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Blink Video Doorbell – tutorial configurazione e Unboxing – 2 anni di batterie

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Hello guys welcome do you know what we’re talking about today

Blink d’or beautiful here it is the new blink and smart intercom but because i bought this for two reasons the first is from brink and i use the blink outdoor and i really really like it i leave this to you, the video is dedicated to you so you can go and retrieve it just in case you want to understand what we are talking about and maybe you are interested so since i was

Happy with those here they are that i am automatically buying this indeed i bought myself this is the second no less important indeed the one that probably triggered the spark a little and to say you know this is that this video intercom i can also connect it to the smoke seen at home so a single switch to make two things ring well i would say more than excellent but this

Let’s see it then now in the meantime let’s see unboxing and let’s do the configuration

Thanks you saw the unboxing you

Also liked the brief roundup of images to bring this dr belle to life because he’s really really cute i take this opportunity to tell you that it’s available in two colors black or white according to your taste or ii iii where you have to put it put what you want obviously it ‘s better what’s inside the package simply our doorbell intercom its support to connect it obviously

To the wall outside then they found a small booklet but really nothing is written there is simply the fourth to connect to the official site where there are all the explanations then all the instructions this which is one of but which allows us to attach to the number and make out exactly where we need it to connect this intercom bell bear in mind that once you have mounted

It to disconnect it c ‘this key is inserted below you see and it disconnects from its base here really very simple two energizer batteries i see call zones he uses often and willingly therefore probably in some agreement with them and inside the package also some nick rivets and they allow themselves to connect it to the dock obviously the two cables could not be missing

Which are the ones that connect here and which they go precisely to connect to our doorbell and that we have at the moment well all that is in a package is this and let’s see now how quickly it is installed because i already tell you that it is really very simple and very fast so a note went to the ‘app store just download the blink or monitor application which is this here

And simply open it obviously you have to log in with your account if you don’t have it because if you already have it obviously already logged in in my case for example here are a few i recognize molfesi of in my case obviously it’s already recognized i’m already inside because i already have it le blink outdoor fun operate this exactly the same way how to install it really

Simple all i do is click on more and click on bling bank greedy sleeps the echo here i press he tells me to scan quercus that’s back here now you have it i didn’t show it to you for a matter of fact that the custom quarkode as soon as i scanned it here you find yourself in this screen i double as you can see i have home and home sync two because i have two blink modules or

The normal mode the world two so the one that just came out i click on the two that the one i want to install this on and here i have the assembly explanations really easy bell configuration new battery compartment cover let’s go remove this we simply go ahead and it tells us to insert the batteries so guys simpler than that really simple let’s put its lid back on to put

It back on top first then help click and colleagues it has hooked up at this point click on continue wait for the led light to flash red as you can see giando prints so don’t worry let’s continue at this point he is searching for the video he is sleeping to connect it precisely our application and here it is he is absolutely finished in a moment really very fast also made

A veil cut software update to avoid but he does everything you don’t have to do absolutely nothing or he asks me if i want to install it already outside those limits the installation procedure or if i don’t want to stay at this moment i tell him that maybe i will install it later everything is ready i specify i can go and call up the assembly explanations directly from the

Application so really very convenient i do ok and here your exhibition includes a free trial of cloud storage use the blink plus plan for a free trial done this point once clicked here i’m already in place really ha already done everything as you see above you need help to assemble your blinky is sleeping because i have this memory left let’s say that it remembers that

I haven’t installed it yet so if you want you can click there to get the assembly explanations then here it is my bell and this right now i can also take a picture of what i’m seeing in order to let’s say a preview you see it right now this camera is filming here looking below here it is with my doorbell installed so what can i do when i go to ring i press he rings and

The success comes out this presses and immediately connects us with our doorbell and a half to this part to show you how he sees me here i am already in contact with my doorbell therefore we have already installed it and it already works perfectly quietly at this point we close this conversation as you can see here going active the blue light comes on with davis active it

Goes off excellent you can also go and do a surveillance activation i.e. put it activated and the moment something didn’t activate sorry sorry it didn’t activate put it on activated the moment something passes in front of your doorbell here they are that the application you see movement detected at g8 that we should rename it we will put the house bell or intercom whatever

You want those he practically warns me when i put it on i.e. surveillance mode of course you can talk to your interlocutor as is done simply when the bell heard the sound of a notification appears that you must click and this screen will open here this here where you will see your interlocutor who you can talk to by clicking on this you will talk now they will turn it off

Otherwise i will stay at all and clicking on this here you will listen to 23 absolute tests everything rumbles because the two microphones are close but you can easily talk to your interlocutor we close him back to standby mode as you can see so really simple to use clearly then here you can go and set its characteristics then enter the settings and you have everything

In short, it is possible to set for this doorbell these release a little turn to you so they are very simple and everything is explained very well so don’t worry that if they are perfectly understandable girls seen guys really very easy installation very easy also the application i inserted it really you have seen how fast in about 23 minutes you are quietly operational

Well i’ll throw you a challenge if we reach 50 nikes in this video badaben beats well and ascom outside with the camera i’ll show you how i mount it near my current intercom all right they weren’t intact publish co just subscribe to the channel we are you are already because absolutely free no one seems nothing leave a like for the reason before but even if obviously you

Liked the video and therefore i just have to tell you that i will see you here at the next video on my youtube channel bye

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Blink Video Doorbell – tutorial configurazione e Unboxing – 2 anni di batterie 🤔 By Giacomo P