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The Inkey List Brighten-i Eye Cream Review + Update

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Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel my name is grayson if you’re new here make sure you click the red subscribe button and give the video a thumbs up if you end up doing it so this is my amazon store i have a link in the description box if you guys want to purchase any of my favorite stuff that i use also if you’re going to purchase something from amazon

And it’s just a random product you can just go ahead on my store you don’t have to purchase anything from my store but if you want to purchase rice for example you could just type in rice but like through my amazon store if you type it i will still earn some kind of commission thank you for supporting hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is grayson if

You’re new make sure you click the red subscribe button and give the video a thumbs up if you end up enjoying it so don’t mind my hair i still need to fluff it it’s a fresh wash and go but in today’s video we’re going to talk about the um inkulas brighten eye cream and it came in a box like this but i already ripped it open because i want to show you what is

What’s inside so basically it comes in this pocket let me just put it in as you guys can see and you have space here and when you open it it looks like this and you have instructions here and also information there so we’re going to talk about it and also i will show you the before and after a brighten eye cream and this is formulated for all and best for

Doll under eyes helps helps to brighten instantly and over time and this is the treat section so basically the ordinary has these um instructions here for example clean hydrate treat moisturize and spf and the and the one this is is treat and this is 50 milliliters and they also give you the steps on how to layer your product step one is to clean and then

Hydrate and then the treat moisturize spf and this they say you’re supposed to put this before you’re supposed to supposed to put this after your moisturizer so um i used this for seven days and after after those seven days i did use it on and off just because um i’ll tell you why in a bit but i placed them with the moisturizer i use the vitamin b c and e

Moisturizer and then replace this you do get a good amount of product because you only need a small bit to really dampen under your eye you can dampen it under your eye or just use this applicator to smooth it in and it gets like a nice cooling effect and they also have to give you the instructions to gently squeeze the tube a dot small size amount under your

Under eye and if you guys can see it they have the ingredients there and have a lot of ingredients like a lot like ginger root extract a lot and they also give you the active ingredients which are here like two percent one percent five percent and one percent and it also has description and illuminating under eye cream containing brighten now four times more

Brightening than vitamin c this contains a molecule which is activated by your own skin to brighten your skin tone and inside it has even more explanation for example they say if you want to boost the hydration you can pair this up with hyaluronic acid and so on on this side if you want um to reduce signs of aging etc so yeah they also have like lots and lots

Of information here and yeah so the product when you put it on your hand you put like a small amount it also has a small hole and when you rub it in it’s a very thin um product and you do have to put a small amount because as you can see it covered almost half my palm so you’re gonna put a very very small amount so i’m gonna put the before and after side by

Side um i don’t think this helped me and i don’t really believe that this is four times more brightening than vitamin c because in the past i did use vitamin c and i did notice difference but with this i didn’t even notice a difference for me it um it felt like my under eyes were getting even darker and the moment i stopped with this i could uh it came it

Became less darker so i don’t know what that is all about but with the vitamin c i did notice change in a small period of time um i wish i had pictures of the in between when my under eyes were looking a little bit darker than the before picture so yeah so as soon as i stopped this is uh my eyes went back to normal so basically it’s kind of like with the ring

Light you don’t really see my under eyes for me it kind of kind of looks the same so here i am showing you my very first application of the bright eye cream this is my before shot and in the first application i did um put it on a little bit too much but after the first application i did put on less and this is what it looks like um i just basically put it on

With the applicator itself and it had a cooling sensation but sometimes i did just apply it with my finger because maybe i thought like bacteria goes on the applicator or something so after that i just basically applied it on with my fingers and as you guys will see here you just need a little bit because it’s gonna take a while to really work in your skin

If you use a lot and you’re gonna have to apply it way more on other spots like on your cheek etc and it doesn’t belong on your cheek so make sure you really put on a very small amount or else it will go in your eye um here it accidentally kind of went in my eye that’s why you see my face like that but yeah make sure you just put on a small amount i cannot

Stress that enough if you’re trying this product or any other eye cream so after this i just applied it further with my hand because it was a little bit hard with the applicator so i just finished it off with my fingers and it worked in so much better but yeah that is what i think of the um brighten eye cream i also saw a skin care beauty guru review this

And he said it’s totally not worth buying it but i already bought it before i saw it and from him he is welsh i i hope i’m saying it right his name is welsh but it can work for some people if your under eyes are much darker than mine i don’t really have like dark dark dark under eyes but for me i need something a little bit more um i’d say less powerful than

Just simply lighten up my under eye so yeah let me know if you have tried this before or if you plan on trying it if you have much darker on your eyes with me i think this might work but make sure you use it before your moisturizer yeah before your moisturizer i don’t know if i don’t know if i said after your moisturizer in the beginning but you should use this

Before your moisturizer when you’re applying it and a very a small amount goes a long way because if you put too much some might go in your eye or you have to bring it down a little bit here because it’s you need the tiniest bit so yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video make sure you give the video a thumbs up subscribe to my youtube

Channel click the bell beside us to be notified whenever i post new upload and i will see you guys in my next video bye

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The Inkey List Brighten-i Eye Cream Review + Update By Grace SkinCare \u0026 Beauty