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Hey guys,

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so today’s tutorial is going to be my self-tanning routine so the first thing you want to do is just tie up your hair to get it out of the way please excuse my skin the masks just have my skin ruined at the moment so this is what my skin looks like before applying any tan i just wanted to show you the before so 24

Hours before you want to shave your skin this will exfoliate your skin as well and also use an exfoliating mitt just to remove any dead skin i like to go in with my favorite product which is the iconic bronze self tan eraser this is just going to slow away any dead skin and also remnants of tan next then i like to go in with my moisturizing cream and this is a

Really good one from cerave i just find that it’s brilliant for any dry patches that you might have so it’s finally tandy so i like to remove any jewelry just so we’re ready and good to go so now it’s time to choose your tanning product if you have dryer skin and i highly highly recommend the luxury tannin lotions by iconic bronze i’m in three different shades

Extra dark dark and medium so just choose the one that suits you i personally love the mousses and i do love the lotions as well but i mostly reach for the extra dark mousse and that is the one i’m going to be using in today’s video the luxury double-sided tanamats are excellent for applying tan i don’t use any other met this just applies the tan so flawlessly

So i’m so used to doing it by now i usually use about four pumps per limb so i’m gonna just show you now me doing my arm it’s a beautiful olive color and obviously as you can see it has a great guide color so next again i’m applying about three to four pumps of the mousse to my chest area make sure that you go up behind your ears i find a lot of people forget

About that area and then i like to pat it in i just find that this really really helps to set the tan in place i’m moving on to the hands what i like to do is apply a barrier cream or a moisturizer to my hands as if i was just putting on hand cream and make sure you get into your knuckles as well from brush then i like to apply about half a pump of mousse and

Make sure you go in between all your fingers and knuckles next moving on to the face i love using these tanning drops from primark or panties if you live in ireland absolutely love these and i think they’re the best face town that i’ve tried out yet and they’re only four euro so when you’ve applied your tan this is what it should look something like i like

To put on fluffy pajamas and go asleep and wake up the next morning bronze so it is the next day and i’m lovely and bronzed but i just wanted to show you the luxury instant tans don’t have time to wait for a tan develop these are perfect so next i’m just going to show you how i use the iconic bronze highlighters these are in the shades champagne nova and golden

Galaxy they’re absolutely gorgeous and so pigmented so then we have our two beautiful bronzers in ibiza shimmer and miami matte are absolutely gorgeous for contouring the face i’m wearing them on my face today in this video and then of course my favorite product it’s the airbrushed body bling if you want to look like a victoria secret model then this product

Is absolutely amazing for you apply it by giving the bottle a little shake and just spritz it over the skin and then just blend it in with your luxury autonomous and there you have it so next i like to apply a small bit of the iconic bronze golden galaxy highlighter i just think this is stunning and it is a perfect finishing touch to any tanning routine so there

You have it guys an absolutely flawless tan overnight i hope you all really enjoyed this video and if you did please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button leave my discount code on the screen now if you want to avail of any discounts on iconic bronze and thank you so much for watching

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MY SELF TANNING ROUTINE | TOP TIPS FOR A FOOLPROOF TAN AT HOME #selftan #iconicbronze #tanroutine By Veronica De Barra