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Best Portable Water Filter in 2021 | Top 7 Portable Water Filter For Camping & Backpacking

In the list below, we take a look at the top 7 best portable water filters to buy in 2021.

The survivor filter pro x the pro x is a simple automated device that produces fast filtered water at the push of a button it’s the world’s first portable electric water filter no manual effort is required to get clean water from any lake river stream or tap it connects through a standard usb to work with multiple power options from electrical outlets to

Portable chargers and as a backup can operate using two double-a batteries it can even operate from the optional solar power bank so you can leave your external power sources behind with the pro-x there’s no energy wasted to make clean water and since the power system stays outside the device the pro-x stays lightweight water resistant and environment safe but

What’s most important is its filtration we’ve incorporated the same proven technology used in the survivor filter pro this three-stage system is unmatched by any portable filter on the market this allows the pro-x to remove 99 of tested virus staff and bacteria as well as reduce heavy metals to a level that surpasses epa standards for portable water filtration

Devices it also helps remove odors and improve the taste of your water we also designed the pro-x to be easy to clean allowing you to get up to 100 000 liters of clean water before the ultra filters need replacing the pro-x sets up quickly and with automatic filtration you can actually let it run while you relax it’s never been easier to have clean water in

Any environment take your outdoor adventures to the next level with our survivor filter pro le our sturdy design is very durable and easy to use for anyone who loves the great outdoors traveling or emergency preparedness upgrades we’ve made for the survivor filter pro le include a 100 000 liter ultra filter pre-filter larger hoses a convenient new hose clip

And a zippered carrying case our system has three levels of filtration which include the 0.1 micron ultra filter pre-filter it blocks out large debris and acts like a barrier to help remove harmful bacteria and protozoa that are larger than 0.1 microns the ultrafilter pre-filter can be easily cleaned and backwashed after every trip up to 100 000 liters by

Utilizing our cleanable pre-filter system the light for the internal filters are greatly extended next is the carbon filter this level of protection is designed to improve taste and help reduce heavy metals chemicals and pollutants finally water passes through the 0.01 micron internal ultra filter which is designed to help remove the remaining contaminants that

Make it through the first two levels once the water has passed through the three-stage system independent tests have shown a filtration of 99.9 percent of virus bacteria and staph and a significant reduction of heavy metals surpassing epa standards for portable water filters take on the outdoors with survivor filter the katadyn hiker pro is a high performance

Lightweight water filter built for quick and efficient use in the backcountry lightweight is your demand but pumping performance is also a must it includes quick release fittings for a direct attachment to your hydration pack the hiker pro is easy to use in any water source whether it’s a lake river or stream simply place the pre-filter in the water source and

Pump to provide safe drinking water right into your hydration tube the hiker pro uses high technology pleated glass fiber filtration the filter protector is easily cleaned for longer life and faster water flow the built-in carbon core reduces chemicals and makes water taste like it should the hiker pro is ultra compact and lightweight at only 11 ounces and is

The best choice for an ultra light backpacking water filter it filters at high capacity and is easy to use and performs in a variety of field conditions in a new transparent color it’s performance you can see this is the award-winning lifestraw personal water filter it can go here every day and on your favorite adventures really ultra lightweight and portable

You can drink water from here here here practically anywhere and it’s been trusted by outdoor experts survivalists and emergency response workers since we started water straight from these sources sound risky it’s not with this technology water passes through a membrane micro filter with microscopic pores that removes bacteria parasites micro plastics sand silt

And sediment the membrane micro filter lasts up to 1 000 gallons your purchase has impact for every lifestraw product purchased a child in need receive safe water for an entire school year everyone needs safe water stay safe pack a lifestraw the katadyn beefree one liter collapsible filter is the perfect smash stash and go water filter for on-the-go lifestyles

For the adventure traveler who packs for weight savings while abroad the be free one leader will become a staple in your luggage and your most innovative companion whether refilling at the airport or at the stream near your final destination with the b3 filter you no longer have to worry about where your next drink will come from carry and filter fresh water as

You go the beef free filter uses catadyne easy clean filter technology to remove protozoa and bacteria even in the most challenging water conditions the b3 filter is designed to last longer than other filters without the hassle of back flushing or carrying clumsy tools it is the only micro filter that cleans easily with a shake or a swish through your water

Source to remove dirt and debris free flow channels provide sophisticated clean drinking water at a rate of 2 liters per minute with a simple squeeze the be free filters water measurements allow you to easily measure and refill companion bottles and cook or wash dishes at camp smash stash and go with the be free for every outdoor and travel adventure the be

Free easily packs down into your day pack jacket pocket and travel luggage the be free one liter filter is the ideal size for a variety of front and back country travel hikers runners cyclists travelers and campers when you want taste and hassle-free hydration in the backcountry platypus’s line of award-winning gravity works filters provides portable and

Dependable filtration on any adventure to get clean water just fill the high capacity reservoir hang it and let gravity do the filtering no pump required designed and labeled for ease of use the gravityworks has several thoughtfully designed features for carrying or dispensing water and a simple process of air purging and back flushing that can easily be done

In the field the filter delivers up to one and three quarter liters of potable water per minute ready for drinking cooking and cleaning our unique two reservoir system doubles your water capacity adding versatility and efficiency to your filtration needs the hundreds of tiny hollow fibers inside the microfilter efficiently remove bacteria and protozoa per

The us epa nsf protocol p231 throughout its lifetime as gravity pushes water through these fibers pathogens are trapped unable to pass through the tiny pores of the fibers pores so small they are invisible to the naked eye this offers faster filtering than other designs and offers reliable performance in eliminating harmful protozoa such as e coli and giardia

The performance of the gravity works has been proven time and time again not just in the back country but also in our on-site water lab our team of scientists in seattle test and validate the gravity works to ensure you’re getting the highest quality hydration available for your trips to the back country the ultra compact system packs down smaller than most 1

Liter water bottles saving space and weight in your pack gravityworks is available in multiple sizes with optional accessories so you can choose the right fit for your adventure and group size spend less time filtering water and more time enjoying the outdoors with the platypus gravity works water filter to maintain your hyper flow filter’s peak performance

We recommend back flushing about every eight liters that’s pretty frequent but good maintenance will extend the lifespan of your filter and keep it pumping fast it’s easy to do and after a few times it shouldn’t take any more than a minute or so before you start find a place away from moving water so you don’t lose any parts if you drop something all you’ll

Need is your hyper flow and about half a liter of filtered water first remove the inlet hose and set that aside unscrew the inlet and you’ll find a large black check valve facing up pull it out flip it over and place it back in making sure it’s properly seated it should drop into place nice and easy next extend the piston all the way and slowly twist it while

Gently pulling out you’ll feel it set into place unscrew it with some gentle pressure to keep it engaged and inside you’ll find a small red check valve facing towards you pull it out flip it over and reset it again make sure it’s not jammed and screw it back together now compress the cylinder until it’s flush with the bottom of the piston this purges air that

Would otherwise air lock your filter if you go too far you’ll expose this o-ring now screw the inlet back on and you’re set to back flush next connect your filter to whatever bottle or reservoir you’re using and invert it so you’re always pumping water extend the pump allowing the chamber to fill completely before compressing each stroke feel free to use some

Gusto to really flush it clean pump at least one half liter of water to ensure proper cleaning of the filter media to get back to square one just reverse the whole assembly process reverse those check valves so they’re both facing towards you and you’re all set for another 8 liters or so you

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