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Unboxing & Review: Lululemon 5mm Reversible Yoga Mat

I ordered a new Lululemon mat and saved the unboxing for you all 🙂 This really isn’t a “new” mat for me as I had this one prior, it somewhat “won” my five mat review and became my favorite. But over the past year or so, through regular use and some outside “abuse”, the surface became slick and lost all its tackiness, so I just ordered a new one. I am not going to use this one outside, so we will see if the non slip surface lasts on this longer than the prior one!

Hey everybody welcome back tony here with shin show yoga and this week we have another mat to review actually it’s going to be the same old man i’ve reviewed before because i had to buy a new mat uh but i want to unbox it on here and go over just what i found over the years with the the mat i’ve been using so we have a lululemon here five millimeter reversible

Mat this is my lululemon five millimeter reversible mat that i’ve been using for a little over the past year now but unfortunately the surface has gotten slick here so i used this all during the covid times teaching last year and there was a lot of outside teaching done one of the place i was teaching i wasn’t teaching on the beach but just off the beach and it

Was in a uh a square in the middle of a pla in the middle of a plaza down here called pure village and it was on grass but right by the beach so there’s a lot of salt in the soil there and this went down and the back of this mat and probably can’t pick it up on the camera but this back side of the mat the the spongy side picked up all of this salt and it doesn’t

Matter how many times i tried to wash it or get it out i couldn’t get it out that salt ended up all over the surface of this mat and what happens with abrasives on mats like this is that eventually kind of like sandpaper wears it down right over time that’s what happens with the surface of your mat one of the reasons you lose stickiness is over time dirt and the

Like on there through the movement through rolling it up all of the things that go on can wear down the surface of the mat and make it very smooth and it loses its tackiness and that’s what’s happened with this mat the surface is just worn down there are some really slick areas that have come up so it sometimes when i’m teaching or trying to demonstrate or just

Doing my own practice it can be very hard to maintain a posture because i’m just trying to keep from slipping as for the rest of the mat you know the the the cushioning the durability i mean it’s not ripped it’s not torn it doesn’t have any flat spots uh it’s actually maintained uh otherwise very well but unfortunately the outside has just gotten slick this is

A reversible mat but i don’t like practicing on this side i like this side better i could use this side if i wanted but i like this side better it’s easier to keep clean so i decided to purchase a new mat and i bought the exact same thing that i had there because after uh you know going through all of the mats that i’ve had i found that this one is to be the one

That i found to be the perform the best so i haven’t opened it as of yet it’s still sealed i figured i would save that for here so let’s take a look and open this up be careful when i do this not to get inside and cut the mat okay that’s a nice box to it this mat i bought directly from lululemon i was hoping i would get a discount for being a teacher but they

Don’t do that jade does that um i paid about eighty dollars for this mat i direct bought it directly from them there’s no price on here it was like 79 and change and then with the tax and such no charge for shipping free shipping something’s wrapped up and this time i just got a plain black mat i’m pretty much good for a basic aesthetic i am not a big on designs

On them i like it to be very simple uh same exact same came the same way five millimeter reversible mat with this plastic wrap here i use this plastic wrap up on my coffee table so that when i am sitting down in front of the television eating something i don’t spill at home with a coffee table so it also works well as a place mat see that lululemon thinking for

You for everything that you do see if i can get this peeled off all right it comes off placemat and they’ve even got a little strip of something on the inside and here we are five millimeter reversible lululemon mat and it’s back yeah there’s that tackiness there’s that tackiness that unfortunately has worn off on yeah this mat is just yeah it’s just gotten

Slick again i don’t necessarily attribute that too much to lulu in the the making of the mat it’s something that kind of happens over time with these mats one this mat was outside right a lot so that again uh one of the things i don’t ever recommend is using a mat on the beach i teach beach yogas in the summer and a lot of people bring their mat and i say don’t

Bring bring a big bring a a yoga blanket a big yoga blanket one of those big mexican blankets or a big beach towel don’t use your mat because all that sand is gonna do is get stuck in the mat and wear the surface and you’re going to lose that tackiness that you need when you’re back in the studio in a super vigorous class and you’re sweating like crazy and your

Hands and your feet and you guard your down dog and you’re like just sliding away because of it so again if you go to the beach i don’t recommend her outside using a mat i should have i didn’t even have this down on the ground i put a blanket underneath it i had a big yoga blanket that i use when i go to beach yoga to teach i had that underneath it but the ground

Was wet a lot of the times and the salt soaked up through into the mat and i tried to clean it off additionally i used that matte cleaner that i did a review of here and that yoga tidy mat from amazon which i don’t recommend it just left a residue all over the mat and made it even more slick so again on this mat no different than the other one just different

Color it is five millimeter i have really come to like this density and thickness on this mat this mat i have here is that jade four millimeter elite s this was a hundred and forty dollars this was eighty dollars i would use this one any day over this one this one wore out also it has wear in these different areas on here and it doesn’t offer as much cushioning

This one even though it’s only a one millimeter difference there is a difference in the density of the cushioning on the lululemon mat versus this jade the jade mat here and again jade is a very good mat their harmony mat would be the equivalent to what they offer here and i would recommend it my personal preference is this one though for this cushioning right

This density on this mat is not as thick as the density on this one again there is a millimeter difference but it’s more of the construction material that they have this has a denser cell structure to it that offers way more cushioning a lot of times with this mat i don’t have to use a blanket under my knees when i’m on the mat i often will have to have a blanket

Under my knees when i’m on the mat my knees are kind of wonky so needless to say not having that is a big help because i don’t have to do as much machinations in the practice i just go right into the posture it is reversible just as this one was so this side of the mat has this kind of more textured side to it this one has the same this one has this more textured

Side and that offers more grip right than this side currently with the worn out but not more grip than this side when it’s in full swing so if you do buy one of these mats right and you get one that’s worn out on this side you can reverse it and use the opposite side if you want i prefer to use this side this side although it is tacky it is not as tacky as this

Side when it works without when it’s brand new it just isn’t it’s tacky but no tacky difference than any other mat so wrap it up another five millimeter reversible lululemon mat my current go-to mat uh bought it directly from lululemon uh around eighty dollars it was free shipping um same as this one right same exact construction same everything right uh just

The only downside to it and i’ve actually heard some other people say this uh with their lululemon mats is this slick this shiny surface the top surface as i would call it does have a tendency to wear out i haven’t had a single mat that didn’t do that my manduka didn’t wear out that way but my manduka didn’t have the grip that this one or the jade mat had so i

Still recommend these i like them the prices is is good for what it is and again it’s not that this mat is no longer usable it’s just that if i want to use it i’d have to use the other side and i don’t like this side as much in the movement i prefer the feel of this one so take from that what serves you and get rid of the rest and as always follow your breath

And as your thoughts arise we’ll acknowledge them and pass by and return to the breath so thanks again for watching and see you next time namaste you

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Unboxing & Review: Lululemon 5mm Reversible Yoga Mat By Shinsho Yoga