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Amazon Echo Dot 4 com Relgio – A Alexa Perfeita para ser Seu Despertador! Unboxing e Hands-On

Eae galera, blz?

Hi guys, welcome to another video today, i’m here to bring you the unboxing and my first impressions of a product that kind of is the union of these two guys here on this side. of the third generation that i already made a video analysis of it here on the channel the link is here on the card if you haven’t seen it on the other side i have the fourth generation ecodot that

Was recently launched by amazon and that i also brought for you here on the channel the unboxing and my first impressions plus some tests of it also comparing the father ecodot three if you haven’t seen this video the link is here on the card and i highly advise you to watch it because it’s a very cool video and very complete even for an unboxing but as i said today i’m

Going to bring you a product that the union of these two well you’ve already seen by the title and it’s the ecodot with the watch but of the fourth generation this time a little ball with t this time it’s giving a difference this one here i bought it in blue for the first time i’m going to test a blue ecodot i’m at home here i already have several or black ones or this

White one here it’s worth remembering that i already brought it on the channel here is the analysis video of almost all alexa available so far and today it will be the unboxing of this one from here that some tests just that for some reasons mainly because it was a recent release i’m going to test it and everything else i want to make a more complete video for you, here’s

An analysis and this video i want to post for you before black friday because we’re in november and it was to be imagined that we have good promotions from this centuries here amazon has already given several promotions there throughout the year on black friday i believe it won’t be any different this is another video to kind of show you guys get ready there already and

If you decide which one you’re going to buy more until black friday i’ll post an an analysis like that, let it be fourth generation for you guys i’ll make videos comparing with angry dot3 in more detail showing differences in the listening response time i’ll post the very cool videos on the channel here i also intend to post the fourth generation echo as well bigger so if

The case hasn’t been registered yet because i’m going to bring you some really cool videos that will help you a lot to decide which one to buy there in these promotions i’m going to make my mountain here which i thought was really cool this design putting an ecodot three and a four on top it’s a very cute design to do so the unboxing of the record dot 4 with the watch to

Start what a lot of people complained about this ecodot three is that it’s the same thing as the normal ecodot three but it has a watch and costs more in reals yes this is exactly it is not a product that you need to buy because there is already a normal ecodot on the market that does not have a watch and that costs without anger less than this one this one for those who

Want it suddenly has the same function as i want to put this product next to the headboard of your bed to use an alarm clock and things like that because this is breeches three it has the function of you doing it like this and it stops your alarm clock actually put it in snooze mode in this new generation this also came so it is no longer a novelty exclusive to the version

With clock in this one you can do it like this and also stop your alarm clock in snooze mode could be the stop function that is more interesting so, in advance, the only desire you have here is in fact to take the little watch, which in my opinion is really cool bruna i use this watch here, incredible as it seems, it makes a lot of difference i think it’s very good, this

Is because i have it here i really use it direct but not everyone is going to use it for many people it is worth spending a little more and getting it is like five which is the little sister of the one behind that screen you are on seeing but i think i’m already talking too much there’s a little excited here a little anxious too so i’m going straight to a voxê here from

É watch tag her box i didn’t get it in the blue color i thought it was cool here in the box the color also came blue here already drawn cute on the side we have the same functions as normal ecodot but that’s what you’re here now that it has an led display that has the bluetooth auxiliary audio output which is pretty cool you can connect your cell phone to it and

Use it like a bluetooth sound box with a very nice quality and this p2 audio output i’ve said it several times here but i don’t get tired of repeating it because it’s really cool because if you have those the complete sound box with very top sound only older that doesn’t have bluetooth you can use your ecodot put it on top of it and put a p2 cable coming out of it and

Connecting it to your box then you can play everything that’s just alex this pie is directly in the box with audio incredible, this is a very cool function, besides the whole box being smart, right, because you ask for the time it leaves, it will answer directly in the box, it ‘s time and here it also says that it has the lexa function of course, it’s the complete package

Here for lexa with all the features this and also the button for you to silent microphones it does n’t listen to you until here also the services it is compatible with is another music spotify g1 apple music also and many others it has many things that you can synchronize with the lexa on the back of the box it says here that alexia is happy to help you and on the other

Side that here some let’s say a little description here about the area clock or then pull here the tongue had from the unboxing of almas the right that is very chic just pull it out of here and it’s done here the unboxing just open the box so let’s go to my first contact with an ecodot in a very different blue color in i’m going to take the side of the box the or

A boxing comes exactly the same there it was dot4 for those who watched it there it is exactly the same honestly it is a very different thing but it is beautiful it is a very nice blue it is a more beautiful blue than in the pictures to be very honest i chose blue to be different but it was a color that i wasn’t sure i would like or it doesn’t look pretty to me i’ll just

Show you here and it also comes with its power supply here in the box which is the same source that also comes with the normal ecodot and which is also the same same font compatible with ecodot 3 ok for anyone asking if you have a dot3 color if you can use dot4 fonts at the time and vice versa everything compatible and because here in the box comes the ecodot 4 manual which

Is the quick guide, right? how do you configure it but after you configure it just ask her anything and she will answer you what comes in the box so let’s go to the configuration here from the watch it comes here all packed cool and here it is exactly the same design as the ecodot four normal it’s just that in different colors now for you to have one more idea

