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Top 3 Most Played Games of October 2022

We count down the 3 games we played the most in October.

Foreign welcome to board online board offline today we’re bringing you our top three most played games of october so in this video we’ll just run down real quick the three games we played the most last month now before we do that i also want to mention our sponsor this is a fantastic friendly distant game store run by eric and wendy head

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Something else that’s really cool is if you’re in the military and you have an aaae or ap address because you’re stationed overseas they will ship to you for free so go check out and see what they’ve got going on over there all right and we’ll do this in three minutes starting now so number three is madara with three plays this is a massive

Campaign game we’ve been playing this my group and i have been playing this since may uh every other week to once a month sometimes but we have been playing quite a bit of it and we are just finishing chapter two out of five there’s like 500 pages of story slash dungeon crawling in this game and it’s not your typical dungeon crawl none of the enemies are typical

Enemies typical fantasy enemies they’re all crazy different things that are you know you don’t normally find it in uh your typical fantasy stuff there’s a mixture of real world items with fantasy world items and magic mixed in with technology and you can build your character classes from the ground up uh it’s i will say that there is so much story in it that we

Use the spark notes that the publisher provides just because we are trying to push through this campaign and i mean some of the stories some of the story sections can last 20 minutes when read out loud so that’s medara number two is tiny epic dungeons with four plays tiny epic dungeons is the closest thing i’ve seen from the tiny epic series to where it really uh

Feels like what the bigger version of that game would be so in this case a dungeon crawl now it is a more puzzly dungeon crawl so it’s one where you’re definitely racing against the clock you’ve got to keep moving you can’t kind of you know just wind around and explore but uh you’re you’re constantly impressed by enemies but there’s a timer on the game as well you

Can do things to increase the timer but the uh the the the the the timer is is going to be pressing you even if you do those things to to mitigate a timer so you’ve really got to be pushing it’s it’s modular and and the tiles are put out randomly to an extent you kind of know where the uh what you’re looking for is the boss door the the gate to get in the boss’s

Lair and once you do that then you’ll find out what boss you’re fighting you don’t even know what boss you’re fighting until you get through that door but that’s tiny epic dungeon the number one is pandemic legacy season two with six plays now six years ago my wife and i played season one and we finally for my birthday this past year purchased uh season two and

We played a couple games and then i got real busy with work and we just now picked it back up and have really gotten into a we are we were in august now i believe we lost our first game in august so we have to go back and play august once again but this completely whereas pandemic legacy season one felt like pandemic but with a legacy uh rule set placed on top of

It this is an entirely different rule it really flips pandemic on its head and has a lot of the a lot of similar elements to what you would expect but the rule set is very different and it’s not something where if you know how to play pandemic you can kind of guess how this is going to work it’s very very different lots more to explore lots more legacy elements

To deal with this is pandemic legacy season two so there you go that’s what i played in october hope you enjoyed this video be sure to come back we’ve got lots of great stuff coming out keystone north america is coming up soon waist nice it’s coming up soon australia frost table should be here anytime now i just got my frost tape and folded space inserts i’ll be

Doing a video on how to build that how it works in frost haven and then of course i’ll be doing a instructional video for frost haven as well come back for all that and until next time if you’re bored online board offline

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