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Best Dog Cameras 2021 – Top 3 Dog Cameras

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In today’s video we’re gonna check out top three best dog cameras starting at number three pet you play 2 wi-fi pet the pet cube plate 2’s diverse functionality sleek design and night vision make it one of most popular pet cameras available in addition to capturing high definition video this compact modern cube includes two-way audio sound detection alerts and

Even a pet safe toy laser even if you’re not necessarily tech savvy the pek you play too is easy to set up all you have to do is plug in the camera and connect it to your wi-fi then you’re ready to go the pet cube captures 1080 pixel video even at night and boasts a wide-angle view that will let you see more of the room you can also use the camera’s 4x zoom

To take a closer look at what your pet is doing while most pet parents typically use the pet cube to watch real-time video of their animals if your dog or cat likes to chase laser points you can use the pet cube to play a game of tag simply swipe your finger across the screen of the pekyu bab to control its built-in laser and watch as your four-legged friend

Darts after the red dot it’s a fun break for both of you when you’re stuck at work check out the description for more information and latest price coming at number two petcube bites 2 wi-fi pet for all the best features pet cameras have to offer you need the pet cube bites too this high definition camera offers both live and recorded video as well as two-way

Audio and a treat tosser it’s basically like having a dog sitter but it doesn’t come cheap the petcube bites 2 records 1080 pixel video with its 160 degree wide angle camera you can view a live video feed through its app or you can opt into a subscription that lets you record footage 24 7. the pecu bites too doesn’t just dispense treats either it flings them the

Device can hold up to 100 small round treats and on command it will toss the treats to your pet up to six feet in the air it’s great for getting lazy animals up off the couch and you can even give family members access to the cameras so they can play too finally this camera boasts an easy setup process two-way audio and sound detection alerts the petcube bites is

Everything you need to check in on your pets making it a great pet camera if your budget is flexible and number one of this list with the hd video with two-way the paul life wi-fi pet camera does it all streams video supports audio dispenses treats plays laser tag and even controls other pogba accessories this pet camera’s diverse functionality and reasonable

Price make it one of the best products on the market today first and foremost the paul life camera lets you watch real-time 720 pixel hd video from your phone zooming in as much as 4x you can also record videos and take pictures that will be stored on your phone the camera’s two-way talk feature lets you cheer up a lonely pet and it even plays a ringtone to

Get your dog or cats attention when it comes to playtime the pauba life gives you options you can control a built-in laser from the camera’s app or put it on automatic to keep your pets entertained finally the pauba life can support up to eight users so your whole family can check in on their furry friends throughout the day this pet camera has an impressive

Array of features all for a decent price making it a great investment for concerned pet parents all of these items are available on amazon i have included all the links in the description you can check out this links for more information and latest price thank you for watching if you like this video please hit the like button below share with your friends and be sure to subscribe

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