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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k | Unboxing e Configuraes iniciais

Olá pessoal! Sejam bem-vindos a meu canal! 🙂

Hi guys look back here with another video on the channel first video of 2022 i really was a little missing there i had a lot of things to do i had a broadcast from december to january that i really ended up running out of time and i couldn’t record new videos but the year is starting and we are going to regularize this channel take advantage and write here in the comments

For me how is your year 2002 going it started well it started badly what do you think there huh tell me here in the comments well today we are going to do an unboxing of one of the products that i ordered on amazon, right? i ordered two products, the first one arrived and it’s the fire stick tv, right, 4k from amazon and why did i order it, right, it’s my tv here in the

Bedroom as i’ve already shown you, it ‘s not a small smart tv, and if i could watch it, right? the first services i used this apple. put it here appearing on the screen for you when did i buy it and what happens it stopped receiving updates, right people it’s been a long time and even in addition to not receiving updates anymore, apple ended up removing youtube from here too,

So basically, right? here we can only watch netflix or rent apple movies even to watch it, that is, any other streaming service is no longer available here so it’s time to retire bixinha and because of that i’m going to leave her here next to me. fire stick tv 4k and it’s not 4k it has and simple it’s a tv monitor, but why buy 4k because it’s more current it was at a good

Price i paid 389 so the difference was little for what’s full hd so i preferred to buy this one because it has a faster processor, it is already 4k so if in the future i want to change my tv here, right, to a 4k tv, this is not the case now, i already have the fairy is more current on amazon so because of that and for the price it was i’d rather buy the newer one and let’s

Open it ‘s well do it and here are the components thecontrol hi and the control it has the keys in holy lexa key as for the shortcut keys for some service i have already destroyed that will be pre-configured and and here we have the firestick itself if it had plastic and what this device zinho here i’m going to take control of the fourth comment a andthere and here we

Have the adapter to connect the fancy faucet but if your tv already has a usb input you can plug it into the tv itself, not feed it through the tv itself and and here there is wow it’s very simple it ‘s very easy to do here andthen and here we have a cover what is an hdmi extender because if your answer is glued to the wall then you can connect it here and to be able to

Stay like this right size it stays like this on the side and it doesn’t work look and here we have the cable that it feeds it right here or you can plug it into the outlet and connect it up here is and to clear the cache or you don’t need to use it with this adapter you can plug it directly into the usb input of your tv and here oh hi diana also two daughters hi for the

Remote control good guys and now let’s test it here i’m going to test it and i’ll show you so guys here i installed it and i left it so i have space so i didn’t need to use this adapter here you’re good for those who have that hdmi input on the side of the tv and also the one in the back on the other side, i have a usb input so i connected it there and i also didn’t need

To use this adapter here, right, to connect it to the socket so it’s already being powered by itself tv is and now it’s here updating the software good guys and i’ve already configured it here and my tv i didn’t show the configuration step by step because it’s very intuitive it’s just really and as soon as you turn it on you’ll be following the steps that saira e chic

Guides you through, it’s very simple to log into your amazon account. it will recognize if you already have an account. if you don’t, you have to register. it’s very simple. that everything is very well flowing there it goes very fast and as you can see i already set up here the prison netflix youtube they say plus plus anyway it just doesn’t have the edi biomax at least

Until the date i ‘m recording this video it still doesn’t have the edi biomax available on the brazilian amazon account but it already has on the american amazon account so if suddenly you have an american amazon account you can already download edi boo-box so i don’t have it so i’ll wait to see a next update that i believe that i should come soon, the application and

I did some tests here guys and you can see that here on the control we have an on and off button so with this control here we can already do it turn on our tv without the need to use the tv’s own control so i can turn it on here and change the volume here also using the fire tv’s own control and i’ve already shown it here on the channel that i bought here this infrared

Control has video here on channel i’ll leave it on the cards for those who want to watch it so with it you can control everything by voice command on everything that turns on and off via infrared what happens i did a test to see if i could turn mine on with voice command tv through fairy had it and i can turn on my tv through fire tv since i gave a voice command asking

To turn on or start some application that is already installed on it, yes it turns on my tv other than that for just what i i took this outlet here, i disconnected my infrared control and tried to give the command to see if the fire tv would turn my television on and off and it didn’t work, at least in my tests . i want to make it clear that i’m not a technology expert,

I’m just a person who likes technology and likes smart home devices and i bring my shopping experience here to my channel and i did this test and how i told you when i disconnected here the infrared didn’t work turning my tv on and off just to see you there what did i do i turned it on again and if i give the command right to turn on the tv turn off the tv it works because

Now it’s my infrared control it’s working then what happens remembering again to turn on the tv through fire tv it will only happen if you give a command request to start some application i will show you here in practice alexa open netflix abc netflix for tv well so that way the guys it opens right that turns on the tv hi and then guys i can give other commands like for

Example lexa show me movies with sandra bullock yeah provider comes out i saw you and here he shows you all the movies here with her and i can also ask lexa for example show me romantic comedy movies and yesterday the romantic comedy movies the provider gives and there were those who are showing him several movies from the category, you asked for something else cool

Guys and that here in this gear we have access to the device settings and here, in controls and bluetooth devices, i can configure both here so that the sounds of my fire tv come out in my ecodot or in my echo studio if you have it and then you can actually get the sound of your videos series movies streamed to your echo to your echo device too you can add other bluetooth

Devices like just kiss is video game controller so you can come here and add, for example, game controls because here, in this part, here the baby here in the app store, you have the option of games here, so go down play some games here and use your bluetooth controller, which can also be those that we buy cheaper, right, as well as xbox and others, so you can do that too,

Well guys, so i really hope you enjoyed this one video if you liked it please leave your like subscribe to the channel turn on the notification bell because whenever we have it again you will be notified and we’ll see you in the next video bye bye hey

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k | Unboxing e Configurações iniciais By Larissa Souza