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Dash Mini Waffle Maker UnBoxing And Our First Chaffle

Today we unbox our Dash Mini Waffle Maker and fire it up to make our first Chaffle.

Today on a cooking aikido we’re gonna make the hopple so that is a really exciting day everywhere i’ve been looking lately on the internet all i see are shuffle this and shuffle that shuffle shuffle shuffle so i me different kinds of shuffles so i was like i really need to try one of these i was surprised when i had ordered the – mini waffle maker this big but

It was one backward everywhere and it was not gonna come for a couple of weeks from amazon and then today i woke up and my alexa told me i had a package coming and i was like what’s coming i didn’t order anything and alexa said you got your – swap i’ll make a comment i was like oh great and she said nine o’clock at night no great you know i got here like three

O’clock in the afternoon so we’re gonna do cooking iquitos first-ever unboxing and we’re gonna taste and eat our first shuffle bonus package it came a taylor swift box from amazon this is gonna be a good day all right it’s our cooking eat kiito’s first-ever unboxing if you’re new to the channel this is where we cook keto recipes and eat keto recipes and this is i’m

Not an expert really barely even know how to cook and i just am a guy who’s trying ooh who’s trying to learn how to eat keto yeah i find it complicated that anymore so anyway i can subscribe yeah so minnie – the mini waffle maker nice box very rigid it’s a good cardboard this is some good cardboard in this box so it’s got the easy open pull tab little disappointed

There’s not one of those little round sticker things there that would have been a nice touch but that’s okay this is under $10 so i guess if they added this sticker that would have cost some more open it up first look in i see if there’s some good tape oh i guess most wants to slide it out i guess wow that’s not a pleasant sound oh there is it’s like we have the –

Actual waffle maker it looks like this is some sort of a instruction booklet very good design on this i love the flip top with the instructions this is gonna be a nice place to put this in my junk drawer to hold this so i don’t lose all of this stuff we will take out oh prepare for the shuffle this ought to be fun so in case if you don’t know what a chapel is a

Chuffa is basically a cheese and a waffle these are the only two ingredients in our basic shuffle and everyone says that these are basically it’s a wonderful enriching and whoever invented it is like the savior of keto it’s like the best thing since sliced bread to the people who aikido was supposed to have the consistency of sort of a bread waffle kind of thing

And people are using them with hamburger buns and hot dogs i guess hot dogs people make it on sweep you will make them savory but this this is the basic truffle one egg 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese so we’re gonna combine these two here into a bowl and just mix them together just like this and while the instructions for the truffle basically say that or the for the

Waffle or basically the cookie like three to four minutes the truffles are kind of overcooked they’re cooked for five six seven eight nine minutes to get them crispy and one basic truffle recipe of the one egg and half a cup on sorel cheese should make two chapels all right i’m not gonna be a soft pepper nothing we’re just going to i’ve got my little waffle iron

Preheating here and yeah that’s kind of work so we’re going to pour about half of this mixture in about roughly half spread it around a little bit all right let’s see how that works okay we’re right at six minutes and we’re gonna see how well the truffle turned out timer all right let’s see here oh christine hmm oh now i’ve seen people grease these little oh that

Looks nice i’ve seen people like spray some sort of a clicking spray on there over that dish yeah i mean obviously that came out really easy it is kind of hot shuffle number one probably hmm so while this was cooking there was like distinct a smell of like burnt egg let’s make this second truffle see if i got my ratios right hey first one might have been a little

Bit bigger than the second so yeah each one supposed to make two truffles this is probably looking to be more like the right amount to put in as opposed to that one because this one he each eked over the edge a little let’s do that for six minutes and see how that works out all right everybody i’ve been sitting here for six minutes staring to this trifle so let’s

Count it down together five four three two one choco yeah just was like the whole time thing was whoo the whole time this one was cooking i was staring at that one like i want to eat that one and they didn’t look i got something over my hand this time preparation in six minutes oh wow look at that that’s that’s solid that’s pretty i think that this amount was

Maybe this was a little bit too much because this one seems a little bit just playing my food sorry awesome let’s eat the truffle you know it’s time for the taste test i have the chuffa my first impressions are it feels like a regular waffle like i said earlier like an ego what’s this go right huh good crunch mmm definitely could replace bread and a lot of ways i

Definitely think if you add a lot of different things to it you can make it better like uh a jalapeno cheddar would be probably really good may have to try that i could use this for sandwich i can use this for grilled cheese i bet this will make a good grilled cheese hunt try to go cheese later so yeah just–we’re to gum tastes kind of like a little bit of a like a

French toast tastes kind of buttery and this justice from the oils from the cheese getting it we’re gonna put any spray or any butter or anything so yeah today i’m cooking aikido i did our first unboxing we made our first shuffle and we learned two things trifle a lot of potential very impressed with the ease of the truffle love the – mini waffle iron second thing

We learned taylor swift novel love can be heard on amazon music so extra bonus for you there thanks join us next time on cooking aikido sacco

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Dash Mini Waffle Maker UnBoxing And Our First Chaffle By Cook And Eat Keto