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Top 5 Dog Gadgets 2021 | The Tech Adventure

Hello everyone, welcome to The Tech Adventure. Today we are going to be seeing the top 5 gadgets you can buy for your dog.

Hello everyone welcome to the tech adventure today we are going to see five of the best dog gadgets a dog owner can buy to keep his pet safe and healthy so let’s get started first we have the furbo dog camera it is a smart camera connected to a mobile phone app via an internet connection it also has a built-in treat thrower which throws treats into the air so your

Dog can catch it the treat throwing can be programmed to a given time or can be done using the mobile app by throwing treats the dog can also stay active and get fed at the same time even though the product is over 200 and sometimes on sale for about 150 it can keep your dog active give him snacks and also you can use the app to talk to your dog and see it but the

Dog can only hear you the next product is called pet grooming gloves by dilomo this product is a simple glove which has lots of rubber tips which removes dead fur off of the pet when stroked if you have a pet with long hair then this is a perfect brush for it the price is only around 15 dollars which is similar to other brushes in the market but in the shape of a

Glove the next product is diggs rival dog crate it is a dog crate designed for dogs of medium size even though this dog crate is more expensive than other crates it has more features including soft padded floor foldable design and high quality aluminum and hard plastic construction it has three doors one in the side and two on the top there is a divider included

If you have two small dogs or puppies tucked under the floor of the crate is a small dish which can be used to put food on two so your pet can eat this crate costs around 250 dollars the next product is called link akc smart dog collar this product is a smart caller which is an integrated gps tracker and a high power led light in the app there is a dog activity

Tracker a vet record a temperature alert to if your dog is staying in a hot or cold environment dot to receive all of these features there is a subscription to be paid monthly yearly or during two years and only costs around ten dollars the link module can be attached to any common type of collar and come in variety of styles including a classic style a sporty

Style and link also makes collars the module costs around eighty dollars and when the subscription is activated around one hundred dollars the last product is called a quap paw pro bathing tool for dogs this dog washer is made to be worn in your hand and attached to a water sources by connecting it to the included aquapa hub by pressing on the top of the aquapor

Pro glove-like body it turns on and pressing more will cycle to the different water intensities there is a velcro strap which you put on your hand and tighten it then rub the aqua pro paw on your dog then it will clean the dog while scratching away the dirt stuck between the fur by small rubber tips this product is very useful especially if your dog hates being

Washed using a tub or by a shower the aquapaw pro costs only about 40 dollars that’s the end of the video hope this video helped you don’t forget to like comment and subscribe you

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Top 5 Dog Gadgets 2021 🐶 | The Tech Adventure By The Tech Adventure