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The NEW It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation! Review and Demo

ALL PRODUCTS LINKED BELOW! **WATCH IN 1080HD** I am so excited to bring you the review on the newest IT Cosmetics Foundation! I have had so many of you ask me about this, so I hope you enjoy. Please like and subscribe before you really helps me out!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are doing a foundation review and i’m so excited because i love foundation reviews and i’m going to be talking about the brand new it cosmetics your skin but better foundation plus skincare i’ll say it says improves bare skin in just two weeks water light medium coverage natural radiant finish so this is the bottle

Right here it’s nice glass packaging i have no nails anymore so does that even work don’t think so does have a pump i’ll go and say right off the bat because i know people are going to want to know i am in the shade medium neutral 31 i had originally picked out a different shade than this it was a it was another medium neutral shade but it was a different number

And they were out of stock by the time i went to purchase this so this works fine for me this is the newest foundation to the it cosmetics line their confidence in a foundation is one of my very favorite foundations ever and for some reason they only had on the market for like five months and then they took it away i have no idea why because i love this now this

Is marketed or was marketed as full coverage this is marketed as a medium buildable coverage lots and lots of claims about this foundation but the first thing i want to say is that when i look at the ingredient list it is much shorter okay than like the cc cream the cc cream has like 90 plus ingredients in it which is crazy to me this one still has quite a

Few ingredients because they are written in a very small print but i don’t think it’s as much as the cc cream it says water light and i feel like i’ve heard people mention and i have not watched any reviews because i did not want to be biased but i feel like i’ve heard people mention like on instagram and stuff that it’s a water based foundation yes water is

The first ingredient but dimethicone is the second so it’s hard to say without knowing the exact percentage of water whether or not it is a true water-based foundation but the consistency does lean more liquidy again it claims to have skin care benefits let me read through some of these claims before we get into the demo lightweight hydrating foundation natural

Radiant finish that gives you skin even on days you don’t wear it so this is i feel like their biggest claim they’re basically stating that it’s going to make your bare skin look better with consistent use i’ll give my two cents on that in a minute buildable medium coverage minimizes the look of pores and imperfections delivers all-day hydration again natural

Radiant finish says it’s suitable for all skin types we’ll see about that infused with hyaluronic acid aloe vera extract vitamins e and b5 goes beyond a tinted moisturizer by working behind the scenes as you wear it they’re really really really really digging that point in okay after just two weeks skin looks smoother skin tone appears more even and skin texture

Is visibly refined does have a micro fine pearl powder which they say helps with the radiant finish so let’s go ahead and start this is with nothing on my skin i have no makeup on my skin i have a little bit of corrector under my eyes and that is it so this is what we’re working with i have my normal like redness just a little bit on my cheeks i do feel like

I’m using something that’s helping with that which i’ll talk about in a future video very soon my nose seems to be pretty red today so let’s just go ahead and jump in i have been using this as with all of my foundation reviews for at least five days before i come and talk about it and i have found that i’d much prefer a brush with this foundation i purchased it

During um like an event at ulta where they gave you this airbrush complexion perfection number 15 brush if you purchase the foundation so this is the one i have been loving with it i really do like this in fact i’ve been using this with other foundations lately too and enjoying it so i take two pumps of this foundation so again this is medium neutral 31 i will

Say also because i forgot to mention this comes in 40 shades and the shade span the range seems to be very good to me upon first look on the website i know it cosmetics has gotten a lot of flack in the past for not having an extensive shade range to cover all skin tones and i feel like they pulled it out with this one it is one fluid ounce and it is 39.50 so

Let’s go ahead and put it on one side of my face this is a very thin foundation it is not thick if you do not want to fill foundation on your face this is a good one to look at and then i’m just going to take the brush and how i apply all my foundations is just by stippling it in i’m not a buffer i’m a stippler sounds like a name of a country song so that small

Amount provided what i do believe is a nice medium coverage because i don’t see any of my redness anymore in fact i don’t even really see any place where i need to build it up and that was just by that quick stippling that you saw i didn’t edit anything out on that part so this is the side with no makeup again you can see some imperfections in redness and then

This is the side with the foundation very very very very easy to apply and again it is extremely lightweight which they claim on the bottle as being water light and i do have to agree with that i’m not editing any part out of this because i want you to see how fast it applies on the skin with this and any brush now the reason i don’t like a sponge with this

Is because of its consistency when i’m using a foundation that is much lighter in consistency as this one is much more watery i feel like the sponge even when wet just absorbs too much product so i always tend to reach for a brush with foundations like this and there you go just like that it is buffed in i have just a little bit left on my hand from those

Two pumps they are not excessively large pumps and i have found that two is like the sweet spot for me one is not quite enough coverage for me although if you wanted to shear it down or if you did not want a medium coverage you could definitely do one pump and i don’t again feel like i need to build this up so i can’t speak on the claim of whether or not it’s

