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Top 10 Essential Items to Have if Traveling With Your Dog!

1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl – Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

I’m jess this is hudson hudson come here say hello and we’ve been traveling out of our car for four months now i’m gonna walk you through and show you what gear we use every day and the essential items that you need to bring with you if you’re going to travel with your dog first up pretty obvious thing you need dog food and like a dish to feed them out of we’ve

Got a puzzle bowl by outward hound he’s had this since he was a puppy and it’s a just slow feeder dish so it makes him take his time eating essential next up i got this like dry bag travel bag to store dog food from ruffwear it holds about seven days worth of food so it’s just a lot easier to access than like an entire bag of dog food you just fill it up have your

Weekly supply and you can feed them every morning and night just leave a cup in there makes it super easy and convenient to just store in your car continuing on that same train of thought collapsible dishes and like a water bottle specifically for your dog are a must i’ve got a blender bottle and then i’ve got two just different collapsible dishes so the nice

Thing about the blender bottle is that when you’re hiking if you forget to pack one of your dishes with you the cap itself actually can double as a dish so your dog can still drink water the reason that i like these collapsible dishes is because first of all space saver when they’re not in use but when you are hiking you can just take and get a little carabiner

Get a little little carabiner and hook the dish on so that you can just easily bring it along for your pup so collapsible dishes and like a water bottle specifically for your dog moving on a backpack if you’re hiking with your dog a lot or just like on the move you got to have some place to store their stuff as well as your stuff so you got their dish hooked

On you got their snacks whatever snacks just make sure you have some snacks for them when you’re hiking they appreciate it keep those in your backpack and it just makes it easy to carry whatever stuff you need for them we’ve got a couple different harnesses that i like to have if we’re doing like a hike that requires a lot of climbing where i think he might

Need some help i’ll use this one by rough wear this harness put it on him and it’s got a handle on it so i can help him up any steep parts or down i also have a front clip harness which is not as intense but you can just put that on your dog for like better control and just everyday kind of walks if you’re in like rough terrain like the desert or really rocky

Areas i recommend these just any type of booty i got mine from ruffwear your dog probably won’t like wearing them but it will help save their feet so little booties to stop your dog from ripping open his paws those are a must you wouldn’t think that you would need more than one leash and i guess technically you don’t but i like to have a couple different ones

This retractable one is like 15 feet or something so if if we’re in an area that he can be a little more free and i don’t need as immediate of control on i’ll just use this one it lets him roam around more and we can be a lot farther apart but if you’re in like a park or a highly populated area you’re gonna want just a regular leash i’ve got a couple different

Ones at a couple different lengths i think this is a four or five foot leash and this is like a six foot leash i also have like a 10 foot leash so you just want a variety of leashes for different areas that you might be walking this come here is a microfiber towel so that if he gets dirty or muddy you can clean him off before he climbs back in your car yeah

Specifically a towel for your dog this is just a dog bed i think uh i got it i don’t know where i got it but it’s like a memory from dog bed and this is good for like traveling in your car or if you’re at camp just throwing it outside it gives your place a dog to sit down and relax this stuff is probably the most important this is like my dog’s emergency bag um

I’ve got some burt’s bees nose and dog pad palm nose and paw balm and that helps if you’re in like an area where they’re easily getting dried out or like cracked paws this stuff has been amazing we spent like a month in the desert and this has helped heal his paws up real fast the other stuff that i like to carry in the bag is like ear cleaner dog ibuprofen um

Some gauze some bandages uh some bactene for cleaning out wounds dewormer just like basic items that your dog might need for medical care and then hudson’s probably favorite and essential items just a variety of dog toys we got all sorts of stuff a kong tug of war toy a little football his giraffe a rope a frisbee we’ve got a ball somewhere so we got a ball

Thrower i know i don’t have it with me but yeah those are like the essential items that you need to bring with you if you’ve got a dog you need toys you need medicine a bed leashes dishes harnesses a backpack a towel and if you’ve got all that you’re ready to go start your adventure

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Top 10 Essential Items to Have if Traveling With Your Dog! By Over Wander Adventures