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How to STOP Under Eye Concealer Creasing! Mature Skin

My best tips & tricks for SMOOTH Under Eye Concealer that doesn’t crease or make your wrinkles look worse – for MATURE Skin!

Hey everybody its angie and welcome to huntin flashy in today’s video i’m gonna share my top tips and tricks for how to keep under-eye concealer from creasing on mature skin so as we age the under-eye area becomes one of our biggest problem areas i think we’d all agree to that one wouldn’t we yeah i think that’s something we can all agree on so the skin under

The eyes can become crepey it can become discolored it can get puffy or have eye bags or it can have actual wrinkles like in the outside area by the crow’s feet and because of that i know a lot of people just stop using makeup completely once they get to be a certain age they stop using concealer and they stopped using setting powder because when they put it on

In those areas they feel like it just makes the wrinkles look bigger look worse and no one wants that and i feel like if we continue to do our makeup in the way that we used to do it without making some adjustments for the changes in our skin then that leads to trouble and a lot of people ask me like why does my under eye area look so smooth and why don’t i have

Any wrinkles under my eyes and you know sometimes it’s because i get botox in my crow’s feet but currently my botox is all worn off really the reason that my under eyes look so nice and smooth is because of makeup you know i’m 55 of course i have problems under my eyes while my under eye situation may not be the worst under eye situation that’s going on out there

I do have my fair share of things to contend with i have under-eye puffiness i have discoloration at the inner corners i have little wrinkles at the inner corners and i have some pretty good-sized crow’s feet at the outer corners with the tips and tricks’ i’m going to show you today i’m going to show you how to use makeup to your advantage so that it enhances

Your beauty instead of detracting from it and making you look older tip number one is of course to prep your skin in the morning by moisturizing it i have a skincare routine and i put on a few things and i put most of them right up under my eyes so my eyes start getting moisturized first thing if you don’t have a skincare routine i would recommend at minimum

That you use a moisturizer on your face you don’t have to get a separate eye cream you know i know a lot of people like us separate eye cream in which case you can use one of those but definitely put on some moisturizer in the morning so the moisturizers that i recommend the most are the cera vpm facial moisturizing lotion this is a really good one to use all

Of your face but you can use this as an eye cream as well because it’s got everything in there that you need to moisturize and hydrate your eyes humectants are really great to use around the eye area those are things like hyaluronic acid and glycerin and they’re water binding molecules so they draw moisture to the area they help to plump up and reduce the look of

Your fine lines and wrinkles so that has lots of great humectants it also has niacinamide which is anti-aging so if you want to use just a separate under-eye cream than the one i recommend is also from cerave is their eye repair cream it has pretty much the same stuff as this one does it has nice syn amide ceramides glycerin hyaluronic acid but it also contains

A little bit of almond oil a little bit of vitamin e and those things can really help to smooth the look of the under-eye area i just take a little dab between my fingers i kind of warm it up and then i just rub it and pat it beneath my eye area work starting at the inner corners and working to the outer corners tip 2 is to apply a tinted or color correcting

Sunscreen so the best way to prevent under eye wrinkles and under eye sagging skin is with a mineral based non irritating sunscreen every day you should be wearing one on your entire face but when you’re putting your sunscreen on your face you should also put it right up underneath your eyes and on your eyelids and i know a lot of the chemical sunscreens can be

Irritating in that area so sometimes people avoid putting their sunscreen there so in that case i’d recommend getting a separate mineral based sunscreen that you can use around your eyes without irritation and the ones that i really like are this guy from elta md this is uv elements this is a broad-spectrum spf 44 it’s an all mineral sunscreen but it does have

Some moisturizing properties and it has hyaluronic acid which again will plump up the wrinkles in that area so this is a tinted one this is more of a warmer based tint which is what i’m using and then normally i would just put this on all over my face and also put it right up under my eyes and on my eyelids another sunscreen that i really like if you are more

On the pale side is the polished choice super light daily wrinkle defense this is an spf 30 and this one has a cooler tint to it more on the pinky side a little bit paler so a thin layer of that will begin our color correcting that we need to do where we have a little purple or red or blue or even green discolorations at the inner corner so the one that i want

