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Closet Complete Velvet Hangers Unboxing | Glamour Queen Rayo

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This is the 50-piece rose gold hooks and ivory 50 piece premium unboxing my velvet hangers that i got oh for classically calm if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe and if you like this video don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up so if you would like to see this video go ahead and keep watching also be sure to check the description box down below for

The link to the website and to which hangers that i got so now for the unboxing you know this box was previously opened because i had to get a sneak peek of what’s going with the rose gold hook those are just the regular hangers and then i got a 10 piece everything hanger with gold hooks those are the ones that come with the clips so like you can like hang your

Jeans then you know other items like that so this is how it comes don’t mind my nails i need to get them done this is five velvet hangers wit clips you know you can go on the website and you can basically choose what color hanger you want and you can choose the color hook say what color clip c want so the ones that i wanted i wanted the ivory colored hanger with

The rose gold hooks you can get black hangers with silver hugs black hangers with gold hooks you could get a pink hanger with gold hooks or rose gold hooks like any way you want it they’re mostly most like we have it unless they’re sold out so these are how both hangers so i have two five keys to keep this ten this is the 50-piece rose gold hubs and ivory i can

Open this box yet but it’s pretty much gonna be the same as the one with the twist oh they gave me a little card here that says thank you for your purchase customer satisfaction is very important to us if you feel that you have a problem with your order please contact us so we can solve any matters in questions we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase

If you are please leave us a 5-star rating it will help us to continue providing you with great products at low prices father completes so classic pokey is where i got these bubba hangers from they’re so cute i got some velvet hangers already but they’re black i’m gonna show you guys so i’ll be right back so basically like i have like a bunch of these black

Velvet hangers with silver hooks if i didn’t get these ones from closet complete i got these when i went to california when i went to los angeles and october so yeah but they’re cool i would order from closet company again because these are so cheap i love building hangers and i’m remodeling my closet so i have to get all of these things but i need to make sure

That they’re all the same color and not like black going in a pink one and then you know what i’m saying so i’m gonna learn more of these ivories with rose gold hooks and and also i would like to order a shoe shelf because you know i have lots of shoes i had lots of hills and i just want my walk-in closet to look cute and nice every model so that’s why i got these

Velvet hangers you know all that that stuff and i also want to show my shoes so be sure to check the description box down below for all of the information this website

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Closet Complete Velvet Hangers Unboxing | Glamour Queen Rayo By Glamour Queen Rayo