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Top 5 Undereye Anti-Aging Skincare Tips! Whats the BEST Eye Cream?

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Hey everybody it’s angie and welcome to hot and flashy you know one of the most common questions that i get asked by viewers is why is your under-eye area so smooth and what eye cream do you use and i know that everyone wants to know what to do about wrinkles underneath the eyes about dark circles about puffiness and eye bags and also crow’s feet to the sides

Of the eyes and that’s because the eye area is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging on our face the reason it shows the signs of aging sooner is because the skin around our eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of our face and it also has fewer oil glands than the skin on the rest of our face and as you know after a lifetime of sun exposure

And repeated facial motions like smiling or squinting you really start to see a lot of fine lines and wrinkles or even some major wrinkles or you know major puffiness or major darkness underneath your eyes and people want to know what to do about it and as much as i’d love to tell you that there’s one magic eye cream that will take care of all those things for

You you know i have to tell you the truth and the truth is that there just isn’t one it does not exist and as a matter of fact i don’t use anything labeled eye cream in my skincare routine yet i’ve been able to improve the look of my eye area over time and not just with botox so in today’s video i’m going to give you my top anti-aging skincare tips and tricks

For the eye area so my number one tip is of course to protect the skin around your eyes and so when we’re talking prevention we are talking sunscreen and i know that a lot of people don’t like to use sunscreen especially around their eye area because it can sting it can burn it can also run into your eyes if you’re active and it can burn your actual eyeballs so

The solution for that is to use mineral sunscreen around your eyes so i put my sunscreen underneath my eyes and also on my eyelids every day because those are areas that the sun will damage and so my two favorite sunscreens for the eye area are the elta md uv elements spf 44 this is not specifically for the eye area but it works great there and the other one is

The colorscience cair three-in-one renewal therapy this is an spf 35 the reason i like tinted products for the eye area is that it makes it so that you can eliminate one step of your eye makeup and you know kicking on a lot of eye makeup in that area will make your wrinkles look worse but if you have dark circles you definitely need some coverage there so it’s

Best to start color correcting and i like this guy because it is like a peachy color corrector and if you don’t have huge dark circles then this one is good because this is kind of a light to medium tan colored tint and because they’re all mineral these won’t burn or sting your eyes or the skin around your eyes so those are great products and don’t just rely on

Your sunscreen alone if you’re going to be out in the sun all day sunscreen is a screen so it still lets some of the damaging rays through no matter what so you shouldn’t expect to get zero uv exposure just because you’re wearing sunscreen even if you reapply often you still need to go with the physical protection of either a pair of sunglasses or a baseball hat

Or a big floppy hat to protect that delicate skin around your eyes so this is my favorite pair of sunglasses right now i just got these a couple of weeks ago and i love them because they’re big and they shade my entire under eye area but they don’t touch my cheeks and they’re so lightweight and i gotta say part of the reason that i think i don’t have as much

Sun damage around my eyes as i should it’s because i always wore sunglasses when i was younger i have blue eyes and they’re very sensitive to sunlight and so i always would get a headache from bright sunshine so i always wore sunglasses and i think that really saved the skin around my eye area because i wasn’t wearing sunscreen back then you know there really

Wasn’t any i didn’t really start wearing sunscreen seriously until seven years ago when i started my youtube channel so you know it’s never too late to start wearing sunscreen so i’m sure i shot some of you a couple minutes ago when i said i don’t use an eye cream but that’s because for my anti-aging skincare i am into finding the most potent the most effective

Anti-aging ingredients and using them everywhere that i want to anti age and i find that looking at most of the ingredients list on the eye creams out there but they’re pretty subpar they are basically nice moisturizers that might have possibly two pretty weak anti-aging ingredients in them and for my eye area which is the area that’s going to show my age first

I want the strongest ingredients i mean i may have to ease in with them over time so that i don’t get irritation with them but my goal is to have the strongest ingredients work in my skin over time to actually turn back the hands of time because i can’t go back 40 years and start slapping on sunscreen i have to work with what i have and what i have is wrinkles and

So i need to be using the most potent the most effective anti-aging skincare so if you’ve watched me for any amount of time you guys know that the gold standard the most effective anti-aging skincare ingredient you can get is tretinoin this is a prescription ingredient it’s known as retin-a and it’s not the same as retinol so if you’re buying an eye cream with

Retinol in it don’t think that it’s gonna do the heavy lifting that retin-a or tretinoin can do it’s not that it’s worthless and it’s good for like younger people who don’t have major wrinkles but you know if your wrinkles have gotten pretty big over time then you’re gonna need the big guns the heavy hitters to fight it so this is my current tube of tretinoin i

