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Top 5 amazing pet gadgets for your Pets

SKYMEE Owl Robot: Mobile Full HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser, Interactive Toy for Dogs and Cats, Remote Control via App ,

Accompany it in a remote way interact and reward it in a very interesting way it is just like playing game with it i know how important it is to keep the dog physically active even if i am not at home owl robot can interact with my dog well and play with it to keep it happy when the robot is being caught by the dog it will automatically spill out some pet food as

A reward al robot is more like a friend to keep your pet healthy and happy today i have something new to share with all the animal lovers out there who are looking for something new for their fluffy friends meet wicked bone it’s the bone shape remote control toy that performs like a truly smart fun engaging friend for your for your dog so wait what like really

How cool is that you know the first minute i saw it i thought that it was going to be my new dog’s best friend and you know now i’m even a little jealous the creators of wicked bone call their product the smart antidote for drug anxiety it is remote control so you can make your dog run around without getting up from the couch wicked bone even contains what

It calls an emotional system so it can react to your dog’s emotions it ranges in moats from bored and sleepy to just going crazy it is really easy to use all you need to do is download the wikibon app to your phone the two works using a tool system and sensors to run away from your dock when in the interactive mode encouraging a little game of chase you can also

Take part in this little doggy party by controlling the toys movements using a virtual joystick on your screen the app has nine preset motions designed to keep your dog entertained it’s just so fun and you can play indoors or outdoors it comes with different colors to keep your doggy dog even more attracted to this so we have the white one like the original color

And then you can change it really easily to the blue one or for example to the green one the material used to make wicked bone is safe for humans and pets and the toy only needs to be charged for one hour before you can play with it for 40 minutes you know just like kids your dog your dog needs fun movement and lots of attention and you know wicked bone it’s a

Great companion to keep your pup occupied and to give the game for two of you to play when you have time meet finester duo plus the gps pet tracker free of monthly fees you can finally give your pet the freedom he needs while keeping your peace of mind a tiny and smart wearable device helps you care for that best friend of yours track their location and activity

On your phone in real time feinster lets you stay connected even when you’re away share access to your pets with your family and friends and monitor their safety from anywhere the virtual leash adds an extra layer of protection during your walks ensuring your pet keeps up with you at all times love is a full-time job but sometimes life gets in the way findster

Lets you stay one step ahead even when mr tailwagger decides to go on his little solo expeditions findster is the extra set of eyes you’ve always wanted to have but instead of helping you look it guides you right to your pet’s location even if you’re off grid it also helps you make sure no one gets left behind the findster app lets you monitor all of your pets

Without additional fees but going out with your little buddy is also about sharing new adventures and celebrating your unique bond challenges and leaderboards are available because fun should always be a part of the experience and since the best adventures are often unpredictable feinster is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about where the fun will lead

Revisit your walks or analyze your performance feinstein helps guarantee you’re both getting the most out of your activities feinster duo plus is the only gps pet tracker to allow true real-time tracking but it goes beyond that it also tracks your best friend’s all-day activity providing you with key data to make sure their needs are always attended to connect

Yourself to the ones you love with feinster duo plus used by more than one million cats today this is the rolling clean self-cleaning cat litter box its simple yet smart design makes cleaning your cat’s litter box easy all you have to do is roll it over and you’re pretty much done to use the rolling clean self-cleaning litter box slide off the tabs and fill it up

To the line measurements inside the box with clumping cat litter then just give your cat some time for now to demonstrate we’ll use water the rolling clean litter box has a grill inside that catches clumped waist when you roll the box onto its top the waste is caught or the clean litter passes through the grill getting rid of the bad stuff and keeping the good

Stuff you may wish to give it a bit of a counter roll back when you roll it back down the waist goes into the pull out tray while the clean litter covers the bottom you’ll see your litter box is level with cat litter clean and ready to use again now if only your cat could clean its litter box hi i’m mandy with petsafe and i’m here today to share with you some

Great training tips and advice on how to use the automatic ball launcher and with me i have michelle mullins our in-house certified professional dog trainer with the automatic ball launcher turned off allow your dog to approach the launcher and explore it start by practicing some things your dog already knows like sit or lay down begin at a distance and gradually

Move closer as long as your dog is comfortable if your dog is relaxed while training and playing near the automatic ball launcher you can start getting him used to the sounds it makes when it launches the ball again start at the distance and watch his reaction when the launcher beeps and launches the ball move closer only when he is relaxed and doesn’t seem

Concerned about the noises because of the safety feature of the motion sensor on the automatic ball launcher you’ll want to teach your dog to stand to the side of the launcher before you begin in order to do so take your tasty treats and stand with your dog in the position you’d like them to start in once the ball launches you can encourage them to begin the

Chase you can even train your dog to return the ball to the launcher themselves and drop it in teach your dog to drop the ball by trading him a tasty treat for each time he drops the ball place your hand underneath his mouth so the ball drops into your hand then begin placing your hand over the hopper to encourage your dog to drop the ball directly into the

Hopper fade out the use of the treats and your hand once your dog is consistently hitting the hopper this will take a few training sessions the automatic ball launcher has nine distance settings and six angle settings right out of the box it’ll be set at the very lowest setting there are multiple safety sensors to keep you and your pet safe such as the motion

Sensor on the front of the launcher the ball detection sensor and the launch pocket and the 15 minute rest feature to keep your pet from overworking themselves you can use the ball launcher with the included power adapter or you can use 6d batteries to take it on the road it also has this portable handle in case you want to carry it with you to the park thank

You for watching our training tips video we hope it will help you and your dog get the most out of playing with the automatic ball launcher

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