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The Pricey Fitbit Inspire 2 Review | Premium Subscription Free For 1yr!

Make Sure You Read Fitbit’s Small Print! Fitbit Inspire 2 Review | Premium Subscription Free For 1yr

Hi everyone welcome to wesknows tech news and reviews! i do have to apologize about my hair today but it’s raining it’s windy and i just can’t do much about it! anyway we’re here today to talk about fitbit inspire 2. so this is the cheapest tracker in the fitbit lineup but this is not the amazfit or the huawei on the honor

Cheap – oh no! this is the fitbit cheap at 89 pounds or a hundred dollars cheap! i don’t know.. does it have a lot to offer? maybe, let’s see it in the review! if you’re new to wesknows tech news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. so make

Sure to hit that subscribe button and bell notification so you don’t miss out! another thing about fitbit which does rub me the wrong way is the fact that when you actually buy a tracker that’s not it, or subscription fee and that’s no small fee. pounds a year or 10 dollars a month and eighty dollars

A year. i think that’s quite a hefty amount of money to be asking after you’ve actually spent watch. well i think there are alternatives like like polar flow, garmin connect but they don’t charge you to use that. for example garmin, they offer garmin coach and it’s all free and dandy! invest into the tracker and

You’re free to use the tech and you’re free to use the ecosystem but with inspire 2 fitbit has actually heard the people out there and they made the first yearly subscription absolutely free! so technically it’s a gift of 80 pounds or 80 bucks not bad so you’re paying 89 pounds you get 80 pounds for the subscription

Technically for the first year of ownership this tracker costs you only 10 quid. we’re not going to talk about much later after that because and you have used all those lovely benefits of the premium subscription you are still going to be paying quite a lot of money. so in summary, let’s do a recap of what is

The fitbit inspire 2, what can it do well! the core functionality is it tracks your steps, your distance, calories burned, it does 24 hour continuous heart rate monitoring, alarms, there’s a stopwatch, excellent! but any tracker does that, right? you can even get a tracker for 15 quid and it will do exactly the same

Thing. is there anything else here and yes there is! well what you actually get with the fitbit inspire 2 is 20 exercise modes, they are goal based and on top of that you get to use a smart track technology. what is smart track? well smart track technology actually does auto activity recognition across a

Number of sports. basically any sport with continuous high intensity movement like tennis, football, it can also recognize you’re walking, you’re running, you’re biking, you’re swimming and quite a bit more. but we’ll talk about it slightly later, another really cool thing with 50 meters, so go to the pool, go in the

Shower, goand do and whatever you want to do! if it’s water, it can do it! 50 meters that’s quite hefty, the fitbit inspire 2 looks quite similar to the original inspire and inspire hr but now has a quick release band that makes it easier to switch to a new look, plus a more rounded case design. the case is plastic,

Not much more to say here, it’s feather light though at only 8 grams without the strap and 20 grams with it. the screen is not scratch resistant which is a shame, knocks and bumps are common and i would not want to wreck this pricey activity tool! the tracker face is not small dimensions are 37.3 by 16.8 millimeters,

While the thickness is 12.7 millimeters, so it does sit quite high up on your wrist. the display is oled meaning it’s bright and crisp and white! that’s right it’s black and white, there are no other colors here. there’s at least 10 millimeters of space wasted above and below the display. in essence the screen

50 percent, thank god it’s not a mobile phone! in summary, i really do enjoy the design of this thing. it’s small, the screen is small, it’s not a color display but there’s just something about it. it’s stylish and fitbit always gets the style right, well maybe not always but in 90 percent of the cases, in my opinion at

Least. choose from over 20 goal based exercise modes to get smartrack automatically recognizes and records your exercises. the 20 in this generation is actually the inspire hr, the previous generations. activities with continuous movement or high movement. these are walking, running, aerobic workouts, elliptical

Workouts, outdoor biking, tennis, basketball, soccer, zumba and even more. after 15 minutes of doing an exercise but you can actually adjust the setting in your fitbit app. and that’s quite easy to do, so you can change it from anything from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. we all know that fitbit is quite advanced, it does

Offer some functionality which is pretty cool and you won’t find on just the usual or any other tracker, and even on its most basic model it managed to add something cool! so if you own an android phone and you have it paired to your watch you will be able to send out quick replies just from the face of the

Actual fitness band. okay so we’ve run through all the positives and some of my rambling but this is an honest review and we really have to touch upon the cons of owning a fitbit inspire 2. fitbit pay and even though fitbit pay is a not free. that’s quite an expensive tracker. it is unlikely for you to have storage

On would at least expect to have music controls, the inspire 2 doesn’t have that! and let’s just touch upon subscription, again. you see the fact is subscription is a double-edged sword and with the inspire 2 is too. so yes first year you’re getting it free, what about the third year down the track?

So you splashed out 89 quid but you know that a year down the line you’re gonna have to splash up another 80 to get the features that you’re used to. so who is this tracker for? well i think that’s a really tough question because if you are into style, you like to personalize your tracker, then yes this tracker is for

You! it’s really good looking, it’s really light, quick release straps you can adjust to your fashion, you can put on leather straps, steel straps, whatever you want it’s got it all! but let’s not forget that you’re buying this for a purpose – fitness tracking. okay so it’s got smart track auto activity recognition,

Excellent, you’ve got 20 exercise modes, that’s also good. but there are some downfalls, there’s no inbuilt gps, there’s no music controls, the screen on this thing is tiny, it’s really minuscule and then of course there’s no bright colors, it’s just black and white! maybe that’s a good thing because in sunlight

You’ll be clearly able to see the screen. but black and white? it’s 2020! i’m just not so sure and another thing there’s no fitbit pay. i think that there are other alternatives on the market and at this price point some potentially offer a bit more value. but at the end of the day it’s for you to decide if you like this,

If you’re in love with the shape, the design, the functionality, go out and get it because it is by the way thank you to everybody who has already subscribed to the wesknows channel, if you haven’t though please click on the red subscribe button below the screen to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the new content coming out!

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The Pricey Fitbit Inspire 2 Review | Premium Subscription Free For 1yr! By WesKnows