Get a prescription from my dermatologist and i have been using this for seven years already and let me bring in a couple of pictures these aren’t from this year but this is the last time i didn’t update on my tretinoin use and you can see that by using this over five years it really decreased the size of the wrinkles around my eyes and it made the skin around my

Eyes actually look younger this helps with dead cell turnover on the surface of your skin and so it makes the surface layer of your skin look a lot younger but it also hits retinoid receptors deep inside your skin and increases collagen production and it increases the thickness of your skin wherever you use this and so while i didn’t put it underneath my eyes

When i first started using it it took me about a year to get up to using it there by slowly acclimating my skin i did eventually get up to the point where i’m putting it under my eyes every night and it has really turned back the hands at i’m on my i wrinkles so that’s a really important thing to use and you’re not going to find this in any eye cream because of

Course it’s by prescription now if you can’t get a prescription don’t want a prescription can’t use tretinoin because some people just can’t they can never acclimate to it there are some other options that are over-the-counter one of the probably most effective ones is going to be different gel this is an acne medication that was available only by prescription

And now is available over-the-counter and this is probably the most potent form of retinoid that you can get at the drugstore so that’s a good one to try but warning this is drying so just like with the trent annoyin you may have to work up to putting this underneath your eyes so then the other retinol that i recommend is retinaldehyde so this is a step between

Over-the-counter retinol and prescription tretinoin and then for over-the-counter retinol i like the ordinary this is their advanced retinol 2% if you want a starter retinol to use around your eyes while you’re trying to acclimate to tretinoin this is a good thing to do so you can put this right under your eyes still even with a retinol i wouldn’t start in with

It every single day i also put the other acids in my skincare right up underneath my eyes this has also taken a long time to acclimate to doing that so i do use the ordinary lactic acid 5 percent and i do use timeless 20 percent c plus e for rula cassatt serum and these are going to do great things for your skin they’re going to help to gently exfoliate that area

They’re going to help to brighten and firm the skin so those are great but again on day one you don’t want to start in putting tretinoin and vitamin c and an alpha hydroxy acid all underneath your eyes because you will end up with redness and irritation and dryness so using a lot of acids in your eye area can be done i have worked up to using them every day but

It’s taken a long long time so you have to consider it a marathon and not a sprint and be willing to take the time to acclimate slowly so that you don’t make your under-eye area look older and worse while you’re trying to make it look better but using tretinoin and other acids around your eye area or anywhere on your face can be a little bit drying especially

At first and so i like to counteract that by using lightweight hydrating serums during the day and then more occlusive more moisturizing cream at night so the two things that i’m loving for around the eye area that are very hydrating are the timeless coenzyme q10 serum this one contains co q 10 which is an antioxidant it also contains mitrik so 3,000 it has

Hyaluronic acid the may love hydrator has hyaluronic acid panthenol and resveratrol some other really great anti-aging ingredients and then i top my serums up with another lightweight moisturizer i use the sera vpm daily facial moisturizing lotion i love this because it’s got a big dose of niacinamide it also contains ceramides and those are fatty lipids that

Are so good for your skin those are the kind of things that keep your skin looking plump and hydrated and there’s nothing better for that skin around the eyes then some good hydration then for nighttime i use heavier more inclusive moisturizers after i put on my tretinoin and my other serums i’ll usually go in with either the cerave skin renewing gel cream or the

Cerave skin renewing night cream they again have those ceramides in them they also have good occlusive moisturizers that will really lock in the moisture while i’m sleeping another product that’s kind of similar to those because it does contain the ceramides is this paula’s choice omega plus complex moisturizer this has chia and flax seed what i like about this is

It’s got a lot of oils in it and you know oils can really help to soften and smooth your skin and make it look nice and again i don’t just put these around my eyes i will put them on my whole face now i know based on comments from another video that i did about eye creams that a lot of people think that milia are going to be caused by using a heavy or occlusive

Moisturizer around the eye area and i did a little research into it and i found that that actually it’s not heavier occlusive moisturizers that cause melia i don’t really know what causes is but what it is is basically some keratin or some dead skin that gets trapped underneath the skin but what helps with them and what can help prevent them is exfoliating the

Skin so as long as you use those exfoliator that i mentioned before like tretinoin is an exfoliator and also the lactic acid that i showed a couple minutes ago that is an exfoliator so as long as you’re putting your exfoliators underneath your eyes as well you can then use a nice heavy moisturizer that will help to lock in the moisture to that skin and really

That moisturized skin around the eyes is what helps it to look a lot younger one of my top tips and recommendations for under eye wrinkles and under eye bags and under eye darkness is to start sleeping on your back with your head elevated now this one is a hundred percent free but it’s not necessarily easy to do and i know everyone wants something easy and like

