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Pandemic – How To Play? | Top Rated Game | Malayalam Board Games

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Hi friends.. most of us are facing lockdown.. and really bored.. you may have find out many ways to get out of this boredom.. ..same way one of our favorite activity is board games.. covid-19 the pandemic is spreading across the world.. health officials along with us and government are all fighting against this.. one decease become an epidemic and spread from one

Country to other countries.. likewise there are 4 contagious decease spreading across this world.. to find medicine for those highly contagious decease and save humanity.. of skilled members formed a decease fighting team.. that is the game introduced by zman games on 2008 – pandemic!! let’s unbox this.. this got a lot of international awards.. this is a 8+ age

Limit game.. 2 to 4 players game.. 45 mins average playing time.. along with that contains beautiful components.. as you can see here.. guys.. we unboxed this.. and the initial setup been done.. as said.. 4 deceases exists.. in 4 different colors.. the target of this game is to find cures for those.. this has 2 major types of cards.. player cards and infection cards..

Based on the infection card cities we got.. those cities are seeded with virus cubes as part of the initial setup.. game always start from atlanta.. because center of decease control is located there.. when game starts.. we have a rule card and a set of player cards.. 1. city cards.. we need city cards to perform many actions available.. next is event card.. we can play

This at any stage of the game.. 3rd epidemic.. this is an important card.. will cover the details later.. .. first 4 actions.. refer the rule book and play 4 actions from that.. based on the count below the infect city marker.. infect that many number of cities.. this is number 2.. that means you have to infect 2 cities.. second city is bagdad.. so place one virus

Cube on bagdad.. one important thing to note is.. during infect city round.. the city we draw.. already has 3 virus cubes.. it will result in an outbreak.. the virus will spread to all the connected cities.. along with that.. outbreak marker will move to the next section.. next important point.. is about the epidemic card i mentioned before.. when you withdraw this

Card.. you have to do 3 things.. face open the top card from infection deck.. and place 3 virus cubes on the city mentioned in that card.. what you have to do here?.. take already drawn infection cards.. reshuffle and place it back on top of the infection deck.. the already infected cities will get infection again and again.. so.. in the next infect city rounds.. will

Get the same cities already infected.. means.. the infected cities will infect uncontrollably and there by spreading it to near by cities.. along with that.. he should have 5 city cards (player card) with same color.. so.. when cure for all 4 diseases are found.. all players will win.. otherwise.. before players find cure for all diseases.. guys.. this is the game.. this

Is a family cooperative game.. one thing i like most about this game is.. when we play with our kids.. ..they will understand the importance of team work and coordination effort.. if you liked this game.. definitely should try this at home.. i believe you liked this video.. if you liked.. please like subscribe.. will see you in my next game review..

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Pandemic – How To Play? മലയാളം | Top Rated Game | Malayalam Board Games By Smart Gamers