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Fitbit Inspire 3 Unboxing (Black / Midnight Zen)

In this Fitbit Inspire 3 unboxing video, I unbox in real-time the NEW Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker with Black Case and Midnight Zen Band. ***** View at Amazon: (Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

In this video i’m going to be unboxing the fitbit inspire 3. so here on the front we can see that fitbit is officially owned by google now fitbit calls this their health and fitness tracker and here’s an image of the device on the side it says that includes a six-month fitbit premium membership and it should include small and large size bands and you can see

Here that i did get the black case and midnight zen man and there’s some text here talking about how it requires the use of the fitbit app with a compatible iphone or android device and something new i noticed it says a google account will be required so we’ll see how that goes in the setup portion and here on the back of the box just has some words basically

And doesn’t have much here and just says move more stress less all you have to do is wear it so i think there’s a little more to it than that but anyway let’s go ahead and get into this so there’s a little pull tab here and looks like it just slides out so that’s nice and we have a very faint fitbit logo here and there is the inside so the trucker’s over here

And looks like inside we have the charging cable and the extra band over here it’s telling us a little bit about the quick start guide and how you need to download the fitbit app and charge your device i will go through a full real-time setup so if you want to do your setup with me i’ll link that video in the description below see if there’s anything else under

Here talking about the next steps and inside just a whole bunch of more instructions in different languages so that’s that it’s flipped up here and it looks like we do have some product information welcome to the fitbit family and this is just a whole bunch of information and a whole bunch of different languages so let’s go here so this is the fitbit inspire

Three all right let’s go ahead and remove this protective like a little piece of paper kind of like what apple did last year with a series seven nice little touch to add the fitbit logo there um and so here is that first look here the fitbit inspire 3. so we still do have these little haptic buttons they’re not physical buttons on each side hopefully they’ve

Made them a little easier to interact with but we’ll see once i turn this on you can see the display is actually pretty small you can see the edge here and here so this is all just black space so the display does not take up the full length of this tracker and the band feels pretty similar to other years it does look like a black band i don’t see any hints of

Something else but oh i accidentally hit one of the buttons i guess and maybe activate it so it’s just telling me to go through the setup process and download fitbit mobile app but i want i do say that the uh color screen looks nice it might be the same screen as the lux but i’ll have to double check with my lux let’s see if i can take this off here let’s

Give you a little better look it’s always hard to do when this isn’t on the wrist so here’s the back so to me it doesn’t look like too much has changed and the pin mechanisms are the same here the band attachment is by this pin let’s see how easy it is to get this off i just cut my fingernails today but that wasn’t too bad let’s see if i can put it back in i

Definitely prefer the sliding mechanisms better i don’t like these pins because i prefer to have short fingernails but pull this down and try to push it in and there you go so it’s not too difficult but it’s not as easy as it could be either and you have the usual hook and loop style of um band keeper here and so this is the small sized band so i’ll go ahead

And see if that fits i think it should there we go maybe one less all right so here’s what it looks like on my wrist now i do have a approximately seven inch or 178 millimeter wrist size so that’s the color combo and band on my wrist so as you can see i can fit one even to full fingers underneath and yeah so let’s see what else is in here looks like we can

Slide these out so that’s pretty intuitive and nice all right that’s it there so we have the additional band so if this small band does not fit there’s an additional larger size band here as you can see there’s a l slash g to indicate that is the largest larger size band and then we have the charging cable so this charging cable looks very similar to the type

That was there last year something new i noticed here though is that there is the word inspire 3 here so if you have multiple fitbits this should help you know which cable goes which with with which cable goes with which device so let’s see if i can show you how to attach the charger here real quick so you will want to line up these pins with the gold pens on

The back so this is correct this is not and there are little clips on both sides so we’ll want to line that up and putting it on should be fairly straightforward kind of hear it click and then tug a little i’m already finding these side buttons annoying because you just hit them every time you’re trying to interact with the device and this comes with yet again

Another usb type a so not a usbc but the regular usb so you can plug this into an adapter or into a usb a like on your computer or a power bank and let’s see it’s probably the same taking off takes a little bit of force so do know that it doesn’t just slide off which is good that it won’t come off but you do feel like you have to put a fair amount of force to

Get it off so yeah that’s everything that comes in the box we just have the inspire 3 case with the top band and the small band attached see here it says s slash p and then we have the large band and the charger so if you’d like to see the entire setup process or follow along and set your own fitbit inspire 3 up go ahead and either check out the description below

Where i will link my setup video or you can just search how to set up fitbit inspire 3. wearable whisperer in your youtube search field and it should show up otherwise if you’d like to watch more wearable videos please consider subscribing and i’ll see you in my next video thanks so much for watching

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