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ZOA+ Pre-Workout Energy Drink REVIEW | Pineapple Passion Fruit

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What’s going on investigation coins before i start this video make sure to subscribe to the channel everything in the description box below all my affiliate links to support the channel is in the description all right follow me everywhere all right anyways my hair is up i really don’t care and um yeah yep just woke up i really don’t care anyways got energy

Drink called zoa energy pre-workout energy 200 milligrams caffeine pineapple passion fruit so i reviewed all these um i reviewed all these this is the xeo zoa plus the regular zoe’s are just a regular energy drink so a plus is supposed to be pre-workout basically it’s got some citrulline basically it’s got some beta betaine anhydrous for power output and then

It’s got 200 milligrams of caffeine so it’s really just a very run-of-the-mill pre-workout i’m revealing all the flavors but as far as energy drink it’s just an energy drink with a little bit of pump ingredients a little bit of power output you can use it as a pick-me-up you can use it as whatever the you want you know what i’m saying so anyways that’s that uh

Let’s go ahead and try it out super fast over here all right pineapple passion fruit i like me some pineapple patch fruit here we go oh yeah taste test that’s actually tasty man pineapple coming in hot right now hmm it’s got a really good pineapple taste really does nice juicy pineapple ever so slightly passion fruit in the back end know i wasn’t really the

Biggest fan of the regular zoa’s these are decent this one particularly is actually really solid i’m actually part partial to the the pineapple uh category i love pineapple i really do pineapple is like i like pineapple this is really good it’s juicy it doesn’t taste bad like it doesn’t have that like weird aftertaste going on like some of the other ones did

Like the vitamins and it had like the vitamins and tastes solid um it has a little bit of a vitamin taste but not as much as the other ones i don’t think it’s got a nice pineapple juice in the front a little bit of a little bit of vitamins and minerals taste and then the back end you get that passion fruit super solid definitely would drink it again definitely

Drink it if it was like on the you know i don’t i don’t i wouldn’t use these as a pre-workout i mean i have used it i used i used the other flavor as a pre-workout but particularly i would not use these as a pre-workout it’s more like a pick-me-up whatever so anyways that’s that as far as ratings i really like this one i’m gonna give this one a solid a solid

Let me give this a 8.5 action really like it so anyways that’s my thoughts hope you enjoyed this video make sure you guys subscribe the channel everything you know subscription box below regressing let’s can’t even talk we’re progressing and never regressing out of that i’ll check you guys later

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ZOA+ Pre-Workout Energy Drink REVIEW | Pineapple Passion Fruit By oppermanfitness