To show you that i’m going to use in today’s video is this one from color science it’s their total eye three and one renewal therapy this is an spf 35 and this is specifically for the eye so no matter what sunscreen you use on your face you can get this just for your eyes and what’s great about this is that it has a peachy toned color corrector in it already so

This really helps to start brightening up the eye area so you can see the color on that this has a metal applicator so you can apply it with this but i find that using this i end up getting way too much out and if you use too much of this it will settle into your wrinkles so if you’re going to get this and use it i recommend that you just do the tiniest little

Pump of it i do like just 1/4 or 1/8 of a pump then i just dip my finger into that and i take the tiniest little bit and then i start just pressing it at the inner corners of my eye because that’s where i want most of it to be concentrated and then i just press it to the outer corners of my hike and making sure that you have such a nice even thin share coat that

It’s not going to settle into your wrinkles now sunscreen does need to set up for 15 to 20 minutes before you apply makeup so these first two steps should be done in the morning at your bathroom sink then i’ll usually dry my hair go get dressed that’ll give me the 20 minutes for those things to dry and set up okay so this is not going to take forever even though

It’s taking a long time while i’m talking about it tip 3 is that for the under eye area less is definitely more so the more products that you take on under your eyes the more of a cakey look you will get so when i’m applying my foundation i don’t put my foundation under my eyes tip 4 is to use a primer under your eyes so that that will really help to hold your

Concealer in place it’ll help to smooth over your wrinkles i find that if i don’t use a primer my concealer always breaks up at the inner corner of my eye within 4 to 5 hours but using a primer i can get it to last the whole day at the inner corner you don’t have to buy a separate under eye primer i just like a couple of regular face primers the thing is i wouldn’t

Use a heavyweight silicone primer because that will make the makeup slide around and that tends to settle into the wrinkles the best one is the laura mercier foundation primer this is the original formula and the reason this is so great is because it’s so lightweight and so sheer so it really just helps to make the makeup stay in place but it doesn’t add any bulk

And for a drugstore version of that what i like is the nyx hydro touch primer these are both very lightweight very hydrating primers so they’re great to use under the eyes tip number 5 is to use a lightweight hydrating concealer rather than a heavy super emollient concealer i find that the emollient concealers like the nars creamy concealer even the it cosmetics

Bye-bye under eyes concealer they’re just too greasy and emollient for me they tend to slide around even if i set them they still settle in my wrinkles and they make my wrinkles look worse i know a lot of people swear by those so it’s gonna depend on what kind of skin you have those are probably better for people with super dry skin i feel like the lighter the

Concealer that you can get away with the better so my favorites currently are these two from lancome and from the drugstore is the maybelline instant age rewind this is a great one this came in tied with my lancome episode in my latest round of under eye concealer testing or so these two are awesome but lately i’ve switched away from the lancome fs earn to the

Lancome maquicomplet mainly because it is winter here and the air got really dry really fast and i was just feeling like this was not quite as hydrating as it could be and this was the winner in the very first round of under eye concealer testing that i did and it is they’re more hydrating version it’s also a little bit of a thinner formula than this guy so i

Prefer this one for these dry winter months and for the shade you should be looking for something that’s a half a shade to a full shade lighter than your foundation because you want to brighten up that area as well especially where we might have eye bags or puffiness you want to really brighten the dark side of the eye bag that will help to bring it forward so

It won’t look so deep in dark tip number six is to apply as little product as you can possibly get away with to correct your darkness and unify the under eye area so when you see youtubers doing a giant swath of it under their eyes that is way more makeup than even people that age need i mean the thing is their under-eye skin is beautiful with whatever concealer

I use i never use the doe foot or the sponge i always take my concealer and i put it out on the back of my hand so i’m making sure that i’m just picking up a tiny tiny amount i use this tiny little lipstick brush that i got at sephora this is their pro lift brush first i pick up a little bit from the back of my hand on the brush and i swipe it directly into the

Darkest part of my eye bag then i just go ahead and fill in the tiniest little triangle at the inner corner of my eye and i spread it towards the outer corner of my eye following again along the contour of the darker side of the eye bag but where you don’t want to put a lot of product is over your crow’s feet most people really don’t have discolorations out

