair this towel cuts my blow-dry time

In half i know you’re not supposed to brush wet hair but honestly after using that conditioner my hair has absolutely no tangles for the most part so i can really easily brush my hair and then it’s time to just quickly blow dry my hair i generally find that when i don’t blow dry my hair gets a little flyaways like frizzy’s not really frizzy because i have very

Straight hair but my hair just looks generally better when i have blow-dried it so i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video thank you all so much for watching and spending this time with me have a beautiful week and i’ll see you in my next one bye you

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That Girl Morning Beauty Routine ✨ Olaplex, Oribe, R+Co Reviews By Kaya Empire