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The Inkey List Vitamin C & Brighten i Eye Cream Review!!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

Hey guys welcome back in today’s video i’m going to be doing a review of two products from the inky list the first one is their vitamin c serums and the second one is their brighten up eye cream if you’ve been eyeing these two products and you weren’t sure whether you should pick them up or not then this video is for you without further ado give this video a like

And let’s go ahead and hop right into it the first product i’ll be reviewing is the inkless vitamin c serum this comes in one fluid ounce or 30 ml it retails for 8 pounds very affordable and it comes in their regular squeezy tube packaging the ingredient list is quite simple it’s just a couple of ingredients basically dimethicone and an ascorbic acid it’s got

30 l ascorbic acid which is the best form of ascorbic acid you want in your vitamin c serum but with that being said the percentage in this serum is very very very high so if you have never ever used vitamin c or at least vitamin c serum in the form of l-ascorbic acid you definitely shouldn’t be starting out with this serum it’s too high i’m telling you guys

You want to choose a lower percentage i checked a couple of websites called beauty and sephora to see what people are saying about this serum very very mixed reviews and for that reason i thought okay i’m gonna buy it but i didn’t have high hopes for it and i’m gonna get into why in a bit first i want to talk about what the inculus says about this serum and how

To use it so they say that this is a very high percentage of vitamin c extremely stable because it’s a waterless formula as i said in the beginning it’s just silicones and vitamin c so that means it won’t oxidize quickly which is basically the main issue with vitamin c serums is that they oxidize straight away after you open up the bottle so having this type

Of formula will make it last a little bit longer despite that it’s a waterless formula you still need to use this up within six months of opening the tube they say that this should be used in the morning to use one piece sized amount spread it all over your face and use after that moisturizer and sunscreen and then as caution they say if stinging occurs use

It with one or two drops of hyaluronic acid serum and then put it on your skin this is supposed to act like a buffering agent and kind of minimize the tingling sensation and they also say that if irritation persists you should stop using it this serum has a very thick heavy silicone consistency i’m gonna show it to you on camera as you guys can see it actually

Looks like just a regular cream on camera but it’s not it’s very very silicone if you’ve used like a silicone primer in the past then this feels very similar to that but maybe a little bit even heavier so here it is and i hope you can see on camera how thick it is and what i found from me using it is that it never absorbs into the skin it creates this thick

Layer thick film that really never absorbs i don’t know if you can see even after spraying spreading it out i can still see it on my skin and it’s kind of balling up and that’s exactly what happens on the face it tends to ball up even though you try to work it into the skin it really never soaks in it doesn’t wear well with anything so the first time i used

It i put it on in the morning with the hopes that i can wear it with my moisturizer and then follow up with my spf i couldn’t i had to wash it off straight away because it was so thick and nothing would work on top of it i couldn’t put any moisturizer the minute i would put a moisturizer on it starts to ball up and you know create creases it wouldn’t go evenly

Nothing would go on top of it evenly and you know i have so many steps in my skincare routine that i really didn’t want this to interfere with that so i decided i’m going to use it on its own at night which is definitely not my preferred way of using vitamin c but i wanted it to work and i wanted to try to give it a chance to see if the actual product does work

So i put it on at night on clean skin dry and within i want to say within a couple of minutes my face was on fire now i am someone who does use vitamin c serums on a regular basis and i’m currently using the 15 by wish trend i’m going to show it to you this guy right here which i actually featured in my april favorites and fails it is a 15 vitamin c serum it goes

On like a serum slash a little bit of a lightweight oil and absorbs into the skin very quickly and my skin has built tolerance to vitamin c so honestly i did expect a little bit of irritation from using a 30 vitamin c serum like the inculis but i wasn’t expecting the stinging and burning i experienced with this guy i tried to tolerate it it did dissipate i would

Say after like half an hour but i could still feel irritation on my skin but i said to myself i’m gonna tolerate it just for this night so i can see if i can appreciate any brightening glowy effects in the morning so i went to bed woke up the next day and you guys my pillow looked like i just dropped orange juice on it it had this yellowish orangish tint and i

Thought i ruined my pillowcase very expensive pillowcase but i put it in a washing machine it did wash away but just a warning for you if you’re gonna use this serum and go to bed with it then make sure you don’t use an expensive pillow let’s talk about the results woke up in the morning honestly my face felt sore it felt like i just got sunburned i basically felt

