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Home Gym Equipment | My Top 12 Home Gym Essentials | Organize with Me | Weight Loss Journey

~In this video, I share my top 12 home gym essentials (faves), introduce you to my new workout partner and organize my studio apartment to get my life organized! I assembled my DB Method and by the time I got to the workout bench, I was exhausted! LOL!

Dj tell everybody hello oh my goodness you are saying hey y’all i’m cj i’m gonna share my top 12 home gym things with you in no particular order you know the whole house was in disarray but i’m going to show you how it came together everybody i am kelly grits that’s right a girl race in the south living in cali i am so excited today first of all welcome everybody

Back to my channel if you are new thank you so much for tuning in um i have a special friend here today with me and i want her to introduce herself girl why are you here because she told me i believe you took around the test oh my gosh grandpa thank you lord this is my friend from atlanta y’all cj cj tell everybody hello oh my goodness what’s up hey y’all i’m

Cj but y’all um cj just moved to california i’m so excited y’all because i’ve been here by myself so now i’m happy to have like a tested friend you know somebody ain’t gonna give me the cooties um here with me so that we can um kind of re-jump start things jumpstart um so yeah with the gems being closed um i ordered a lot of workout gear but i think like workout

Equipment too we interrupt this program and pretty much everything else that was going on in your life to bring you this important message hey since i’ve had to work out entirely from home for the last few months i want to share my top 12 home gym things with you in no particular order my favorite though is my two resistance bands you’ll see why later number two

My electronic skipping rope who has time to be counting skills honey i love my pink boxing gloves coming in at number three number four my dumbbell set would stand coming in at number five kettlebell 15 pounds minimum number six the loop resistance bands to work on those glutes and other things number seven my yoga mat or exercise math number eight is my workout

Bench and i spent under fifty dollars number nine my exercise ball number 10 my fitbit i love to walk and count my steps number 11 is my barbell set which is also a dumbbell set number 12 i love my brooks sneakers and the last thing a bonus is my compression socks and my weighted hula hoop thinking that the gym is gonna eventually open back up but lord i went

To 24 hour fitness across the street for me and they are still closed um in my apartment complex excuse me complex they have a sign telling me that that gym is still closed that is crazy so anyway um i ordered all that stuff but i guess you actually have to take it out the package and use it for it to work what you think cj girl yeah so i have all of this

Equipment and it was just in my house just like cluttering up the place and so i um you know i was like i need to clean up because i think with the whole i was like snacking girl my snacks was getting snacks have you ever done that before yeah i’m telling you man i was eating up all my snacks the only workout i got was this right here opening the refrigerator

And closing it back up you know so anyway i have clearly put on a couple of pounds we’re not going to say how much because guess what i weighed myself the other day i closed my eyes hungry i was like oh you want to know because i just leave the number on the scale don’t really matter to me what about you nah yeah it’s the way that cloud sleep on the scale don’t

Matter to you either okay yeah because it’s how my clothes fit and so i’m gonna have to start um gauging progress by just trying on different clothes and you like a fashion show anyway dr cj yeah yeah so anyway um so i kept looking up in the dick sporting goods big five couldn’t buy no barbells couldn’t find any kettlebells couldn’t find i couldn’t find what i

Needed so you know what i was like let me just go online but i went on guess what cj all of those prices was like sky high they were like really price gouging you know like this barbell set was like 150 dollars i was like oh no so i just kind of was like okay the gym is gonna open back up you know get back in the gym you know you remember how i lost

The weight the last time cj yes fitness challenge challenges yeah all right don’t be looking crazy because yeah yeah you’re going to be joining me and so anyway i want you all to join me too and so i was not working out on my channel at first um but now you know i was like you know all of the things that have taken place during this past year i’m like you know

What girl you’re gonna get it back together okay so i ordered some more stuff okay and i actually i’m going to show you the assembling a couple of my equipment a couple of pieces of my equipment and you know the whole house was in disarray and i’m going to show you how it came together honey but i ordered this right here oh this is a um what do you call it a

Dumbbell set yeah and guess how much it was 32. thanks i will be linking in the description box how you can get your own y’all i don’t know how um i happened to find one that wasn’t like outrageously priced but yeah so i love the fact that you know when i started doing my challenges i have different weights i i bought a kettlebell i’ll show you all of that when

I show you the equipment but i also found a an electronic skipping rope this time i have another one um and i wanted the electronic one so i can kind of jump rope without having to count my steps so this is going to be exciting because i’m going to do a jump rope challenge and guess who is going to join me on the junk rope challenge yes oh yeah you want me yeah

You’ll be doing a lot of these challenges so i hope you’re ready to handle it but yeah so i ended up i’m getting this jump rope i’ll give you more details about it but um yeah i give you up close deets but also um how you can get your own too but um yeah so and i also ordered me some more tennis shoes y’all my other shoes they were told up from the below i love

Brooks looks to me i have the best one shoes um cj you got these same shoes i guess think alike but um so it says we run on science now you can too y’all look let me show you my shoes oh my gosh let’s zoom in on those they are so pretty they’re black and purple um yes this is the let’s see brooks adrenaline gts 20. i have a glycerin maintenance glycerin but now

This is the adrenaline so i wanted some new tennis shoes for when i started jumping rope my other ones don’t have that much support in the ball of the feet um that’s where you need the support so girl we’re gonna be jumping jumping jumping jumping y’all no further ado let’s take you on a tour of the before and after of the home gym so roll it so do so so

Oh these are staple to the box to the box to the box oh my god um i’m turning this camera off this box got me sweating and tired and i’m hungry too it’s gonna be a workout that declines and ain’t flat when i come back to you the whole gym setup will be finished good night time to get organized omg this comforter took off the bed because i have to go take it to

The cleaners and so i got the little plastic that it came out of so that i won’t have to walk around with a big giant comforter in my arms to take it down there but yeah stuff is all over the place because i started pulling out stuff trying to organize and trying to get ready for 2021 so um a lot of stuff i ordered honestly never opened it out of the package so

Yeah this is before and some of this stuff is part of the gym that i’m going to set up in here and i guess it’s great that i never did really buy any furniture furniture because i always envision this to be my little studio for my youtube channel so this right here is the little organization thing um for the gym equipment my desk is a hot mess i ordered this

To help me organize it and yeah so i started pulling stuff out papers it’s just a mess so this is the desk that needs organizing and yeah like all of my equipment it’s a this is just a mess but i’m showing you the before so we can turn this into organization so this is the chaos and the printer i put it in that chair it was crazy another workstation so yeah

So yeah all this is the gem stuff i try to put it all over here together now this wall is green like i said because i was gonna turn into a green screen and then it’s too close to this wall so in order for the green screen to work you have to be so many feet away so yeah we got to move that monitor over to the desk area so yeah a lot to do to get organized but

About to do it y’all this workout bench i tried to put it together and yeah this is the instruction there is no instructions it’s just a picture cray-cray cray cray so so thank you so much for tuning in today please be sure to turn on your notifications so you know when i upload videos in the future please be sure to like comment subscribe and share

My video with every tamisha dictators and purple you know you can also follow me on instagram and twitter at cali grids and i created a fan page on facebook and cali grips thank you so much for being a part of the cali grades tribe

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Home Gym Equipment | My Top 12 Home Gym Essentials | Organize with Me | Weight Loss Journey By Cali GRITS