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When Women Get REJECTED & Men STOP Simping #6

Episode 6!

Foreign if you guys got morning breath and it’s so bad you can’t even respond then just play this song your breath stinks just shut up you’re a victim a real man would never watch his woman pay for anything if she’s really feeling you she would lower those standards until you meet them women only make rules for guys they don’t like they make nothing but

Exceptions for the guys that they do so she got you jumping through hoops trying to get her attention i’m sorry to say but she’s not really feeling you like that he’s saying in a funny way that he’s spitting facts it’s the same thing as when an attractive man approaches a woman she doesn’t mind when an ugly guy does it he’s creepy women change the rules depending on

The man the important thing is is for you as a man to have self-respect and not panderer to a woman just because you think she’s better than your new thing that’s gonna go and even if you do get it through pandering or spending loads of money or not she’s never gonna truly respect you man i’ve got to stop believing that women are looking for the man who’s going to

Love them the most if women were looking for the man who’s going to love them the most the most beautiful women in the world would be with the ugliest guys in the world one last question what was the first thing you notice about me be honest completely honest because your ick was honesty are they real i mean she did ask him to be completely honest and that’s

What she got she was in a video a couple of videos back and she still don’t know how to put a jacket on i’ll never understand how you as a guy can go 50 50 on a date because god spends so much money on their hair their nails their wigs their maintenance is so expensive so why are you going 50 50 when you can make them pay for everything since they clearly have

Enough money to fund this lifestyle less than 24 hours after buying the mega millions quick pick ticket at am pm convenience in hyannis the cape cod local is 30.5 million dollars richer i don’t know what to do i dropped the ticket my mom picked it up she started reading it and she had to read it a few times to like figure out like that we actually won out of

Style now and he’s getting the last laugh after recently getting dumped she broke up with me but right now i’m not really worried about it i was heartbroken at first but now i’m i’m getting over it sensational i was heartbroken at first but now i’m getting over it yeah if i can bet you are how much you want to bet she tried to get him back as well tell you what

They say money don’t buy happiness but 30 million helps y’all get mad cause now we’re getting money but i mean are you sure yeah we’re not getting mad you’re not no if anything i want you to have money let’s bring two like two incomes is better than one and also most men don’t give a about how much money a woman earns that’s not something that crosses a man’s

Mind usually when he first meets a woman how many men do you see that are gold diggers and that’s also because a rich woman won’t give a poor man a chance but a rich man will give a poor woman a chance men don’t care about your money men pick women based upon what their looks and what they have to offer no the looks in our body that’s where it starts yeah so

On the scale how tall are you i’m 5’10 dress size about four how much did you weigh last time you weighed yourself 160 uh if you had to rank yourself on a scale from zero to ten you can’t use seven fresh face out of the shower your hair what would you give yourself be attend i would rank myself at a nine and nobody’s life or you were nine especially not you’re

A six i’m getting less and less attracted and like turned on by girls at clubs on social just throwing it back in drunk all the time because it’s like the girls you actually want are the ones at home working or just chilling at home not throwing it back online not putting their ass everywhere not going and showing off to all the men at the club trying to get

All that attention it’s like the good ones they’re like in hiding bro you smart perfect perfect bro playing called you’re in the birth of his child now as you can imagine there’s a lot of angry women in the comments saying oh my god he’s terrible what a terrible man those women have probably never experienced childbirth because i tell you what childbirth can

Last hours and sometimes the women get pissed off they don’t want you near him he’s probably had time as well to go home get changed have a shower and set that up the most important thing is is that he’s there for us and i’m sure if she wasn’t happy with him doing that she’d tell him you better make sure in the next season of your life that the person who walked

Away from you know what they’re missing hello hey why are you calling me oh i’m i’m it’s kind of late and it’s like super dark and i’m walking my dog right now i’m like really scared you kind of came up on my mind oh you’re with your dog so why you come on me you got your dog oh so you weren’t gonna see if i was okay that’s so the issue is you’re a very

Attractive girl but all that is going through my head is in my ex excuse me a what who walks into a deep thinking about their eggs a lot of people a lot of people are going on days to try and get over their eggs to try and forget and obviously you didn’t make them forget foreign there’s no way that she’s just gone up to another note and he’s just blowing

His nose with it i know corrupt would you sell your girlfriend for a cheeseburger that is a stupid question in it obviously guess what y’all i saw the guy that ghosted me not once but twice saturday night it’s been the first time i’ve seen him in three months last that i checked he blocked me on every platform got to the club the place that we met and he was

One of the first guys that i can saw but he didn’t see me thank god so i had to try to swerve around him i’m enjoying the night but like 30 minutes in i get a tap on my shoulder and attacking him i’m like why are you trying to talk to me you blocked me on everything this man basically goes to say why he blocked me and he did have a valid point so the entire night

He’s basically around me and then at one point he asked me to dance with him and i do dance with him i was going to an after party afterwards and he was going to come but that didn’t end up working out the next day i text him and i asked him if he’s gonna see me i’m gonna leave that off at just saying everything that i’ve been preaching here for the past three

Months i won against in the past 48 hours for this man to tell me for the third time he doesn’t want me i mean you’re in my pick you fell for the same trick twice and i’ll tell you exactly what he’s probably doing you’re like second or third choice so when he’s got the girl that he actually once takes in him and wants to see him he doesn’t give a about you when

He’s out in the club he’s had a few drinks and you’re there and he knows you’re an easy option he’s gonna go for you oh we got any more markers now i can’t do fine hs tiki toki entertaining for those who don’t know he’s a tick tocker from england he looked quite famous from approaching girls doing videos about fitness and a lot of the time he’s just joking he’s

Taking the piss but this one for me this was a bit too much of a violation you don’t have to like the girl you don’t have to say nothing nice to the other girl you ain’t got a disariver you’re giving excuses for what you did there’s no reason why if you meet me i need to start being open to your trauma no one asks you to do it no wait hold on wait hold on no one

Asked you to deal with guys that are going to give you trauma now you expect me to be a to be some type of therapist i’m the man that’s not my job as a to be a therapist to fix guys that you shouldn’t have got with in the first place i think it’s quiet you’re putting things on to men that men don’t actually need to deal with i’m just supposed to be a good man

Yeah just don’t make it clear he’s basically saying if i first meet a woman and she’s going on about all the bad experiences she’s had with men before she can’t trust anybody now because of what’s happened to her before that’s not his responsibility to be the therapist and he’s got a point if you just met a woman and all she’s talking about is her past issues

And her past relationships then she’s not ready for a relationship she belongs to street

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When Women Get REJECTED & Men STOP Simping #6 By ARAKO TV