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UP Energy is an emerging company that Christian Guzman recently launched.

Good morning say hi to tell so what’s up youtube take elsa oh oh he’s running away what’s up guys we are here doing an unboxing with the secret energy drink just an exhausting anymore it is called what’s up oh it’s up we’re going to try to call now thing is buses just unboxing in comes even yeah it’s good to jim about this just kidding there so we’re going to

Unbar on the way broke and uh all right guys and i put these in the fridge last night so can be nice and cool so as you can see the first thing it’s going to be well with these cans they’re all cold as you can create touch it we fill it such and such efficiently it feels cold alright so we’re also going to be doing a testing and honest review ok stuff taste test

I’ll get your teacher no bro i’m going to get an f right here bro so we’re going to do a test taste test and an honest review so for anybody in the future is going to you know make a purchase oh no that’s cool that’s like a little what’s up oh yeah ok guys so we’re actually going to do this testing for you guys so smash up the bottle cut this cut it open drop cut

It open yeah loves a good cut not nice really good i doubt it you’re frankly faulty at last night man i’m thinking about striking open up dress all right you guys go whoops for you for you and i hope and i hope that because i brush my teeth in the morning i’m not gonna fall you out to any mirrors we are fasted so yeah and then we’re gonna work out yeah so we’ll

Tell you guys now if we feel i got energy i got some tests bro what the heck dude don’t worry doing like you can’t break this flow even if you just shooting like jorge’s missing now he’s not going to break i get my own break all right shake it up first all over that may i take it up one two three dude love you should be the who my bro let’s show them the mac

Customer i can get y’all can see it right so the macros how many carbs just seven cards the whole bottom yeah and then just a little bit of sugar alcohol but that’s probably just to make it taste a little better all right lit let’s try it up all right guys do a good night it’s like 90 i like it no i like it not i do like it for sure yeah all right good 16 do you

Not do that thank you i really appreciate i don’t know if it’s that much better than life completely i’ll get your monster but okay so it does taste like the white monster but i feel like it’s less as harsh yeah there’s less carbonation and this strength in the white monster mosaic squirt and it does write little bilham’s you don’t wanna write you know which one

Takes like this the orange monster it tastes like this one the orange one case x squared this does not feels like an orange monster no the orange like zero-calorie water yes it does okay oh yeah okay well first of all i don’t really drink soda so i really wouldn’t know squirt all right they just leave all your things you’re looking good lotus all right what does it

Taste like it tastes like squirt virtually not sweet not as sweet 100% i definitely taste the white monster influence out of this but you know this is up so this is its own thing but it’s really good and i like it and it does take some it’s so subtle it’s not like the taste is not like overpowering or anything so it’s like you can literally just like sip on this

You know and it is an energy drink so we will have to like get back to you i can tell you guys like if we feel like energizes and there’s also 200 grams of caffeine in here so that’s going to be you know it’s not too much but they’re not it’s not to look like a couple dance you know wait is that part of the bottle yes i don’t look at i just this is just a shipping

Record if you look at it through the bottle it’s the easy version of the bottom and i feel like lowly flavors yeah yeah for sure it cuz like everyone’s like hyping it up bro like oh my gosh i was like weird well this is nice it’s just like sprite yeah we like literal my expectations really hard in the next clip we are going to be at the gym she actually use the

Energy from the up energy drink so we’re going to tell you an honest review how we feel but keep in mind we are faceted too so we’re not taking any other stimulants anything else like we’re literally just taking this and going to the gym so all right guys get e on our next clip you we just made it to a gym so i feel bro honestly i’m not even gonna lie to hype

It up but i do feel like the caffeine definitely hitting in because when i was driving over i want i grow like it feels so alert i got that word from brian cuz he used it he’s like i feel alert it’s booked yeah man let’s get this workout in hope you guys enjoy this content and edit let’s go oh what’s up guys just got done with our workout how do you feel

I feel good one so let’s have a talk guys let’s have a talk up energy drink pros and cons alright you want to start with the pros of the cons just talk about the pros pros okay i liked out i hadn’t even finish drinking the drink like at my house and i was already feeling like like the energy from the captain maybe because i was fasted or maybe because i hadn’t

Ate anything or was early or whatever um but yeah i really like that overly like put me up man i was really cycle cool man for sure pretty good teeth definitely called the caffeine right away but it okay it can act like a pre-workout bro in the sense if you really want it to like it’s an energy drink but if you take it like you will like feel energized for sure

Like yeah okay we all take pre-workout like six times a week and we were still able to feel the energy from the up energy drink so that’s definitely a thumbs up on that let’s talk about the cons alright cons i feel like nords the end of my workout i was just kind of like feeling out of it you know like it didn’t really last the whole time a because we’re just like

Talking ever but um i mean yeah man i kind of clash a little bit you know i crashed and like i’m feeling mellow right hey i’m feeling cool i’m not like them yeah yeah i’m feeling it’s not like i’m like you know but i definitely feel like okay right now i could definitely go for another one yeah for sure i can alone but yeah man christian really good product you

Know we give you a really big thumbs up on that one bro look at these dead like this i’m too strong bro i just freaking grip the crap out of that and this is but he was flipping his butt mine like he still has dents and i wasn’t even like throwing it around or anything i mean oh now i am but all right guys yeah you can reuse it i mean a couple times but i feel

Like it’ll that’ll eventually kind of get like really you see ah yeah because i punched it but you sense it i dented are you alright bro check this out i’m about to hit it right here on the right here i must have punch it oh crap you see that yep right there so i mean it is gonna obviously is not a frickin hydro flask yeah this is it’s not but you can reuse it

A couple times i feel it is very convenient though definitely very very convenient and it looks nice but it’s like minimal branding you know it’s cool i like yeah well guys thank you guys for her you know joining me in this video not where you’re not welcome i hope you guys enjoy the content let’s get out of here let’s get some food in us and then we’ll see you

Guys in the next one make sure you guys give it a thumbs up if you guys enjoy the content subscribe you know where the button is really appreciate it thank you oscar thank you bryan yeah two freakin human honestly appreciate it let’s get out of here

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UP ENERGY DRINK HONEST REVIEW | BACK WORKOUT @OscarGastelum @BryanTruong By Arthur Phan