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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – Unboxing & Hardware-Check inkl. Zerlegung / Teardown Tutorial

Ein Unboxing und ausführliches Technik-Tutorial zum Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K inkl. Öffnen und Zerlegen. Hierbei wurden sowohl der Streaming-Media-Adapter, als auch die mitgelieferte Alexa-Sprachfernbedienung geöffnet und genauer untersucht. Durch die sehr kompakte Bauweise beider Komponenten sowie den wirtschaftlichen Sparmaßnahmen, werden hier nur zwei Öffnungswerkzeuge benötigt. Ein Aufschrauben erübrigt sich meist aufgrund von Haltenasen im Gehäuseinneren.

Welcome to a new technology tutorial, so to speak, as a spontaneous little thing before christmas presents i treated myself to this fight stick for kay from amazon and it should basically be given as a replacement for the ps4 pro for watching videos because it needs 80 to 100 sheets quite a lot of juice when watching videos, on the other hand, there are about two to three

Watts in operation, although i don’t actually have a 4k device, but the thing is also a lot faster than the predecessors, yes, and i would say now let’s take a closer look and not only from the outside but also from the inside so here first the unboxing in brief i have already christened the thing as i said only for the video mainly for watching stream offers like amazon

Prime or maxdome or netflix and otherwise you can of course also play with it that’s not what i intend to do with it, we’ll do three instructions here that j are not really important now, then we see here an everyday mobile phone power supply and a rather long usb cable, which we then need to operate the stick, alternatively , you can also operate the whole thing on the

Television if it supplies enough power for the stick, i.e. 5 volts must be and at least 1 ampere yes, then we have a small hdmi adapter cable here, which is also very practical, with which the device can also be operated closely it is often close to the wall and so you can operate the whole thing vertically, so we now have the remote control, but it is quite small and

Fits very well in the hand with the new voice control, so you can use it directly with alexa if you want a metropolis, you can find the usual direction keys further up there and rewind what you think of convey the normal dvd conveniently you can also use the remote control directly for the tv and for the receiver if you have such a surround receiver you can then program

It accordingly and then operate it alternatively you can of course also do the whole thing with alexa make speak into formula 1 and then either turn it on louder, quieter or switch it off, whatever you want, here we have two batteries from amazon basic that we can put in right away and the team can use directly yes, and we have them if they actually had a stick that was

Pretty big, that part was about twice as long as a usb stick that was getting on in years, it contains all the technology, i.e. a system-on-a-chip processor with four cores and 17 gigahertz, roughly comparable to a raspberry pi yes the whole thing is based on android 7 with amazon’s own software the so-called glad it yes and now we want to take a look at the part from

The inside too, that’s basically just this opening tool because unfortunately nothing is screwed here anymore that it’s somehow become common practice i mean for 60 euros you can’t expect much in terms of that but here basically everything was just plugged together and yet we can open this here with this tool here and how it works just show you now i’ve definitely helped

A couple of screwdrivers in case we should need them i don’t think so that you are now basically doing this cannibalization here and we basically only have to use the lever tool to open this thing here right now here that the first side is already like this then we now start here on the other side we need not even the thing is in principle as good as open and here you

Can see that now the thing here already here se we hen the corresponding noses of the housing, which are normally clamped in the lower part, which can then be let back in at any time when the thing closes again, yes, and here is another heat sink that is still here, there is nothing spectacular, actually, then we’ll take the thing off the case comes from the fact that

We basically take off here that’s it and here on the inside of the case we see a glued-on nfc tag with a serial number that was already on sale and scanned and assigned to the respective basic account like that that you don’t have to buy a device again, yes, and here is the actual hardware protected by a heat sink, which we will of course remove here now, yes, i will now

Always remove the housing with a screwdriver underneath, so we have the principle there too they had already seen the main processor that was still open h thermal paste and here then probably that we might take a closer look, but first of all, let’s open the other cover here, which we would again use a small, fine slotted screwdriver or another opening tool, we now have

