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Hi my loves❤️ in today’s video I will be showing you how easy it is to blowdry your hair with this affordable drugstore tool I discovered. It’s the revlon oval one step styler so it’s a round brush and an actual blowdryer in one! It’s the coolest thing and the results are honestly so fabulous. This one step dryer would especially be helpful for anyone who struggles with blow drying their own hair at home and or just for anyone who wants an easy and quick blowout! As long as your hairs 90% dry I think it’ll work on long, short, curly, fine hair, and everything else! I hope you enjoy & if you get it I hope you run around your house screaming too! I appreciate you more than you know! mwaaaaa! 😘🦋

You know i just want to pat myself hi guys so in today’s video i am going to be blow-drying my hair using this cool little blow-dryer from revlon so it’s a blow dryer listen up hold on it’s like an actual blow dryer it’s so freaking cool i had to share it with you guys i’ve already used it a few times i can see my hair all up in it’s fabulous i really really like

It so i wanted to show you guys just how to use it and kind of the result that it gives in case you guys already knew that it existed and we’re looking for a review and kind of a demo situation but if you didn’t know that it existed and you like hate blow-drying your hair or can’t get the hang of it watch this video maybe this may just be your new best friend

It’s really cool and i think it’s like 60 bucks so it’s affordable so i don’t know what you want to call this but this is my hair type and my hair texture i do have frizz it is a little bit coarse it’s not too coarse so that’s the hair that we’re working with it’s freshly washed and it’s almost dry it’s like 85% dry right away with this you’re gonna hate it if

You try to use it on wet hair that’s just my opinion i don’t like it with wet hair i think your hair needs to be like as dry as you can get it before you turn it on so my hair is good i’m just gonna brush it out because i didn’t even brush it if you guys are subscribers of mine you’re probably gonna slap me because i’m about to show you guys crocodile clips and

If you’ve seen any of my hair videos i mention them in every single hair video but why do you not own them if you don’t own them now i’m gonna separate my hair as i normally would when blow-drying it crocodile clips why do you not own them they’re like the coolest clips before doing your hair they just made my life so much easier i’m always raving about them

They have teeth they catch anything they expand no matter how big the sections are they’re just fabulous so i’m just gonna show you guys on this piece what it does so i’m gonna put it on high theirs off cool low and high so high so that’s two passes super quick super easy how nice is that i’m going to do one more pass just to really smooth it out but what i’m

Basically doing is putting it on high and then i’m putting my hair on top of it and kind of grabbing onto my hair and then i’m just spinning it as i slide down slowly i’m just rotating it down and then when i get to my ends i’m just continuing to spin just like good normal round brush it you just spin as much as you want if you like that flip style if you don’t

Then just go straight down you know it’s up to you whatever you like so that’s kind of the gist of what i’m gonna be doing you can hold it here if it’s easier for you like if you notice that it’s heavy but you can really feel the heat on your hands if you put them here so i personally don’t like to do that so i just wanted to tell you guys really quickly

The way that i’m blow-drying my hair by placing the hair beneath the brush like so it’s supposed to create volume which that’s the only thing with this i don’t i personally don’t think it creates that much volume but there is another way you can blow-dry if you don’t bat like if you want more of a straight look though what you could do instead of going underneath

Like that you can go on top so if you like it more sleek you would just go on top things are very hard to do with this it just doesn’t really it drops the shorter hairs i don’t like this tool for bangs so how easy and fun was that let me turn off my ac as i can breathe now so this is the final results i just wanted to really quickly cuz when

I first turned this on i thought it was so loud like a lawnmower so i’m gonna lower it but you guys hopefully can still tell the difference so listen to this this is on high i listen to my blow dryer on high that’s like the only difference is my blow dryers a lot more chill and that sounds like a heavy-duty lawnmower when i first turned it on i was like whoa

This is a migraine but other than that the results are so easy i think anybody who hates blow drying their hair would like it unless you hate the sound and i don’t know what to tell you you need earplugs but look how nice it just makes your hair so nice the bass so like i guess so excited i can’t i remember when i first did it i literally ran around my house was

Like look at my hair like this was so easy cuz it’s just it’s so exciting okay let me show you guys hi good modeling my hair what happened my conclusion if you guys are gonna take anything from this is that it’s just kind of like the easiest blow-dry of your life i don’t know what other way you could blow dry your hair that’s like easier than this rather than

Getting a blowout a professional blowout at a salon it’s just easy more than anything else you know it’s just like you know just want to pet myself if you guys are curious and like the specs of the blow-dryer and its claims and all that stuff i will copy and paste it into my description box down below just for easier access since you’re already watching the review

Right so i will have it all copy and pasted into my description box down below i also did create an email where you guys can keep in touch with me so if you want to contact me for whatever reason feel free and just you know hit off the email and the description box down below and i’ll see you guys later

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