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Yokekon Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

In this video we review the Yokekon Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Welcome to you who and here again great to have you back with us today so really excited to be reviewing the yogicon ultra sonic humidifier now we’re real excited is because we live in australia where there’s a very very dry climate so very often we need a humidifier to bring some moisture back into the air otherwise we dry out so i’ve heard a lot of great things

About the yoki cotton so today we’re going to be operating the controls to see how it works we’re going to be put into operation so you can see how the yukon actually humidifiers the air i’m going to talk about some of the product features and go into a bit more detail about it and give you the overall thoughts about what we think about the yokicon ultrasonic but

You’re going to find this review of the yogicon is a fantastic humidifier it works very very well the reason being it’s got an 8 liter tank humidifiers around 43 square meter room and it’s got some great functions which makes sure that the air is perfect for you anyway if you want to purchase this in our links below there’s links to amazon which you can purchase

The description also make sure you like our video subscribe to our channel and let us know what you think about the yokikon of acidic hipidifier anyway let’s jump into it now at nearest you know okay let’s take a look at some of the controls with the yogicon ultrasonic humidifier so there’s a power button so this will actually just light up the humidifier and

Start working humidity there is the setting so humidity should be can go for 40 90 then again we recommend it around 45 which is a constant humidity now they’ve got the time there as well which can be set between 1 to 12 hours and you’ve got the mist as well now the mist can be adjusted to four levels low medium or high and it’s also got a uv sterilization function

On there as well so this basically helps sterilize the mist as it comes from the water a purple light will come on when that happens and you’ve also got sleep which actually dim the humidifier so you can see so let’s go and jump in and have a look at the humidifier turning on so let’s take a look at what comes within the humidifier so if we open this up here you

Can see that that’s where the um the steam comes out through this part here let me show you actually so the steam comes up through there it comes out there to humidify the air in in here you’ve got the um uv uvc lamp here as well which purifies here which you can turn up if you want and there’s a pump if you’re going further with all you can see here this is where

The actual pump comes through so that pumps the water from the bottom of the container there and up into the humidifier so very very good system i like it a lot so put this back together so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to fill it up now it takes eight liters of water so let me show you how this works so literally open it up and just pour the pour the

Water in like so as it takes eight liters that fill up now we’re gonna go turn it on and see how it works okay let’s start by using the ultrasonic humidifier so i have a remote control here which comes with a packet as you can see there which you can use to actually use it as well as the functions on the top i want to use a remote control now so i’m going to

Start by turning it on as you can see there comes a display so 48 humidity and 22 degrees it’s saying as the temperature outside now i’m basically brisbane at the moment as well so the temperatures uh the humidity is a lot higher than normal we’re in summer but in winter it’s very very dry now if i press the button for constant humidity see it sets it for 45 so

I press that again you can change it up or down as well so we’ll go for um that one um 40 45 um you can also set the uv light on so again i press the uv button and you see that little light down there comes on so let’s put the uv on which means it’s actually sterilizing the air as you’re breathing it which is good if you’re using tap water and not using filled

Water too you could also put the max that’s the minimum for the humidity um we’ll just press the constant humidity actually um i’ll go down let’s go back to now i wouldn’t recommend 90 humidity there’ll be like being in a shower all the time too so you can also set the sleep mode on so it makes it down as you can see there’s no noise coming from it as well sounds

Really quiet that’s the thing i love with this as well is it’s a very very quiet humidifier uh it doesn’t make any noises at all just turn off sleep um let’s go to timer so here you can set timer so switch on for an hour um then it comes off for an hour as well so very very nice humidifier uh provides a lovely constant mist as well so um it’s very very good as

You can see the humidifier is very very quiet i can hardly hear at the moment and that’s because it’s got such a quiet sound um if i pause for a minute let’s see if you guys can actually hear it see i can hardly hear it at all which is perfect when i use it while you’re sleeping lying in bed now they do say to keep a couple of meters around it as well because

Obviously you don’t get steam on your appliances when you’re using them um in bed um but i love the eight liter capacity it’s got a lot of um size to it which means it keeps air purifying yeah now there’s been a lot of good reviews about this as well i love the fact it’s got the remote control it’s a very very good quality build as well look at that lovely sleek

Design i love how it tells you not only the humidity but also the temperature too now if i get the um the humidity again you can just that easy to turn on off and that easy to turn on again as well so very very impressive humidifier i probably say it’s probably my favorite humidifier out there on the market just try to stay strong do you fade away as you fade

Away yeah i’m about to fade away cause every time i wake up i feel like it’s monday something’s going wrong with all the chemicals update my brain all of a sudden i don’t look at it well there you go what do we think about the yokon ultrasonic humidifier let’s go see humidify the air really really well the controls are excellent too it can humidify a very very

Large room it’s very very quiet very easy to use with the 8 liter capacity as well it can go for ages without needing to refill it as well i mean that you can go for most of the day um as i said very good operation i like how you can put on sleep as well you could put it on you can head out not have to worry about it um you’ve also got the ability to put the oil

In there as voice you can really make it smell nice outside too gives a nice feel to the air you see uh you’re gone it’s very variable design and look at the design of it as well sleek finish really well designed um really beautiful humidifier and it goes really well here in our in our property so you know make sure if you want to purchase it there’s links below

To post your econ humidifier um again we really really love it and make sure you like the video channel and let us know what you think of the ocon ultrasonic humidifier thanks for joining us here

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Yokekon Ultrasonic Humidifier Review By MrYouWho