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YAHAVA Electric Heated Socks Review 2022 | Rechargeable Heated Socks with APP Remote Control


Hello welcome back to kg simple reviews today i’m going to be reviewing these electric heated socks i’m really excited about these because i’ve never owned anything like this before and i feel like this is going to really come in handy this winter it gets super cold around here so let’s go ahead and open these up and check them out okay this is everything that this

Came with that comes with a little zipper pouch for washing these in the washing machine comes to the actual socks themselves and it does have an r for right foot and an l for left foot and it does have each of these two battery packs that are going to go in these little pouches right here and then it does have a little charge cable and it is a dual charge cable

Let me just show you what this looks like it has a usb charger on one side and then both of the charge pieces on the other end so what you’re going to do is you’re going to just undo this little button right here and there you can see there’s a little plug-in that you’re going to plug into this little power bank right here there’s a little on and off button right

Here okay and it blinks four times meaning it is fully charged and so i’m just going to plug this in stick it back in this little pouch and do the same thing to the other side there are there are three different heat cycles right here there are three different heat cycles right here there’s level one two and three all right let me go ahead and put these on okay i

Just got these on here you can see the battery pack it does not feel uncomfortable at all which is one thing that i was a little bit worried about but does not feel weird this is going to fit perfect for my boots my boots fit right about here but even if you had taller boots they’re usually a lot looser right up here around your calf so i feel like that would work

Nicely as well these socks are super comfortable and i really like the design i feel like they’re really cute it kind of looks like little mountains with snow on them i kind of have them bunched down a little bit because that’s how i like them okay let me go ahead and turn these on all right i have these ones on level three all right and then i’m gonna go ahead

And just try level one on this right foot here okay so it’s on and i’m going to long press to pick my options of heating so there is on level one i’m gonna button this back up i just kind of want to see what the difference is between level one and level three and if i can notice a significant difference all right now that i have the socks all on and they’re nice

And cozy i have the app it was really easy to download i just followed the instructions on the user manual and this is what it is it shows that both sock number one and two are connected here to the app and it shows about what temperature they are set for i have it on 127 degrees fahrenheit but you can see you can adjust this higher or lower as well and you can

Push these preset buttons as well so you can have a timer set up so that they’re on for 15 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes one hour one and a half hours or two hours and you can use this quick heater button which can heat them up a lot quicker so i’m just going to do that and you can also just select one of these socks if you choose to do that or the other sock just

Really depending on what you’re wanting to use it for obviously i’m going to heat up both of these socks the same just so that i can feel the warmth in both of them all right it’s been a couple of minutes and i can definitely feel the warmth right here i i’d say most of the warmth is right here in this section which is really perfect because you don’t want heat

On the bottom of your foot you don’t want to like sweat on the bottom of your foot that would be really uncomfortable if you’re wearing heavy big boots but i feel like the thing that gets the most cold for me is definitely my toes and i feel like heating up this top part of your foot is definitely going to help that this feels really nice and cozy you can see the

App is set for 140 degrees and this is very very comfortable overall i’m really excited about these i think that they are both very cute and they’re going to be very functional this winter i like that you can select different sizes depending on how you like to wear them or what size your feet are i’m going to go ahead and put a link in the description down below

So you can go check these ones that yourself if you found this review useful please give this video a thumbs up and follow us for more thanks for watching bye

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YAHAVA Electric Heated Socks Review 2022 | Rechargeable Heated Socks with APP Remote Control By KG Simple Reviews