That magic cream but as i said before it doesn’t exist i learned this a few years ago when i was visiting my dermatologist and she could tell which side i slept on by how deep my wrinkles were on that side of my face i was completely horrified but you know i went home that day and i started trying to train myself to sleep on my back and one of the things that

Helped so much was getting a sleeping wedge and also putting some pillows on top of it to elevate my head and once i did that it was much easier to acclimate myself to sleeping on my back so this is the sleeping wedge that i got it’s a ten inch wedge i got it on amazon and it has this removable cover that you can wash mine actually does need washing right now

So i got to put that in the wash today but it’s a great little tool that really helped a lot so the first thing is to sleep on your back so that you’re not ironing in those wrinkles overnight when you sleep with your face smashed into a pillow and the second part of it is to keep your head elevated overnight so that blood and other fluids don’t pool underneath

Your eyes causing puffiness and dark circles so while some dark circles and puffiness underneath the eyes can be caused by the buildup of fluids there some are hereditary and so if you have the hereditary dark circles or puffiness then there might not be that much that you can do about it and sleeping with your head elevated might not help that much with it for

You i’d say that the best thing that you can do is to use makeup to cover up your dark circles and i actually have a whole video on how to apply your concealer and to keep it from creasing underneath your eyes so i’ll put a link to that right up here if you want all the details on how i trained myself to sleep on my back i talked about it in one video and i also

Did a blog post on it so i’ll link the blog post in the info box below the video and i’ll link the video that i talked about it right here another top tip is to use gentle oil-based makeup removal so if you are using a harsh soap based detergent if you’re using drying my solar water if you’re using those makeup removing towelettes where you scrub and tug at your

Eye skin those are the enemy of your eye area so i’ve switched to a double cleanse where the first step is an oil-based cleanse it removes waterproof eye makeup it removes sunscreen that’s really tenacious it removes everything so easily my favorite oil-based cleanser is the clinic take the day off cleansing balm this doesn’t irritate my eyes at all so i can rub

It right into my eyes at the base of my lashes and under my lashes and oh my gosh how it just dissolves all the makeup right off is amazing but since its oil base it’s very slippery so even though i am rubbing that skin i’m not pulling on it it’s not moving around a lot and i’m getting the makeup off then a second cleanse with a soap free gentle cleanser and my

Skin is clean the area around my eyes is free of harsh chemicals and i can go ahead with my skincare and it is ready to accept all those great anti-aging ingredients that we just talked about so we can’t talk about anti-aging for the under eye area without talking about in-office procedures like lasers botox and fillers botox is probably your best bet if you

Have wrinkles out to the side like crow’s feet but it doesn’t really help with wrinkles directly under the eyes i actually don’t have a great time at getting botox done for these areas i have gotten it around my eyes a few times my cheeks look not in a weird way that makes this big shadow at the top and it’s happened a couple times in the past and you guys have

Always seen it and commented on it it actually makes you guys think that i’ve gotten cheek filler which wasn’t the cases that i got botox for my crow’s feet and that just makes my face act weird so for wrinkles directly under the eyes i think that probably a laser treatment is the best or like a light treatment like a bb l depending on how young you are when you

Start but i did have one laser treatment done about three years ago now and it really did make a difference in the fine lines and wrinkles directly under my and i think i’m gonna have another one done this winter because i really liked it and i feel like there’s not a lot that you can do for these wrinkles with injectables so you have to go to you know another

Thing like a laser if you have deep tear troughs then that is a job for filler i’ve never gotten that filler but i know people who have and they swear by it i hear it hurts though i’ve really never gotten any filler around my eyes the one filler that i think did help with my under eye wrinkles wasn’t even eye filler it was voluma that i got my cheeks and that is

To you know give you the better cheeks and cheekbones and everything when i had the voluma that is going back i think over four years ago now so that’s completely gone but while the filler is in there it does help the area to look a lot better because it just kind of you know plumps up the skin over here thus reducing the wrinkles so those are my top anti-aging

Tips for the eye area that’s what has worked so well for me over the last 70 years you know i’ve only been doing this since i turned 50 and so if you start younger if you start protecting your skin when you’re younger if you start getting into skincare when you’re younger you could have beautiful crease free eyes by the time you’re my age or if you have a lot

Of sun damage from back then and you already have the wrinkles there are things you can do to help your under eyes look a little bit younger so i hope you found the video helpful and informative if you did go ahead and give it a like and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell as always i thank you so much for your time and really

Appreciate your watching so have a great day and i will see you in the next video take care everybody bye-bye

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