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🥇 iRobot – Roomba i7156 :

Roomba robot vacuum cleaners have established themselves as the benchmark for autonomous vacuum cleaners with intelligent guidance and intuitive integration welcome to the top 3 but ona and roomba robot vacuum cleaners if you are new to our channel welcome do not hesitate to subscribe to follow all our news and be informed of our future video undeniable allies against

Dust it simplifies daily cleaning to make the right choice one of the best roomba robot vacuum cleaners welcome to the top 3 but zone with the roomba eu 51 robot vacuum cleaner 54 from hay robot a model of very good quality, weighing 3.8 kg, its interface consists of a clean button to start, a rome button to return to the charging base and a spot button for a intelligent

Targeted cleaning features the rumba premium three- stage cleaning system first lifts dirt the coil then filters it these two multi-rubber extractors surfaces allow you to suck up all kinds of debris dirt dust crumbs pet hair nothing can resist its high efficiency filter captures 99% of mold pollen dust mites and allergens from cats and dogs thanks to its high suction power

Of plus these smart sensors allow it to bypass furniture for deep cleaning moreover its city sensor prevents it from falling down stairs guided by smart responsive navigation it returns to its base and recharges automatically after cleaning for 90 minutes its filter and no quality etc soft brush multi surfaces are the main advantages of the robot vacuum cleaner roomba eu 51

54 de aro your little ones its automatic return to the base could be more effective we continue our top 3 with the vacuum cleaner roomba 981 robot from aro beau a smart robot vacuum cleaner always ready to help weighing 4 kg it is l delivered with a charging base in a row base a power cord and a very high tech manual a simple click on the clean button allows you to start

It equipped with architect sensors and super-powerful suction this robot vacuum cleaner picks up all dirt even on rugs and carpets its patented technology to adapt to it with v slam navigation allow it to move effortlessly is to know which room cleaner first logically orange is neat thanks to the floor tracking sensor integrating two multi-surface rubber brushes unique and

Also thoroughly cleans your home and has carpet boost technology for more thorough cleaning of soft surfaces in short it leaves nothing in its path its high efficiency filter captures 99% of pollen mold dust mites and allergens from cats and dogs obstacles don’t be afraid instead of going back and forth he bypasses them for a real gain of time side strengths the very good

Suction force as well as the two-hour autonomy make the roomba 981 efficient and organized robot vacuum cleaner, however the results are more spectacular on hard surfaces than on carpets we end our top 3 with the roubahie 71.56 from aro beau the most advanced robot vacuum cleaner of the moment it is equipped like all its cousins ​​with a side brush which dislodges

Debris coupled with two multi-surface rubber brushes which perfectly hug the floor for an impeccable result of a weight of 3.4 kg it knows how to recognize which room it is in and adapts its cleaning accordingly thanks to eprint smart mapping technology so choose the room or rooms to be vacuumed and it takes care of the rest thanks to its super-powerful suction and its

Premium three-stage cleaning system as well as its arte detect and aero force functions it leaves no debris and no dust escapes equipped with a filter high technology it captures all the dirt and crumbs but also mold pollen mites and allergens in its improved version it even has an external dust tank and automatic emptying thanks to its very well thought out intelligent

Management application you can draw the prohibited areas directly on the map control it remotely with ease make updates or routine suggestions its really intelligent management and its formidable efficiency make the robot vacuum cleaner know roubahie 71.56 a reference in the matter the only downside is that it is not really discreet here it was the top 3 but we have and

Of the best robot vacuum cleaner roomba to try it is to adopt it so will you opt for the roomba eu 51 54 for the simplicity of use the roomba 980 for very good autonomy or the most high-tech x 71 56 on the market we have worked a lot on the subject so a thumbs up blues will be really very much appreciated thank you you will find in descriptions all the information went

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