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► Aspirador Robô Xiaomi em PROMOÇÃO:

Hello friends, how are you, i’m early and today we’re going to do the unboxing of my first really smart robot vacuum cleaner. one by one they are not really smart even lemon of works including sharing all of them but this one is smart it maps your house and creates a map of your house it connects to the internet and much more so let’s make one unboxing of my first smart

Robot vacuum cleaner that is from xiaomi so come with me and let’s see if it’s good or nothing so my friends here is the box arrived today i’m very excited to test my first one stole the creator of charm let’s take the package here you can see it here look what a beautiful thing the very big box of the guys i want it i think it will be even bigger than my current ones but

Let’s see here i already said that it works with alexia and also with the google assistant. expensive for almost half the price i bought it on the internet inclusive if anyone wants it i bought it here in the description she wants to buy it cheaper remembering that you are a charme product it has spare parts for you to buy easily only after a few months maybe a year you

Need to change some parts of it like the wheel or the filter itself ok so this is a positive point that you will easily find the spare parts so here it is bye mi mi robert vacuum mop here in brazil it is also known as ser one or one i know something like this here is some information but dragon ball z is on the other side of the box here it has a sensor it has a camera this

Here is very it’s cool so here we have these pictures of it working so this is very cool here on the other side we have the same information as the armadillo only that impulse and important information although this one stole here it’s all in english and russian and everything else it has in portuguese ok so be able to leave for cleaning you put it in portuguese he speaks

To you in portuguese even on the charm app on your cell phone or through the lexa you speak in portuguese ok so don’t worry that yes there is in portuguese for he stole it here so let’s open it here and continue the our unboxing because i’m very curious to see with a good he is to get them here with a stiletto fortale oh and i don’t know exactly how to hug here we’re going

To see different people here ah okay i think that now i’ll pull it up will be i think that i open it for sure i open everything the other way around and now it will work ok you pull it like this and have access to the robot but we covered the camera so let it sleep here then look at it oh here is the robot, even the box, right here so we have a manual in several languages

​​Let’s see if it has portuguese user manual second language so yes we will have the manual in portuguese and there are a lot of illustrations there are several tips on how to use it but it’s very easy it’s very easy guys, even if it’s like the others i’ve tested here on the channel, it’s very quiet here. here comes the little system for passing the cloth so here you

See the brush in here a comb something there. to put the water here, but i’ve seen people who said that they already put the products and it didn’t spoil, there you do as you see fit, i ‘ll probably put only water so here’s this guy rtment you inside the xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner application you can put if you want it to put more water or less water while you pass the

Cloth there are sensors here that talk to the vacuum cleaner here it is with velcro and something that i found very interesting look there’s only one path here there’s a rail what you put so this part of cloth here gets stuck this cloth you can easily get it on the internet to buy and revolution if you need it and now let’s continue with our unboxing super robot vacuum

Cleaner by xiaomi wow, it’s really big, right much bigger than the others i’ve tested, much bigger, we’re here for sure wow, it’s super powerful and that’s all, here’s the base that i’m going to show you and it comes back just the base the intermediate robot vacuum cleaner that i’ll leave here in case for you it also goes back to the base but it’s not smart so if the base

Isn’t very easy to locate it and he can’t go back he gets lost in his house really crazy not this one here he ‘s smart he has gps i killed his house has a camera so he really can get back to base and depending on where he is from his house i’m here already has a kind of one tutorial there how to use its base charging base and go back to it alone even if you are cleaning

The house and he realizes that the battery is there with about twenty percent back to dance for cleaning goes back to the base and then returns to where he left off this is really cool so let’s go following our unboxing here let’s remove all this protective film it’s been a while since i was studying a robot vacuum cleaner like that top to buy this one despite being very

Complete it’s one of the cheapest top there is so it is very complete and has an interesting price so here, here, i already said to remove the protection well so let’s remove it here it is here we remove it here we have a power button and here i have the home button and if in case it goes back to the base then you want it to show base you can either click here or through

The app itself by lexa send it back to base and here there is a camera that makes the robot know where he is and i also managed to map his house so here we have one more protection that i will remove here in front look, we only have several infrared sensors here and everything else including him having this second tensioner here too that when he touches it he knows he cannot

Follow it, it has a sensor so you don’t fall down the stairs so it won’t break and it won’t fall on the stairs at your house if you have stairs here there is also a very interesting rubber and here below it is like this, so it has this whole system here here’s a rubber that keeps turning here are the wheels, look how there’s a big shock absorber here so it won’t stop the

