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Ulta Haul & Mini Product Review!

My mini Ulta Haul & Mini Product Review! Remember to Subscribe!

Hi everybody i’m back and i actually just wanted to check in because i went on a little bit of a shopping spree this weekend and i went to alton bought a ton of things and i just really wanted to share with you a couple of things that i’m actually going to be doing over the next few weeks so here are the two bags that i got from ulta it’s been a little bit of money

In there and i just want to go over and review some of these products that i tried and that i picked up so what i did when i went to alta i’ve actually been hearing about the droid co-products and i actually picked up their moisture recovery conditioner and the moisture recovery shampoo and i actually just got the sample sizes at first mrs. what it looks like come

To the blue bottle it’s a shampoo and conditioner and i actually got two of the conditioners because i use more conditioner than i do shampoo and i tried these out and i really actually fell in love with these because i think sometimes you do need to switch up your hair products i was using shea moisture before and it still works but i think sometimes your hair gets

Used to what you’re using and it’s just it doesn’t work as a you know if use it for a long time it doesn’t work as good as it initially did so for now i’m just going to switch out and use the joy cull because i did feel like the shampoo i didn’t have to use too much of it and it really subst up a lot and i just do my roots but i do know i kind of just like pull it

Down like the suds a minute it really is like i don’t know it really sets up and clean my hair really really good and it didn’t strip my hair i didn’t feel i didn’t have that feeling so i definitely would recommend this and so because i liked it so much i still have a lot of the shampoo left in here so this isn’t one to get me probably through a couple more uses so

I actually went back and got the larger size of the conditioner because this actually had my hair feeling extremely soft it didn’t feel stripped at all and i think it made it a little bit easier for me to comb through my hair so i definitely would recommend these products right now also has a sale for 24 25 right redken and joy called products and probably a couple

Others but you know these this i think is eighteen dollars on its own regular price so i mean 24 25 you’re really getting a good deal actually so definitely go check that out and let me know what you think in the comments below and then i also wanted to try the joico k-pak conditioner this is what it looks like i’ve heard a couple things about it and i want to do

A protein treatment on my hair and honestly i’ve heard a lot of good things about this i tried it um i don’t have anything bad to say about it i just probably wouldn’t use it again i just didn’t i don’t know i think i just i think it just kind of was like i didn’t really like the consistency like how i put it on my hair when it came out of the bottle um and then i

Only left it on when i use new products i just used it as directed so it says to leave one for one minute and um i mean the results were good i think it was a little bit better on the back of my hair because my hair is a little bit warm i think the curls like a little looser back there and on the front it’s a little bit more tired of a curl so i don’t know i mean

I guess i did was supposed to do with considering the protein treatment but i kind of feel like it left it a little dry so i just put this on after it because i know you’re after posting treatment you should follow up with some moisture so i knew this would get me right so i just use this so i probably wouldn’t be repurchasing this again i don’t think it’s bad i

Just didn’t really like how it kind of made my hair so a little bit dry but it definitely didn’t make it feel stronger but i’m definitely going to look for another protein treatment so we’re going to try that out oh yeah i’m the reason like that these is because the little sample size is because i’m like i don’t want to spend 18 dollars on or any amount of money

You know it’s kind of like on the closet your side because you need two of these $36 whatever but i didn’t want to spend the extra money and then you know not really like it and then i have a whole but jar of it or whole bottle then i’m like okay what am i going to do so that’s why i would say try out the sample products at ulta because then you can save yourself

Some money and then realize and you can figure out if you really really like the product or not so definitely take advantage of the sample size if they have it for a product i definitely recommend that and then i also picked up the ultra-rich moisture mask by macadamia i’ve heard a lot about this brand and i finally decided to try it out i bought the sample size

As well because i don’t know if this is going to work out for my hair so this is what it looks like but i just wanted to see if it would so i’m definitely going to be trying this out um this weekend so i’ll definitely let you know how this works out but like i said i’ve heard a lot about these products and i haven’t heard anything bad so i’m actually excited to try

This out and then it also if you bought something you got a little free sample of the it satin leave in product so this is something new but i’ve never tried before um it’s actually a spray bottle you just squeeze it out i just kind of like squeeze it out and put you know might rub it on my hands and then put it in my hair so so far so good this is the fresh braids

Out um this is something quick this is not how i normally do my braids out but i just needed something quick because i need something to my hair so this is what it looks like this is my hair normally i’m wearing crochets and the videos i put up previous place though this is what it looks like and i just use coconut oil to under find coconut oil that i mentioned my

Other videos um i used a little bit of the leave-in conditioner this time or a leave in product that’s what it says and then i used water of course i always you have a spray bottle of water and then i use the edens body works all natural curl defining cream i should notice because i’ve been using this for like three years now but this is what it looks like they

Sell visit sally’s and they always have seals of sally so you can get like i think it’s buy two get one free i don’t know but i think they have a sale going on right now so definitely check that out i really like this product as well i use it on my hair whenever i do a crochet or whenever i do any of my hair um videos or whenever i’m doing my hair i always use this

Product because it’s you know it’s thick and it just really keeps my hair moisturized and it doesn’t weigh it down or anything i really highly recommend this product i mean it’s perfect i just use this i it’s just my favorite honestly so i always use this when i’m doing my hair as like a starter or a base so that is actually all i have from also this time and all i

Have here today but i also want to let you know of that for well maybe you may not know because i think i’ve mentioned it yet i’m actually on a one-year no heat challenge so currently i’m seven months in i don’t have a relax or anything i never have but i just my hair just moved away and i was like i don’t really feel like straightening my hair and i don’t always

Really feel like looking for a new hairdresser so i’m going to go they do a little challenge for a one year with no heat so currently i’m seven months in and actually for the month of februari i figured you know what i’m not gonna put any crochets in for this month and i’m just going to strictly focus on moisture and because i’m trying to get my hair to be longer

So i actually am going to moisturize my hair or do a deep conditioning every week you want to do it like twice a month randomly whenever whenever i feel like it’s necessary with my hair i just can kind of tell you know when it’s just like way too dry so instead i’m actually going to just um do it every weekend and then on every monday i’m going to you know record

And let you know um you know what i’m seeing if there are any benefits i’m i feel like i should probably make my hair more manageable honestly and probably just easier to get through and maybe pop maybe you know like loosen the curl i’m not sure but you know i just want to try for the month of february’s see by moisturize deep or deep condition every week if that

Would make a difference so definitely check back for every monday in february i’m going to post and so we can kind of track my journey and see if it’s really making a difference or if i’m just too much moisturizing i don’t think there’s too much honestly but you know so far so good so you know like i said this was i did the protein treatment yesterday and i he’s a

Co conditioner so i’m hoping like right now it still feels really soft so i’m hoping maybe by moisturizing my hair deep conditioning my hair every week that should help so definitely subscribe click the subscribe button below and follow me on instagram let’s connect at curls have more fun and definitely follow my blog lisa bit of other little hair tips there that

I don’t have on here just yet and i’m his curls have more fun calm and comment below let me let me know if you tried any of these products and if that me know if you like them or not or you know if you try them or if you want to see me try any products let me know and i’ll definitely pick it up next time i go to the store thanks for watching

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