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My Top BUDGET Sunscreen Pick! | The Budget Dermatologist

Check out this video on my favorite BUDGET sunscreen! It feels just as luxurious as higher priced sunscreens 🙂

If you want an incredible sunscreen for under 15 i have the perfect recommendation for you i am going to tell you everything you need to know about this sunscreen and at the end of the video i’m comparing it to some more expensive similar sunscreen options to show you how it stacks up i personally use this sunscreen almost every single day and as you can imagine

I have a ton of sunscreen i get sent free sunscreen samples by brands all the time but i actually have never been gifted this particular sunscreen i buy it myself time and time again this is the one i tell my friends and family to buy when they text me from the drugstore saying help just tell me what to buy this recommendation will not come as a surprise to some

Of you because i have talked about the sunscreen for over a year now it is one of the top products that you guys all buy from my links and i get a ton of messages back telling me how much you love it it’s not just me it’s all of you as well and that’s how i know it’s great if you’re new here i’m dr marin locke i’m a board-certified dermatologist and a skincare

Enthusiast i am obsessed with budget skin care and helping you transform your skin without spending a fortune i’ve done this for years inside my exam room and now here on youtube as the budget dermatologist bringing you the real information that you need to know do me a favor now would be the perfect time for you to hit the subscribe button and give this video a

Thumbs up if you want even more you can follow me on instagram at the budget dermatologist now my big reveal of my favorite budget-friendly sunscreen is australian gold botanical spf 50 tinted face sunscreen and it is linked below in the description you guys i am so obsessed with this product this is just my favorite youtube video i’ve made so far because this

Product is a no-brainer at this price here is my rapid fire rundown of this product and stay tuned until the end to see how this stacks up against some more expensive options first let’s talk about the product category so it is a sunscreen but it’s not just any sunscreen it also wears like a bb cream so it really can double as a nice light and sheer foundation

It’s especially great for those who like some tinted coverage over their skin but don’t want to also wear makeup in addition to sunscreen this is literally me i want to look like i have on makeup without taking the time to actually put on makeup just the act of putting on sunscreen is plenty of time investment for me so i like to get the most bang for my buck

From my products and this one definitely does that you can think of it like a skincare makeup hybrid product but it is still general enough that it can definitely be worn by everyone okay so next the product formulation i will point out three things about this formulation first the feel of the product on the skin this feels like luxury i’m telling you one of the

Things i noticed about more expensive sunscreens is that they often finish with such a nice feel on the skin and tend to layer very well with other products sometimes with cheaper sunscreens the feel on the skin is the first thing to really suffer but not with this product this has a very lightweight finish that i like to describe as a powdery finish or a matte

Finish if you run your hand over the skin after it’s applied you will notice that it doesn’t rub off or feel tacky or sticky on the skin this quality makes the product the most versatile in my opinion because you can wear it alone without feeling like you need to apply a powder on top to reduce any shine or greasiness or you can easily layer makeup right on top of

It because it does not pill up or slide off the skin second it has a water resistant formulation up to 80 minutes so it’s a great option if you will be outdoors or in the water and third this comes in three shades fair to light medium to tan and rich to deep you can use their shade finder on their website to see where you fall in this range personally i usually

Wear the fair to light option now you might be asking who should use this all skin types all everyone now here’s my disclaimer not everyone will love this product there are no universal skincare products that work for every single person’s skin but this will work for most i’m talking a very large majority of you so what is this product intended to do this product

Will protect you from getting a sunburn it will decrease photo aging it will decrease your risk of skin cancer and it will even out your skin tone due to its subtle tinted formulation so now what are the key ingredients this product has two active ingredients that provide broad spectrum coverage against uv sun rays it has four percent zinc oxide and four percent

Titanium dioxide these are mineral only blockers it does not have any chemical filters at all i will also call out that it contains iron oxides which i love to see in sunscreens this provides even better protection against visible light and is a must-have ingredient for people with melasma now for the rest of the ingredient list this has three botanical ingredients