Others that i’ve already tested on the channel and they ended up staying am locked in some parts here it is very tall so i believe that will not happen here there are sensors for it not to go down the stairs not to fall so if you need to put it on a table to test it will not get off the table it will look beautiful here there’s another sensor, i don’t know what that is,

But there’s a sensor there and the part to show it to you here , the liquid part, you put it here, you just pass it here, ready, it’s plugged in and connected and here now, let me just see how do you remove it? of liquid or not so it is very clever even here it said it is a cdz 1902 model and it was made let’s see where the problem china made in china and here very well

Finished very beautiful now let’s open the top to see the size of the compartment here here it has a reset and here there is wi-fi to show you closer here to you up here there is the button for you to reset it and here there is a little led to show your wi-fi is connected or not so it connects on the internet and that’s why you can control it even if you’re traveling here

It shows how to remove the dirt go down from this compartment here it’s very big look just leave it here he’s very big there’s this filter here to let the air out of the your house is clean so it doesn’t let dirt out again and here’s the compartment is quite big to open it let’s see how to open it and to open it you just pull it here and then you can pour all the dirt into

The toilet one bag in the trash you can do this easily and here let me show you the inside of the vacuum cleaner and there so it is all protected here and there is a rubber to seal it well let’s now put it back back to the dust compartment it’s very long so you won’t have to clean it all the time but i always prefer to clean it right after it finishes cleaning but if you

Want you can leave it and collect dirt and then you take it off so it looks good. complete the battery it is supposed to last a long time obviously i will do several tests i will come back here in other videos in the future including subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss it and now let’s continue so here our tutorial ours was life let’s continue our unboxing here so

We’ve removed that here too now let’s see the base let’s see if we can remove the slow charging base here its charging base is here so it goes back to the base alone this black part is a sensor that like locate it here it comes all protected look how cool everything with film it is very cool the subject and here also the whole sensor of the base protected so leave here

The part it connects and load the intense here is the energy share and here you put the cable of light so let’s look for the hair i think it should be here in this box so let’s see here and here so i think i just lu ah so here is the standard brazil so we there will be no problem charging it, even it is bivolt so here ‘s the power cable here for you to connect a cable

With an apparently good size and great quality to the base and now we’re going to end the unboxing probably with the last item that’s here from the end we’re going to get it here comes its little brush that keeps turning and pulling the dirt under it but it’s very good because it makes it easier it sucks dirt this vacuum cleaner only has one side this here but from what i

Saw it works super well it was made for use only one so he doesn’t need two because he ‘s very powerful today all the logic of his system is for a little brush so there’s the unboxing done we don’t have anything else here inside the unb box oxing relatively fast and quiet to do here the box is very beautiful white box mirobot vacuum mop gold and has integration

With google assistant and alexia this will be very good to integrate back into my lessa and now let’s see once again the robot and in detail so here we have the very nice robot vacuum cleaner all white and it’s all white here’s a snack so you can lift it and i thought it was cool this type that lifts 100% look at it it gets really high the others i’ve already tested here

Sometimes one was just like that then you have to be careful not to hit it so this one here he lifts all like that is very good and apparently he is a very good robot i will test remembering that tomorrow he will come out here calling him for the first time we will actually use and test the application test it we will show you how he makes the map of the house remembering

That he makes a map after 3 complete cleanings so from the third time a map in the application button off’ button to go back to base and here a camera this here that leaves is one of the sensors that make it extremely intelligent this camera here that killed your house and in front it has infrared sensors and everything else below extender to not fall from step and high

Places so smart let’s put this stephanie here that i don’t know the name so it’s there i’ll put the end of putting it it will be spinning and this here will always be spinning and always pulling the dirt to where it goes pulling i’m going to show you here quickly this technique here you can pull and remove it and even this here you take it off to clean promise that comb

That came is to clean this here it has a part with rubber part with a bristles here to just pull this here you can easily buy more on the internet if you want and put it here it’s very easy you just have to put it there and here and put it back check out this little trek here the first time maybe with it being so easy but also peaceful it’s just a matter of us understanding

How it works so here’s the serra da the wheel is already there i thought it was pretty cool because it’s pretty high here so it won’t lock up i believe nothing will come of it and that’s it so my friends this was a boxing of our new robot vacuum cleaner from xiaomi very complete very smart and i’ll be back tomorrow to turn it on and configure it for the first time and also

Make several other videos showing it on the day the day saying that i liked what i didn’t like and everything else so sign up here so you don’t miss a big hug and see you tomorrow i went

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