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Top 5 Best Interactive Dog Toys of 2022

▶️Here The List Of Best Interactive Dog Toys You Can Buy Now On Amazon

Hey guys in this video we’re gonna be checking out the top five best interactive dog toys that are available on the market for their true quality i made this list based in my personal opinion and hours of research and have listed them based on popularity quality price durability user opinions and more if you want to see more information in the updated price you

Can check out the description below and also make sure subscribe for more reviews okay so let’s get started with the video starting at number five we have the trixie dog activity when we play video games or apps there are often difficulty levels to choose from the same should go for our pets with this in mind trixie came up with a line of dog activity puzzles

Flipboard is the one that incorporates this varying difficulty feature this product consists of six puzzle pieces designed for small dogs to play with to use it simply open up the puzzle pieces place their favorite dog treats underneath and look at them go the reason why it is for the intermediate dog is that it incorporates multiple techniques for them to find

The treats underneath for instance the discs move from side to side the lids have to be flipped open and the cones can only be removed by biting and lifting them up this requires your pup to know what action goes with each shape however the dog puzzle is a lot lighter than expected and doesn’t stay well in place expect some effort in holding the toy puzzle

Down as your dog works on it for the budget conscious dog owner you can’t go wrong with the flipboard from trixie dog activity priced under ten dollars it is capable of providing hours of fun and self entertainment for your pet once it has figured the puzzle out it will be rewarded with tasty treats for the budget conscious dog owner you can’t go wrong with the

Flip board from trixie dog activity priced under ten dollars it is capable of providing hours of fun and self entertainment for your pet once it has figured the puzzle out it will be rewarded with tasty treats moving on at number four we have the nina autosome dog treat puzzle calling all smart pups designed by a renowned swedish toy designer nina ottosen her

Dog brick treat puzzle toy from outward hound is designed for your little furry troublemaker this product works by giving dogs the mental stimulation and fun they need for their overall mental health it ranks on intermediate difficulty so dogs with more experience should excel with this interactive dog toy it consists of three different feeding features namely

Removable bone pieces movable pieces that can reveal compartments and open and closed compartments we can imagine the amount of slobber that will be on the toy after your dog has a go at it to obtain the dog treats this interactive dog toy requires only soap and water to clean taking only five minutes of maintenance before it can be reused this nina otto since

Dog brick puzzle from outward hound was designed to withstand wear and tear created out of sturdy plastic many users stated that it could take a beating from your frustrated dog thereby making it a great toy for long-term usage at number 3 we have the our pets iq treat ball interactive dog toy made from hard plastic and spanning 4 inch wide this blue colored ball

From our pet’s iq can be your dog’s favorite toy simply twist the toy open and you can start filling it with small dog treats or kibbles when your dog pushes the ball with his paws or nose the food rolls out and will occasionally fall out of the top if your dog loves to eat this interactive dog toy will keep it occupied and entertained until all of the food is

Gone for smarter dogs you can increase the toys difficulty level the device has an interior disc that can be turned to make a larger or smaller opening the smaller the opening the harder it will be for your dog to shake a treat out of the ball for smaller dogs you can go for its orange colored three-inch ball our favorite thing about this treat dispensing dog toy

From our pet’s iq as its ease of disassembly while cleaning or filling you can easily hand wash it with dish soap and warm water or wipe it up with a damp cloth it’s highly reusable and durable enough to withstand much chewing at number two we have the spot ethical pet interactive sika treat shuffle bone toy puzzle if you want a simple challenge that will keep

Your dog entertained for a few minutes a day the ethical pet interactive seek a treat shuffle bone toy puzzle from spot is the one for you setting the toy up is quick and does not take much effort start by pouring your dog’s favorite treats into each small cup and cover them with circular sliders before letting the dog have a go at it your dog can move sliders

Around to find more treats this is good for the first few minutes after being placed in a crate when you’re on your way out the door it’s made of eco-friendly sturdy wood making it a durable toy for your pet to play with by getting this interactive dog toy you’ll help your dog become more intelligent and better at solving puzzles and thus more likely to learn

More complex tricks we like this puzzle from spot because it can help train your pets to both problem solving and be more patient via observation skills for rewards it also comes in three sizes so you will have something appropriate for your doggie no matter what its build is and finally at number one we have the zippy paws extra large burrow the chipmunks and

Log edition of zippy paws extra-large burrow as a toy for puppies and adult dogs alike it features a burrow and three small plush chipmunk toys this toy is both interactive and squeaky making it easier for your dog to be entertained and to be exposed to the thrills of hunting you’ll have a lot of fun playing hide and seek with your dog start by letting your dog

Grab the chipmunks from inside the log to interact with the puzzle once your dog hunts and removes all the chipmunks you can place them back inside the log which allows it to become mentally stimulated so think of your pooch while shopping for this interactive dog toy we like that this squeaky chipmunks and log toy from zippy paws is a simple yet effective way to

Entertain your dog due to the plush material it is soft and should not damage your dog’s teeth try this interactive dog toy if you want an easy puzzle to help your dog become better at problem solving thanks you for watching guys i hope you liked this video if this video is helpful to you please make sure like comment and subscribe if you have any question related

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