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VEM LOGO PRO BRASIL | Fire TV Stick 4K | Review Completo | O Chromecast da Amazon

Neste vídeo eu mostro o Fire TV Stick 4K, um dispositivo da Amazon que se conecta na porta HDMI da sua TV e transmite conteúdos da Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV, Disney+ e muitos outros aplicativos de filmes e séries via internet, mesmo que sua TV não seja Smart. Além disso, essa versão do Fire Stick vem com Alexa, o que possibilita controlar o dispositivo por comandos de voz usando o microfone do controle remoto, ou então qualquer dispositivo Echo. Porém, o dispositivo da Amazon que compete com o Chromecast ainda não chegou oficialmente ao Brasil, e eu explico no vídeo porque eu quero que ele chegue o quanto antes aqui.

I open another tuesday on netflix my friends thiago flores here and today we are going to talk about the fire tv stick 4k and why i liked it so much follow the dressing part 4k is a device that connects to the tv’s hdmi port to be able to transmit movies series games whatever using the internet it’s like a chromecast only from amazon oh and before i forget eighty-six percent

Of you who regularly watch my videos not yet so subscribed to the channel so let’s change this subscribe down here you will always be notified of the next videos ok the firestick system has several applications for us by netflix prime video youtube disney plus facebook watch among others i had to log in to my accounts in these applications only the first time i accessed

They don’t do tic after every other day, i just had to enter the application that was already extended in my account ready to watch so if your t v is not smart or if it even has internet but you don’t have an application that you want face that can be a good option i for example don’t have the apple tv application on my lg television and face that they have so i just went

There i downloaded it, i signed up and i can watch this content on tv in the best quality, although the fire stick 4k will not be officially sold in brazil on the date this video was recorded, when i did the initial configuration, the language option appeared in portuguese, i selected it and that’s it its interface working properly in our language so far the version that

Is here in brazil is the fire stick light which is different from this one the light version transmits up to full hd up to 1080p it does not transmit 4k like this one and the firestripe remote control like is also different from the one here i’ll show it to you also i ended up returning my light is i had one here i did a review and cooked for the channel but i had some

Problems emas and i ended up returning it if you want to see it here in the description there is a link to the review of the milk also the differential of the control of the fire tv stick 4k is that in this version it has an on and off button and the button to increase and decrease the volume from our television so this remote, in addition to controlling the firestick,

Manages to give these commands directly to our tv, it surprised me that when i configured fastlike it automatically detected the brand of my tv to make the infrared control work on it without me having to do anything of this there in the alexa application he created a new device called lg for my tv that makes a lot of difference in everyday life because many times i can

Only use this control to watch tv and do everything i want so i think the control is the big. positive and the big differential of this version of facebook in relation to the light version the other buttons are identical between the two versions microphone button up and down ok back menu are the same and as i already mentioned another differential that this version can

Reproduce contents in 4k and hdr if your tv is compatible but if you want to put it on a full hd tv it will also work but with a slightly lower resolution when we hold down the microphone button we can give commands to alexa the artificial intelligence of amazon is us to know not only to control face, for example i ordered a movie or order a series, but also to give

Smart home commands for home automation if you use alexa in your house, i am here at home for that i have everything focused on this ecosystem so i can give commands such as turning off the air conditioner andthen i’m going to turn on the air conditioner hi, then no only commands to see you but also smart home commands work using the opposite and when we use the microphone

To request a movie a series most of the time it does the search but does not open the content but sometimes they do straight to the content we want and it starts playing it’s a little bit unpredictable in behavior ok sometimes it opens straight sometimes it does the search watch mandalorian on disney plus ii and with you adriano say clash and then and the resource that

For me didn’t work well in life but it worked in the 4k version is the home theater mode in this mode we can use eco boxes from amazon like they are reeling from the tv making all the sound that has the farcic be reproduced directly in these boxes here at home i i came with i read farcic echo studio sound was very cool infinitely superior to the sound of the tv and i even

Finally managed to test the eco studio dolby atmos in this mode is that the volume controls start to change the volume of the linked eco device and no longer of the tv if you want to see how to create the home theater mode i already made a tutorial and i’ll leave the link here in the description for you the quality of the image in the netflix streaming from youtube of the

Father disney plus video with excellent ok i didn’t see anything wrong with it full very good and comparable to the native applications of my tv another thing that i like a lot that i i had already mentioned in my review of likes is the possibility of watching games live through facebook watch that i do to watch for example champions league and libertadores this is very

Good and it worked very well also on facebook 4k now the curious fact that i noticed the only app that is restricting image resolution quality is prime video overwhelms video still stuck limited to 1080p full hd it is not streaming 4k like other apps captives are doing normally another cool function that 4k has is screen mirroring you can play the screen image of your

Android cell phone directly on the tv screen using firestick so i tested it here with the samsung s20 and both in portrait and landscape it worked perfectly on the tv now if you have a pixel phone it won’t work because the pixel doesn’t have miracast which is the platform that face uses to make this transmission and it won’t work either if you have devices with ios or mac

It will only work for android and pc although there are several applications here so you can mirror using an apple device as well since we are talking about large applications. fire stick 4k negative in my opinion, it’s the lack of some apps that are very common in brazil like for example the globo play and e released app but this can be worked around and you can download

Them from alternative sources, there are some tutorials and even on youtube showing how to do this, my experience has been very positive in these 20 days of testing here at home, i haven’t had any crashes, i’ve had a bug in the youtube application. fixed it and it didn’t happen but i really want the part you saw 4k to arrive in brazil soon because i can say that this one

Is really worth it and you are interested in it send your opinion here in the comments let’s talk and see you later a hug bye bye bye hi and oi sound got infinitely long

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VEM LOGO PRO BRASIL | Fire TV Stick 4K | Review Completo | O Chromecast da Amazon By Tiago Flores