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Triflow mini tap and water filter kit in a camper van 6 month review

Triflow mini tap and water filter installation kit Review after 6 months continuous use

Hello and welcome back to another video now today due to popular demand i’m going to be changing the water filter in my triflow drinking water filter system a lot of people were interested to know what the filter is going to look like after being installed in my van after six months of constant use for those of you that are new here my name’s mel and i do actually

Live full time in this mercedes sprinter campervan and for that reason that’s why i do have this fresh filtered drinking water system installed in my van so without further ado let’s get on and do what we gotta do i’ll just briefly explain the water system i have installed in my campervan i have a 60 liter water tank underneath my bed and i fill that tank using

This filler cap here now usually these are outside the van but i chose to fit this inside my van just purely for ease of filling i can take this cap off and if need be i can actually fill my water tank using water bottles like this really easy to fill up that’s why why it’s inside my van and not outside really for ease of use now all my water used to go to a tap

Above my sink until i fitted this tri-flow filter system in my van now this filter system was primarily designed to be used in houses so that people in a house can have fresh filtered drinking water on tap it’s pretty much designed for domestic use it wasn’t designed for use in a camper van it wasn’t until my friend keith who works for tri-flow got in touch with me

And said hey mel we’ve just designed a brand new miniature filtered system for houses would you like to try one out in your camper van well of course i had to say yes didn’t i and i’ve got to say i am really impressed with it before i fitted this tap and filled the system to my van i used to use these chlorinating tablets and every time i fill my tank up i would

Put two of these tablets in my tank to try and keep the water nice and clean now the downside of course is using these chlorinating tablets is you can actually taste the chlorine when you drink the water that was until i installed this system from triflo is one of the filters here you can see they’re very small very compact that’s my good friend keith said to me

Perfect for a camper van now trifle i do recommend you change this filter every six months and they actually sent me an email to remind me that this filter needed changing so that’s why i’m going to be changing this filter today and i’m really interested to see what this filter actually looks like when it comes out because i have carried on using these tablets

Just to put it through its paces and give it a good test now i haven’t used any dirty water in my tank i have used like water from the tap um from petrol stations and various sources so let’s take the filter out and have a look and see what it looks like and very interesting to see but first let me show you what it actually looks like fresh out of the box and

Here it is and it’s kind of it’s like it’s ceramic it feels like a cup i don’t know how water manages to get through this if i’m honest but there you go that’s what it looks like fresh out of the box but what does it look like after being used for six months in my camper van so let’s take it out and have a look i’m really interested to see this and a lot of my

Regular viewers have asked me to show them what it looks like after six months as well so that’s why i want to film this whole process right put that to one side so i don’t break it they are quite fragile so that’s one reason we want to see what it looks like after being in my van after driving around for six months all that vibration has the filter i stood the

Test of time now my filter is literally underneath here i have to take all my drawers out empty everything out to get to the filter i did install it in such a way that hopefully it should be quite simple to get to the car now i actually designed my drawers to come out really easily i’ve not used drawer runners so if you lift it out like that really simple to get

Out i’m so glad i designed this kitchen this way if you haven’t seen the video that i made when i built this kitchen you’re interested look how i made these drawers then i’ll put a link to that video here for your viewing pleasure look at that yeah i can get to that really simple but i’m still going to take all this stuff out here my little basket not quite no

One else in there you go now i want to take everything out because i don’t know how much water i’m going to lose that’s a point actually i think what i might do now before i do remove the all the water filter i need to isolate my water but before i do that i just want to show you the flow rate because someone commented that it doesn’t flow that much so this is

The current flow rate from my tap now i deliberately set it low purely to save water after all i’ve only got 60 liter water tank and by setting it low like this it only flows very slowly it has made a huge difference to the amount of water i actually use i use so much less water now my tank actually lasts me probably twice as long by simply doing this that’s one

Of the good things about this smaller tap i don’t use as much water as i previously used to so to relief to release all the pressure out the system i’m going to leave the tap running and turn my water pump off where is it that one so it should just slowly die down now because i’ve now switched the water pump off and we’re just going to let that run and let all the