Here of the colors available honestly it’s cute this blue here is a more charming blue than i thought i thought it was going to be one blue a bit forced a bit too different you know but i don’t think so i’m going to leave it here in the videos and then it was beautiful the thing was right in front here look i think it got more important of course it’s plugging it in so i

‘M going to plug it in here to see the first configuration of it, the light has already been turned on so that this all new beautiful design that now the light turns on down here and see it turn on up here honestly it is very beautiful when i made a box with this one many people came say that they thought her design was horrible look, i don’t disagree with you thinking

That because it’s already been there in the hand maybe for those who took it and said that it’s okay but honestly before i take it in the hand s just looking at the photos on the internet, it’s configuring it here, but as i was saying, looking at the photos of it on the internet , i liked it. which she is, right, but because of them it’s always possible round i think it

Makes it a little difficult for you to see a good angle of her at once but taking it in person i thought her build quality was very good the whim again interrupted i thought she’s very neat i thought that she’s pretty cool i don’t know if she’s prettier it was the same thing i said in a shitty face i thought she was prettier but in fact she was different it’s one more

Option it’s not prettier or uglier and something that’s really good it’s just that it was crushed, it didn’t come from the line, this one here you can still buy it cheaper than this one so this is very good because it pleases both audiences so much those who liked this one and don’t want to get rid of it don’t want to take this one from here as well as for those who

Really want to see this one in their hands and say that it is sincerely i found it very cool and i really liked how it was made that it has this is very beautiful depending on where you place it it is much cooler than this light here depending from the place because there are times when this light here calls more attention but there are times when this one is on top and

Taking advantage of it look, i ended up not seeing it but it stays on the clock already here but taking advantage of it a lot of people are saying that this ecodot four is kind of deaf number of a boxing i said guys wait because all the echoes i had they came my deaf and then they were good and this one since when i did a boxing she already came listening to me very well

So i don’t know if it really was some batch that didn’t work luck there with a crowd but this one of mine is listening perfectly well being super sincere for you they are listening just like any other lexa i have here it’s not better or worse even because the best alex a listen, i already said this on the channel, it’s the eco studio because it has 7 microphones, this one

Has four but they’re super honest, i’m not having any problems here with her microphone, it ‘s very good but i’m still going to post a video on the channel comparing their microphone to better show you what’s going on and at least show mine here now that i have two, right, so the chance of something happening is double what it was before and here’s the ecodot four very cute

With a watch on cool i liked it no a lot of what it says it’s the same as the other one just with a clock what’s cool that clock has adaptable brightness you can either manually put the light on to make it brighter and it gets really strong dancing too you can let it adapt with according to the ambient light if you turn off the light in your room wherever it is, right? for

Example in the room, this brightness will decrease together so as not to be dazzling. put your hand here, you can see that it got dark, you see, it’s very weak here, here the light is absurdly strong, you can’t even see it, that’s a very good advantage when it’s night, it almost turns off this display, that strong display doesn’t stay on your bed so you can dazzle the light

And that’s it, i’ve turned the screen on quickly. i can also tell her by timer it will also be appearing here the timer of 1 minute and 20 seconds hummm hummm hummm if 20 seconds starting now look how cool it’s already counting down here you can see the countdown over here they’re pretty cool for those who are cooking for example and put one of these in the kitchen it is

Also available in black in white and in this color blue which is the most difference adinha honestly i found it well beautiful it’s very clear this part here of this fabric that it has honestly i thought it was cool but i’ll talk more about it and about this other one here which is actually the same as the products, right to be honest it’s the same thing the difference as

This watch but i’m still going to bring you an analysis of them ok but this one here include this one together and before the video ends i just wanted to say one more thing to clarify for you my effects that i believe that those who are actually subscribed to the channel and follow my content already know but the channel is growing a lot it’s good and there are a lot of

New people and i saw some comments saying that this sponsored video is already trying to push ecodot four no i didn’t win anything to make this video for me the beach ecodot four ecodot 3 or just watching my video is an advantage in the same way i don’t need to push any of the rules for you i’m making this content here because it’s something i like and i’m talking about

Here is my opinion with all the videos i make i’m saying she’s pretty because i really liked it and that’s how i do it in all the videos on the channel i also really like producing videos and i always give my honest opinion no there is on my sponsored video channel that i have to talk about exactly a script and such a product i will always give my opinion and to make it

Clearer. i left it for some reason and yes of course if you buy it through the link on my channel you will help me to bring more videos like this buy more alexa to do more tests of things like that but it doesn’t matter if you buy this one here ok but that’s it because it’s an unboxing video i ‘d say that’s what i have to show you alex there is already quite famous there

Are many things she makes pizza here for you to see a little better ess the is clock honestly i found it very cool and for my use it makes a lot of sense to have one with a clock for me it makes a lot of sense it makes everything much more practical for my day to day and that’s it guys thank you so much for watching the video so far if you liked it it seems a lot

That you leave your like and if possible subscribe to the channel and if you can share this video with someone else because it helps a lot in the growth here of the channel just to show you here on the side there is the last video i posted on the channel and here is a video that youtube is here recommending in case you haven’t watched either of the two that’s it thank you

Very much for watching this far and see you in the next video

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Amazon Echo Dot 4 com Relógio – A Alexa Perfeita para ser Seu Despertador! Unboxing e Hands-On By Mr Zoreta