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Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrush UK 2022

✔️ Oral-B Genius 2x Electric Toothbrushes:

Philips sonicare toothbrushes clean teeth in a way a manual toothbrush cannot their patented sonic technology uses high frequency and amplitude to generate a unique brushing action the unique bristle tip activity has a velocity of over 30 000 strokes per minute which results in thorough plaque biofilm disruption and the brush sweeps

Back and forth allowing you to clean even hard to reach areas the dynamic cleaning action forces fluid deep into areas in between the teeth and along the gum line only liquid is directed around and between teeth and along the gum line where plaque bacteria flourish first let’s explain how to use the automatic quad pacer timer just move

To the next section of your mouth after you hear a pause every 30 seconds the brush stops automatically after the recommended two minutes of brushing now apply toothpaste to the brush head wet the brush head and turn the brush on when it is in your mouth angle the brush along the gum line at about 45 degrees now gently glide and guide

The brush along the gum line using only light pressure from your fingertips slowly move the brush from tooth to tooth while moving the longer bristles effectively clean in between the teeth now move the brush head slowly along the inner surfaces of all your teeth spend extra time on the inner surfaces of your lower front teeth as this

Is where calculus can build up cleaning the biting surfaces is even easier just slowly move across them and let the sonicare toothbrush do its job with a sonicare toothbrush it is easy to reach the surfaces of your back teeth to make this even easier you can also use the compact brush head as soon as you hear a pause move to the next

Section of your mouth for the best cleaning results make sure you change your brush head every three months and to remove even more plaque biofilm from in between your teeth use the philips sonicare air floss if you have any questions about brushing with a philips sonicare toothbrush please ask your dental professional the oral

B smart 66000 electric toothbrush it’s time to get a healthier smile with the oral b smart 66000 you can achieve a superior clean it’s unique dentist inspired rounded brush head cups teeth to remove up to 100 more plaque and the built-in timer helps you brush for the recommended two minutes protect your gums the pressure sensor alerts

You if you are brushing too hard achieve better brushing results bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your brush and smartphone to receive real-time feedback the smart 66000 allows you to personalize your experience with its multi-color smart ring and five different brushing modes on top of this get up to two weeks of battery

Life from one charge rlb the number one dentist recommended brand worldwide brush like a pro welcome to the oral b smart series connected toothbrush and the oral b app they are designed to get your best mouth cleaning results the oral b smart series toothbrush is equipped with a bluetooth smart interface to connect with a smartphone

On which the app is running start the app by pressing on the oral b icon at the bottom of the screen now start the brush by pressing the on button and the app is already running and providing real-time guidance to help you brush your teeth as the dentist recommended at least two minutes at least twice a day following the animated

Guidance through the four areas of your mouth you can ensure that you equally touch all areas in your mouth actually several independent studies showed that the average brushing time with manual brushes is less than 60 seconds while pre-tests with an early version of the rob app have shown that when connected average brushing time

Was 2 minutes and 16 seconds brushing with the smart series connected toothbrush will also help you to protect your gums a clear indication pops up on the app when you apply too much pressure the content tray at the bottom of the app shows information like news weather oral care tips nature images your next three calendar entries

And much more throughout the oral routine while still receiving brushing guidance and pressure feedback all for a compliant brushing process according to dennis great oral care comprises more than just brushing teeth the app has reminders for tongue cleaning flossing and rinsing at the end of the complete routine it shows you

The summary of your session you can chart your progress on a daily weekly and even monthly level and share it with your dental professional during your next appointment the oral b app tracks and rewards your oral care achievements some of them will pop up as a surprise and you will see how fun it is to earn them the smart series

Electric toothbrush can store up to 20 brushing sessions the data is transferred the next time the app is connected to the toothbrush updating your records so whenever you brush without your smartphone you never lose any event on the app dental professionals can program brushing routines for patients matching their needs to help

Them improve their brushing habits from one dental session to another and focus on problem zones within a patient’s mouth they can also set up complete care reminders for you new timers and oral care tips you can also manage your dental appointments directly from the app you can use your smartphone as a remote control to customize

Your brush to your needs including setting up of the handle signals and brushing modes you can also customize the displayed content while brushing as well as notifications such as change reminders for the brush head and set your target session length via customized timers oh oh you

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Top 5 Best Electric Toothbrush UK 2022 By Top Five For You