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HOW I STAY SLIM & FIT | Flexispot Desk Bike Unboxing

Hi, Beauties! I unbox the desk bike and assemble live on camera plus I give you a tour of the bike and all the amazing features PLUS what fits on top of the desk!

Hey beauties thanks so much for tuning in to my channel today i have a fun and exciting a video for you all i teamed up with a black c-spot to share a really cool invention and equipment that they came out with i get a ton of emails and direct messages always asking me how i stay fit and healthy with my crazy busy schedule and while a lot of that of course is diet

It is important to workout for at least 30 minutes a days so with what i’m about to share with you today is how i get my workouts done stay sane and stay fit and healthy of course so let’s jump right into it show too many times before let’s go me look good so pretty simple all we’re going to do is we’re going to take the cup holder which is this thing right

Here yeah i ain’t talked to many times before there’s some plastic here i’m gonna go ahead and remove that there’s plastic up here as well we’re gonna remove that well so i did this all by myself and i am not a handy person at all with super simple all you had to do was put the table into here and screw in the little screw with the wrench that they gave you

And then you just had to put some covers and this knot right here is the one that you set the intensity on one is just like a casual bike ride there’s really no pressure required and then you can change it to any other intensity but eight is the hardest intensity usually this is good to keep it around for if you’re working as well he’d be like completely out of

Breath so pepper cup holder as well so if you’re looking at the bike straight on there is a latch on the sides of the left side and this latch moves it forward and moves it back so if you don’t want you to sit and pedal you can just use this as a standing desk or you know if you have long arms like i do you can move it in and out and now we’re gonna adjust it to

My height i am five nine and a half just push off the latch and it goes up and then of course to put it down you’re gonna have to put a little pressure just an easy usually for reference where your hip is is where your seat should be so it’s the one a little bigger probably about that much it and then the lash the lash the latch on the right side helps you to pull

It up and then pull it down be mindful though it doesn’t go down automatically first a like a chair so i saw you have to put a little effort into it putting it down and up but that goes up and down like if you don’t want to sit on the desk and pedal you can just do your work and now i’m going to show you what fits on the desk so you can easily fit a 15-inch laptop

A magic mouse and your phone and then any other knick-knack you might have you might not use a mouse that’s fine and then it also fit a 15-inch macbook but i probably would not keep my mouse on there because it’s a little tight so probably just my phone and then any other is knick-knack maybe a notebook or so here is the flexi spot depth size pro this is the b and

Nine and trim the company is also very sweet and they provide you with batteries to put in here and on this little reader right here you can see your speed your distance your calories your rpm we have all that great information are right there as well oh can i interrogate your mind do you mind you might begin to resign from and leave me

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HOW I STAY SLIM & FIT | Flexispot Desk Bike Unboxing By MrsGuptaSquared