The other side here the hardware probably also that in turn that we look at quite closely that’s actually how it is here we have the main processor with the designation mt 86 95 from mediatek, a quad core processor with 1.7 ghz and an integrated pavia graphics card with the designation ge 8300 that supports it the opengl 3.2 graphics standard, with which you can play at

Least a few halfway up-to-date games that you can recognize from your smartphone right next to it is the 15 gigabytes of working memory from samsung yes, it’s not too much, but it’s enough to watch films a bit in the surfing the internet and the essentials right next to it we have the power management from antic aid, which basically ensures that the device consumes less

Power in standby than in normal operation there was still 0.7 what the device consumes and that is compared to other game consoles then a bit much, especially since the money unfortunately has no physical on and off switch and that is actually my biggest point of criticism because the device continues to see updates is connected to the internet and you can basically only

Deactivate it by pulling the plug i have i bought a washable plug here for this, which basically then switches the device completely to mute and also no longer lets alexa hear it on the back on the ball because the animals use the msi flash memory from sk unix that ’s 8 gb ram of which, however in the end there are only just gigawatts left are even less in regular

Operation because there are in the spokes r still the celebration os 6 pre-installed by amazon is yes and so the last one is then under this cover the mt 7 668 connectivity processor is responsible for the principle for the bluetooth and wifi connection the corresponding ultimo holidays dual band wifi antennas are on on the other hand, these are these little cubes, you,

The bluetooth connection is required for the remote control because, in contrast to a normal remote control, the device is addressed via bluetooth is also far more sensible and important because the device is usually located behind the tv and therefore no infrared connection would exist but you can also connect other devices to it in a roundabout way, for example keyboards

Or other controllers in order to be able to integrate them in the game on the one hand bin of storage media such as usb sticks you need a micro usb our oceans dokter cable yes so much to the actual chen enemy tv kasic now go are you with the remote control come and take a look at the others a little bit again so here we have the as i said the control buttons depending

On a middle button with which we can confirm which also acts as a full button for player here the four direction buttons microphone so alexa speak sievern by holding down the button here like the power button with which you can also control the television and the av receiver if you want to fast forward rewind play and pause and the usual menu buttons back here why menu

Louder and quieter and mute then open it here now that is not so easy in this case because the entire remote control is glued to it, which means we then have to attach the device again with superglue to keep it together again but don’t stop us from opening the device here yeah stop just be careful that you don’t think there was a child [music ] we almost opened the device

And then it was already open so the device was open and we we actually have two small philips screws here, you wouldn’t believe it, which we can actually loosen after this is done, we can basically already take the board out you can now see the small processor up here, the one for the connection with the main piece what is responsible is the connectivity receiver chip

From zeit kurss, in principle, a system on a chip that is responsible for sending bluetooth data from the remote control and the infrared signals to the television and the av receiver, so in principle the chip does not take care of it only about the bluetooth communication but also about the connectivity to the tv and the receiver this chip also has its own memory with

A size of 384 kilobytes of ram and also manages two mb flash memory in which the actual signal data for bluetooth and infrared devices are then stored we will probably find the flash memory here this is this small chip there will be the signal data and the firmware of the remote control are stored up here we then find the two sensors for infrared and bluetooth these white

Boxes you and right next to it here on the right the built-in microphone we could solder that out now if we wanted to mute alexa permanently but it is not recommended maybe a small piece of wood would make more sense or as i said here the said power plug to switch off so that was it actually basically everything that had to be disassembled it offers on the table basically

No marvel of technology especially since as i said everything more or less glued stuck is like us it would have been better if everything had been screwed together like on the earlier consoles, but unfortunately you can no longer count on that in the age of austerity measures, yes, i will spend the whole year building together and then put it back into operation as usual

So done thanks for watching see you next time

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – Unboxing & Hardware-Check inkl. Zerlegung / Teardown Tutorial 🔧 By Radio PARALAX