There on your crow’s feet so you don’t need a ton of concealer out there what you need is just the smallest amount so that it just evens up and unifies the whole area with one slightly brighter color than the rest of your makeup tip number seven is to blend your concealer with an outward pressing motion if i press it in toward my nose what i’m actually doing

Is creating wrinkles and the makeup doesn’t get into the depths of the wrinkles it just kind of sits on the surface and skips over the depths and so that is what makes it look all creased what most people do just by habit is press in towards their nose and that really makes kind of a mess of my concealer i prefer using my fingers just because it warms up the

Concealer and it helps to melt it into my skin a little better than the blending sponge then i just blend outward across keeping most of the concealer concentrated at the inner corners and to the dark side of my eye bag and just spreading the tiniest little bit across underneath my eyes to the outer corner where my crow’s feet are so that i don’t have a lot of

Concealer built up in my crow’s feet tip number eight is to check your concealer from up close in your magnifying mirror but also to step away and look at it from about arm’s length so you know as we get older and we can’t see so well we’re using our magnifying mirror a lot to help us put on our makeup right it’s like my best friend and my worst enemy because it

Shows me the worst things but when you’re looking at your makeup up really close it magnifies all the things that aren’t covered and it kind of encourages you to add more concealer when really you probably don’t need to add more concealer even though you might not have a hundred percent complete coverage from a distance it’s giving that illusion of coverage all

Right tips 9 and 10 have to do a setting powder and if you’re thinking you’re gonna check out here bear with me for a minute okay because i’ve tested a lot of concealers and i have tested a lot of setting powders and i can tell you that my concealer 100% settles into my wrinkles less wears longer looks better and my whole under eye area my eye bags look smoother

When i use a mattifying setting powder so i am sold on setting powder but you know you may have been using the wrong setting powder a lot of people use that laura mercier powder because people on youtube love it i don’t like that for under my eyes it’s never worked for me it’s never looked good it always makes my makeup look craig craig cranky it does make me me

Cranky makes my makeup cranky too so the powder that i use and that i recommend that i did all my testing with is the it cosmetics bye bye porous powder so tip number nine is to use setting powder but the right setting powder tip number ten is to apply it by pressing it into your makeup and swiping it so let me demo this for you i think you’ll like what you see

So looking at my undereyes with the concealer on as you can see it’s a luminous concealer as most of them are which means that it reflects light and the problem with things reflecting light is that they make texture and they make shadows look larger i’m taking the tiniest bit of powder i’m not taking on a ton of powder i’m not picking it up with a damp beauty

Blender and getting a ton of powder and baking under there i’m taking the tiniest bit of powder on my brush and i’m pressing it again in that outward pressing motion and you’ll see that you can’t even really see any powder on the surface of my skin and check out the difference between the eye with the powder and the eye without the powder that eye bag is barely

Visible under the eye with the powder and on the eye without the powder you can still see it and it makes me look tired then what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna spread my fingers and run the brush over them to get all the excess powder out of the brush and i’m just gonna gently swipe over the powder to remove any excess so that’s it that was easy-peasy right i know

It seems like a lot when i’m talking about it and going in-depth into it and really explaining it but once you start doing this every day and really seeing how smooth and great your under eyes are gonna look you’re gonna be so happy with this technique or at least i hope you will be i hope the products that i’ve recommended here today will help you to return to

Using makeup if you had completely stopped using under-eye concealer or doing anything about your under-eye problems i hope that you’ll give makeup a try again and maybe use some of these products and some of these techniques and see if they work for you but making your expectations realistic not thinking that you know putting on concealer and powder is going

To make your wrinkles magically disappear because it’s not your wrinkles are gonna be there but try to adjust your makeup to doing it in a way that it doesn’t settle in them it doesn’t crease in them it’s not heavy-handed it doesn’t look cakey and then i think you’ll be much happier with the way you look with the way that you can wear makeup so that’s it for

Today’s video everybody i hope you found it helpful and in if you did give it a like and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel i’ve got lots of anti-aging tips and tricks here on a hot and flashy and would love to have you so thank you so much for your time i really appreciate your watching have a great day and i will see you in the next video take care everybody bye bye

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