Water drain out the system before i actually remove the filter whilst i’m waiting for that i’ll carry on removing all the stuff from underneath here so here’s the cartridge at the back of my cupboard you can see it just hangs there quite easily now i’ve put a bowl at the bottom here on top of a towel just in case i’ll do any get to get any spillages i should be

Able to change this without actually using any tools at all should just twist and it will pop out let’s hope hopefully i don’t spilled too much water oh there it is yeah it’s definitely changed color what’s in here i’m not starting to rain so look at the color of the water in here look at that it doesn’t look very nice at all the water coming out actually looks

Dirty so there’s some residue in there yeah look at that i don’t know if you’ll be able to see this but you can see the water is definitely oops built it everywhere maybe i should put that in a glass we’ll put that in a glass in a minute let’s get the filter oh let’s put this back under there actually in case there’s any more water comes out it has actually

Got some spectators on it let’s see if i can find a glass and put that water in a glass yeah look at that you can see there are speckles on this yeah obviously it feels a lot heavier as well but it doesn’t look as bad as i thought it would though i really thought it was going to be covered in all sorts of nasty slime and stuff so uh yeah you can see it’s got

Definitely got like green and gray residue on it we’ll put that to one side i suppose i should really rinse this out luckily i’ve got a bottle of water there you can use that just gotta shut my door because everything’s getting wet it’s starting to rain there typical is that on a wet day to die it’s all about the waterworks today it might get a little bit dark in

Here unfortunately water don’t worry about it so i’m just going to rinse this out just in case let’s have a look i don’t think my scrubbing brush will fit in there yeah that’s not gonna reach the bottom of it will just about let’s give it a good scrub this is stainless steel by the way it’s not aluminum foreign that’s quite clean i’m quite pleased with that

That’s really clean like i say i’ve only been using just tap wall i’ve been putting in my water tank is tap water from various sources some not some of them sauces have been a bit shady like petrol station four cups and stuff but for me i mean that’s really clean i’m quite surprised that looking at the state of this water in here it does look like some sort of

Bath water let me tip the camera up and i can show you i don’t actually have any clear glasses i’ve just looked in the cupboard all my glasses are kind of blue and plastic but look at that you could probably be able to see that’s the color of water that was in the container so that filter has definitely done something look at that that is gross imagine if i drunk

That so uh that filter definitely gets a thumbs up from me definitely worth having so uh thank you keith i really appreciate you sending me this filter they’re talking about keith he has given me a link to his website or the company’s website which i will put in the description of this video um this whole thing comes as a kit you get the filter the tap cartridge

Everything as a installation kit and if you haven’t seen the video that i made when i installed this into my van i’ll put a link to that video above fantastic kit as you can see it works can’t recommend it enough if you’ve got a camper van or you’re in the process of building a camper van you’re looking for a tap i highly recommend yeah try flow filter systems

Absolutely brilliant right i’m going to put all this back together see how easy it is to put back together now let’s take this out the box so all i’m going to do is slide the filter into the holder like that so the filter is now inside and then simply place it up get that in the middle or maybe i should put that in there first line it up here and that goes in

There like that and there you go it’s locked into place perfect absolutely perfect they are really easy to change that filter out so simple that’s all you got to do is do that every six months and they will send you an email to remind you that you’re filtering these changing um pump put my pump back on see how long it takes straight away oh my god so the pump

Is priming you can hear it guggling away or gurgling away gargling with that yeah it’s filling up there it goes and there the water flow is definitely more than what it was before i changed the filter look at that now so it just shows you that filter does work because over a period of time it has become um i wouldn’t say blocked but definitely affected the flow

Of water i’m gonna have to turn my tap down now brilliant absolutely fantastic i want to let that run for a little while just to get any residue out yeah fantastic filter that is highly recommend it i can’t recommend this filter enough so there you go if you’re interested in a tri-flow drinking water filter system i will leave a link to their website down below

In the description of this video purely for your convenience and if you’ve got any questions for me then i invite you to leave those questions down below in the comments section of this video too thanks for watching please do consider subscribing don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and i’ll see you very soon tada for now brilliant

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Triflow mini tap and water filter kit in a camper van 6 month review By Mel’s Big Van Small World