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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 | Top 5 Best Robot Vacuums Under 200$ in 2022

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 | Top 5 Best Robot Vacuums Under 200$ in 2022

Are you looking for the best robot vacuums under 200 in this video we will look at some of the five best robot vacuums on the market before we get started with our video we have included links in the description so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number one ilife v3s pro the ilife v3s pro tops are list for all

The right reasons besides the essential features you would expect to get on a 200 bucks robot vacuum the ilife v3s pro has exceptional cleaning capabilities we were impressed by the low profile robot’s ability to blast through dirt grime and pet hair with ease the ilife v3s pro is a worthy upgrade from ilife v3s it has many infrared sensors that allow it to navigate

Various obstacles like furniture and pet bowls during cleaning with the three cleaning modes auto edge and space mode the robot can handle just about any cleaning task on your hard floors moreover you can program the robot to clean at specific times so that even if you are away or you forget to clean it’ll get the job done the ilife v3s pro is best suited for anyone

With hard floors as it comes with dual side sweeping brushes that funnel dirt and debris to the underside anyone who has pets could also make the most of its tangle free pet hair technology you would never lift a finger or spend time cleaning hair and junk from the vacuum at number two shark av 752 ion shark ion is a world famous vacuum cleaner brand known for

Premium quality products the shark av 752 ion is our upgrade pick because of the premium set of features it offers at such an attractive price point the quality is unmatched because shark puts its robots through rigorous testing performing thousands of hours of real-life use to ensure you get the ultimate ultra powerful and reliable clean we were impressed by how

Easy it is to use the shark av 752 ion for starters you can clean from your phone all you have to do is download the shark clean app then you can use it to start stop and schedule your robot to clean anytime you want in addition you can use alexa or google voice control to make the robot clean at your command the shark av 752 ion is ideal for cleaning homes that

Have multiple floor surfaces because it features three brush types that give one powerful clean the tri-brush system is a combination of side brushes multi-surface brush roll and channel brushes that can handle debris on all surfaces what’s more the robot has sensors which prevent it from crashing into obstacles like furniture stairs and walls it maneuvers around

Potential stuck situations fluidly and truly knows your home at number three yuffie boost iq robovac 11s the youth elevens is a prime choice for pet owners because it operates quietly you can run the robot at the end of the day when your kids and pets are asleep its noise level measures up at about 55 db which is a whopping 10 db less than that of the competition

Eufy is another big wig brand in the vacuum cleaner industry it is highly reputed for having top quality and highly effective vacuum cleaners and the yuffie boost iq robovac 11s is no exception it was even included in the best robot vacuums of 2019 by tom’s guide eufy 11s is a low profile robot cleaner with an ultra slim design that puts it a little under three

Inches high this means it can clean underneath your furniture and other household furnishings with ease you can forget about routinely moving your sofa or bed to vacuum away dust the uf elevens is packed with myriad incredible features it has infrared sensors for evading obstacles an anti-scratch tempered glass top cover for protection and drop sensing technology

To avoid falls plus it has a boost q technology that automatically increases the suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed as if that’s enough the robot charges itself so it’s always ready to clean at number four dean key dk 600 dean key is another brand that is steadily becoming prominent in the vacuum cleaner market the dean key

Dk 600 is one of their gems it has a powerful suction that is perfect for removing dust pet hair and debris from carpets off various heights we loved how quiet the robot is you can have it on while sleeping or watching tv the dean key dk 600 stacks up well against its higher-end peers with upgraded cleaning modes and double-sided brush unlike many robot vacuums

That have the four standard market popular cleaning modes the dk 600 has two extra cleaning modes max cleaning and schedule cleaning which ensure your floors are spotless clean whether you are home or not what’s more the robot has double-sided brushes and a central brush that ensure it cleans in all directions for the best effect the dean key dk 600 is ideal for

Small space dwellers as it has a slim design that can easily fit under the sofa bed and other furniture you can clean underneath your furniture without moving them also the robot features a ground sensor which makes it a fantastic choice for people who have stairs at number 5 leffen m210 levant is a leading manufacturer of innovative home products and the levant

M210 is one of their most popular innovations it is our best pick for small spaces because it has a small design the robot vacuum is 75 percent smaller than standard vacuum cleaners on the market it can easily fit in tiny cramped up spaces and perform thorough cleaning with high coverage moreover the levant m210 is a better robot vacuum for small spaces than other

Robots on this list because it comes with a unique design that allows you to buy and install a mop bracket so that you can vacuum and mop with it it has four cleaning modes for all of your cleaning needs and you can easily switch between them on the levant app you can also change the cleaning direction and create a schedule on the app if you live in a small space

And find it hard to move stuff around to remove dust and debris the levant m210 is your best bet its ultra slim design can fit under most types of furniture plus it has upgraded sixty built-in infrared sensors that help it sense its surroundings and avoid obstacles it will adjust its cleaning path immediately it senses an obstacle the robot is also suitable for

Pet owners as it has a unique brushless suction structure that ensures that all the pet hair and dirt go to the bin effortlessly you

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