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Ulta Beauty Gradual Tan Water Mousse Review

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Hi guys today i’m reviewing the ulta bronze glow self tanning gradual tan water mousse um i ended up giving this moose 1.5 out of 5 stars after trying it so it’s definitely not my favorite gradual tanner or moose in general or self tanner in general um and i’ll tell you why so it’s very affordably priced this is an ulta product and for me ulta products are kind

Of hit or miss i either love them or they’re not for me this one’s more of a myth for me in my opinion um this is 13 and it’s 6.7 ounces so it works out to under two dollars an ounce that’s a great price point totally affordable however i would gladly play more for a self tanner that works for me and that i like more um this is a white mousse so it’s a water

Mousse which is the new trend right now the white mousses it doesn’t have a color guide which i do like a lot because they’re not as messy and this one is actually it’s not as foamy as a lot of mousses out there it’s more watery so i ended up using a lot of product with just one application which doesn’t really make sense for a gradual self tanner for me um this

Bottle be completely gone after like four uses so if you’re using it gradually like every day they might last you like maybe a week um so that would end up being more expensive if you’re going to purchase this a lot the smell of this is really really good it’s really it’s a really yummy coconut tropical scent and you guys know i love that it’s my favorite um the

Scent lasted about two hours and then it was completely gone thankfully i didn’t smell any dha after that um but i wish the coconut scent stuck around because it was a good scent but it faded pretty quickly applying this one’s easy with water mousses i still use a normal tanning mitt to apply just to protect my hands so i used a mitt applied all over my body like

I would with any mousse and since this one’s kind of thinner it makes it a little more difficult to apply you just have to be more careful it doesn’t hold its shape as well as a lot of mousses do and since you don’t have a color guide you have to pay more attention during application but i didn’t really have any problems with stringy streaking or anything like

That it wasn’t uneven as far as the drying time goes this one’s pretty sticky initially especially the first 10 minutes you’re like oh my gosh i feel like i’m sweaty sticky it feels really gross on your skin then it starts to slowly dry after that and this one you’re okay to put your clothing on after it dries because you won’t get it you won’t stain it because

It doesn’t have a color guide in it so that’s nice but it initially is so sticky and you can kind of feel it on you for a while after that 10 minute period too now for the results this is a gradual tanner it does say that but after one application only i saw zero results at all my skin was the exact same color and i’m naturally pretty pale uh and i saw no color

At all so you would need to apply this one multiple days in a row to see even a light tan and you guys know how i feel about that tanning can be a lot of work um so it’s just not worth it to me for me to do it every day i’d rather use a dart tanner and then use a tan extender to extend my tan daily because tan extenders are usually lotion so easy to apply this is a

Little more difficult and i don’t i just don’t prefer gradual tanners for me and this one it definitely not because it just doesn’t produce any tan at all so i would say this one didn’t even last a day for me um so yeah unfortunately didn’t last at all men i don’t think you’ll like this one even as a gradual tanner i think there are definitely way better gradual

Tanners out there um so that was my experience with this one i gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars i want to know if you guys like this one comment below and for more information on this self tanner and many others please visit us online at and on social media you

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