Like i just ruined my skin barrier it was so disappointing because i really had high hopes i was willing to get past the texture and make it work this is a great example that more is not always more and yeah i never put this on my face again it was horrible on my skin felt horrible irritated me like heck it took me like two weeks to recover from that irritation

I couldn’t use anything else on my skin i had to just go back to the basics just use a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer all day day and night so i could recover from the irritation this caused i never used it again i do not suggest that you use this there are plenty other formulas out there that are much better lower percentage but you will still appreciate a

Glowy effect so this one was a hard pass for me please do not use it especially if you have sensitive skin don’t come near this guy at all i do hope in the future they will come out with a better formulation really when it comes to vitamin c it’s all about formulation and i’m the kind of person i want to use something that i enjoy that i end up reaching for not

Something that hurts and it’s painful and for that reason this was a big fail for me i haven’t had a lot of fails from the inky list but this is definitely one of them the next product i will be reviewing today is their brighten eye eye cream it is this guy right here it comes in ml or 0.5 fluid ounce it retails for 9 pounds again very affordable just like the rest

Of the inkalis products and is valid for 6 months after use it says you can use this in the am and pm so it’s essentially an eye cream or eye moisturizer now i’m the kind of person that i do like to have an eye moisturizer that is separate from like my face moisturizer i have used some in the past that i absolutely love and one of them is the kiehl’s avocado eye

Cream i know a lot of people say that that’s just a moisturizer but to me when i don’t use it i definitely miss it and in my opinion it works better for my eye area than any other regular face moisturizer let’s go back to this guy so basically it says here brighton eye brightener is basically a mix of ingredients and then that created like a specific formula and

That was trademarked and that’s what the inky list is using here i looked it up the two main ingredients were butter and some rice bran extract and rice bran extract is known for creating a brightening effect so i believe that’s really the main ingredient that’s working here and the mefura butter is what’s giving like a moisturizing effect but really trademarks

Don’t mean much i read the entire ingredient list and i couldn’t see anything that’s outstanding so the product comes in this tube i really i really appreciate the metal tip because it does give some cooling effects in the morning i want to say you want to shake this up every day before you use it because the formula does tend to separate which i don’t really

Like i don’t know why this happens with a lot of inkless products honestly but i have noticed that a lot of their products do separate and this is definitely one of them this is the product it comes out like a light lotion and it does absorb very very quickly i do want to say that i did use this for a really long time i’m almost done with the tube and i didn’t

Appreciate any brightening effect so the claims on this is that it’s supposed to get rid of your dark circles and puffiness i can see how this might help with puffiness due to the metal head but i didn’t appreciate any brightening of my dark circles i have always suffered from dark circles so it’s kind of become a normal thing to me and i have tried so many eye

Creams that claim to help with dark circles and they didn’t dark circles are very complicated and there isn’t much you can do about them especially if they are hereditary or not a result of fatigue i know if it’s a result of fatigue then some creams might help but mine aren’t and this one didn’t help with that it did hydrate the area around my eyes but it wasn’t

Moisturizing enough i have used other products that were much more moisturizing including the kiehl’s avocado eye treatment that one is so moisturizing every time i use it i wake up in the morning and i feel that the area around my eyes looks really fresh plump it just overall looks nice whereas when i use this guy the area around my eyes was hydrated but it

Wasn’t moisturized enough as i like it to be that brings me to the final verdict on this product it’s a nice eye cream is it better than your face cream that you can put around your eyes no not really is it going to do anything about your puffiness maybe but it’s just temporary because of the metal head and is the product itself going to get rid of your dark

Circles as it claims on the tube no it won’t if you’re in need of an eye cream and you wanted to try it then yes go ahead try it you might enjoy it it’s very affordable but is it better than other ones out there no to me it is very mediocre i wouldn’t repurchase it so again this one is not a fail but it’s not a win either i’m glad i tried it i didn’t enjoy using

It i wasn’t really wanting to reach for it i was more like forcing myself to use it so i don’t waste it but i won’t repurchase it again and i wouldn’t really recommend it to anybody and yeah that brings me to the end of today’s video i hope you guys liked it if you did give this video a thumbs up if you love the inky list and you would like to see other reviews

Of other products i will link some of that down below but feel free to check out my channel and i will definitely be doing more in the future so make sure you subscribe hit the bell so you get notified once i upload and i will see you guys in my next one bye guys

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The Inkey List Vitamin C & Brighten i Eye Cream Review!! By Skincare by Gelique