In it that provide skin care benefits these are unique to the botanical line of products developed by the australian gold brand it has plum which aims to decrease free radicals that the sun creates on our skin that leads to aging and sun damage it has eucalyptus that is calming and oxygenating for the skin and it has red algae that delivers nutrients like vitamin a

And niacin to our skin how much of a true difference these three botanicals have on our skin health i honestly cannot say i haven’t seen their studies on that for all i know it may just sound nice and make for a fun marketing campaign so for me those three ingredients are more of just a fun fact as long as you don’t have a sensitivity to any of those it’s probably

Fine that they are there but that is not what is making me buy this product however what is not in this product is actually more important to me than their botanical ingredients it leaves out many ingredients that are controversial or known to cause skin allergies it does not contain oxybenzone which is a controversial chemical sunscreen filter oxybenzone is

Known to absorb into our bloodstream when we apply it to our skin whether it causes any real harm or not is still unclear it has non-nanoparticles which also decreases absorption into the bloodstream it has no fragrance which is usually my personal preference for skin care products this does get the seal of approval from the national eczema association due to its

Hypoallergenic formulation so if you have sensitive skin this will likely be okay for you it is also alcohol-free dye free oil-free phthalate free papa free petrolatum free sulfate free and gluten-free there are no added parabens it is also vegan cruelty free and it is never tested on animals i know some people don’t love the whole free from advertising statements

But this product does not have those things in it so if that is important to you then this product may be for you now how do you use it to get the proper protection of the spf listed on the label you need to use at least half teaspoon for the face and neck another quick rule of thumb is to use two finger lengths worth of product for the face and neck also you need

To reapply it every couple of hours if you will be sweating it off or will be in the water so how do you incorporate this into your routine this sunscreen goes on your face as the last skincare item before your makeup so cleanse the skin apply your treatment product or products if you use any then apply your moisturizer and lastly you will finish with this sunscreen

Then you can apply makeup on top if that is part of your routine what should you pair this with if you feel it makes you dry pair it with a more creamy or heavier moisturizer underneath i love the la roche posay double repair moisturizer for those with really dry skin and another current favorite moisturizer that is super effective for an extremely good price is the

Elf holy hydration face cream this is what i am currently using at night right now i highly recommend this one and both of those are linked in the description below as well but if this sunscreen feels heavy or you feel oily then put it on alone without a moisturizer now to remove this at the end of the day you need to pair it with an oil-based cleanser because it is

Water resistant so the oil cleanser will most effectively remove all of the residue so you will use a double cleanse method where you will rinse first with an oil cleanser and then follow that by a water-based cleanser it is super quick i do this most nights to get off all of the skincare products or makeup off my face now i bet you’re wondering how much does this

Cost this is less than 15 on amazon you can also get this in person in most drug stores and online at other beauty and skincare stores such as ulta i mean for 15 dollars this is a very rare find so how does this compare to some of my other favorite tinted mineral sunscreens that are at a much higher price point let me show you now this one is 36.50 this one is 42.

This is 39. and this is the australian gold sunscreen for 15 these are all elegant options i use and wear all of these my main issue with the higher priced sunscreens is that we often don’t use enough of them you know we want them to last a really long time because we invested so much money to buy it and therefore we treat them much more delicately and that is

Just the opposite of how we should be using our sunscreens so i love this price point because i use it and i use it properly and daily and i reapply it and i just have no worries with it now in my next video i am posting next week i am going to be showing you another tinted sunscreen option that i highly highly recommend for two scenarios here if the australian

Gold sunscreen just isn’t matching your skin tone well enough which it will not for everyone even though it has three color options it just won’t be quite right for some skin types so i have the literal perfect solution for you that i’m telling you about next week or if you are someone that wants a similar sunscreen to this but you want just a bit more coverage

The product i am telling you about next week will do just that this upcoming product is for the person who really doesn’t want to wear a sunscreen and another makeup over it they want one really standout option that will go on like a skincare product but wear like a makeup i cannot wait to tell you about it next week so hit subscribe right now and make sure you

Turn on the notifications so you don’t miss it so what do you think are you gonna try it check this out at the link in the description below and let me know in the comments what you think of it see you soon you

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