Buildable i could sit here and try to build it up on my face but am i really going to be able to tell if it’s buildable if i don’t have anything to build upon meaning i don’t have any redness to continue to cover or spots or anything like that i hope that makes sense in my makeup riddled brain it does so this is the foundation close up super fast application as

You saw i still have a crease in my face from sleeping and it’s like 10 o’clock in the morning i woke up four hours ago my pores don’t look exaggerated i feel like it does have the nice natural radiant coverage that it says i don’t think it’s like over the top radiant i just think it looks like really natural fresh good skin so i’m going to finish up my makeup

And i’ll be back to give you my final thoughts okay so i finished up my makeup before i start talking about my final thoughts i’ll do a close-up real quick about how the foundation looks with makeup on top of it and i’ll show you in just a second what powder that i used today but this is the foundation on the skin and to me it does not look heavy or foundation-like

Or anything like that so my final thoughts are not going to last very long because i’m going to go ahead and tell y’all the same as i told a couple of people when i posted this on instagram my instagram stories and don’t message me and we’re like i won’t tell i promise but i want to know do you like it because i want to order it i’m going to tell you i don’t like

It i love it i love this foundation and i love it to the extent that i love this but for totally different reasons this is a fuller coverage foundation this one looks more like skin this one looks a little bit like makeup i mean i’m okay with that because i mean i wear this kind of makeup a lot but i just adore this and i think that’s saying a lot because i

Don’t adore all of it cosmetics foundations in fact i really don’t like the original cc cream i like the matte version of the cc cream and i love the i think it’s the baba foundation is that right it comes in like the cc cream tube but i don’t like cc cream this is great i have tried it with multiple primers multiple powders today i didn’t use a primer because

I have found that for me personally i like it best without a primer i just think it lays better on the skin i think it wears even better throughout the day i tried you know a couple luminous primers with it and i just felt like it got a little too luminous throughout the day whereas when i don’t use a primer it it’s just right for me it doesn’t get oily looking

It just looks like my skin is progressing as skin throughout the day which is what i want even though obviously i wear a good bit of makeup i don’t want to look like i have a one inch thick layer of foundation on my face it’s very again lightweight i don’t find that it really sinks into my lines at all it’s not the best under a mask but i mean really i can’t

Fault it for that because i personally think that a powder foundation or no foundation is the way to go under a mask in fact my first video of next week is going to be my mask makeup so be sure to stay tuned for that but it’s not horrible i mean it doesn’t completely come off but it does rub off the nose a little bit under a mask today i use the shiseido synchro

Skin invisible silk loose powder i honestly have not used a powder that i don’t like over this so i think if you have a favorite one it will likely work as far as who this is good for you know it says for all skin types it doesn’t have anything in it as far as added oils or anything like the cc cream does that would put people with oily skin off i don’t know that

It will wear as long as it does on someone like me who has more normal skin i think if you have dry skin you’re going to really enjoy this and i think if you prime accordingly with oily or combo skin you will also really like this if you like a more natural skin like finish if you’re looking for something matte this is not going to be uh the one for you now real

Quick on the claim that it really really really really really tries to hit home with about making your bare skin look better over two weeks for me i don’t anticipate that ever happening even if i use this every single day for like a month i don’t think that my skin would look any different because i have a very extensive morning skincare routine i mean i cleanse

My face i tone my face i have three serums an eye cream a moisturizer and a sunscreen on before i even touch a makeup product so for that to actually absorb through my skin and do anything is pretty much not gonna be happening so if you are someone who takes really good care of their skin in the form of skin care products wears spf every day has pretty much

Anything under this foundation i just don’t know how that can hold true somebody else may say different i just don’t believe that personally and you do need to wear a separate sunscreen under this because this has no sunscreen in it and i know a lot of people are used to it cosmetics foundation products having sunscreen in them but this absolutely does not so be

Sure to wear an spf under it and again i just i can’t get on with that clean all the other claims about it lasting and having mutable medium to buildable coverage that was a mouthful a natural radiant finish looking gorgeous on the skin being lightweight i totally agree with so if that is the type of foundation that you are looking for i highly recommend trying

This out because i really really like it i have not once been sad that i have to wear this foundation for review purposes and there are some foundations where i’m like do i really have to wear this again like it’s just not my favorite foundation even though i am trying to wear it to gather information for review i have not felt like that with this foundation so

Hopefully that answered some of your questions i know i couldn’t have possibly gone over every single point so if you have any additional ones that you think i may be able to answer be sure and put them down in the comments section below i will have this foundation everywhere you can purchase it linked as well as everything that i have on my face be sure and like

And subscribe before you leave so you don’t miss out on any future videos i hope you’re all staying safe healthy and sane and most of all you go out and have a very blessed day

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The NEW It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation! Review and Demo By Mandy Davis MUA