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IKEA DIY Desk Hack with Flexispot Desk Frame Unboxing and Setup

Hi Beans~

Hey everyone i thought i would do something a little bit different than doing a another studio vlog this week i hope you enjoyed the last vlog which was our glamping trip i wanted to show you guys what i just got in the mail today and the hubby’s gonna help me set it up because your girl’s been breaking her arm literally from work i’ve been screwing up this

Portion of my arm this portion of my arm this portion of my arm so i think a standing desk is needed and i am one of those people that i thought i would never want a standing desk i hated the idea of a standing desk because it reminds me of standing at a part-time job and that kind of stuff so we are diy in this stuff everyone so i ended up getting a flexi spot as

You can see here is the name i got the flexi spot uh more heavy duty table legs and uh the reason why i didn’t buy the full desk because i was planning on buying the full desk but they don’t have any desk sizes that are larger than i think 42 inches and my ikea table top is about 50 something that is why i was very sad that they didn’t have anything more than a

41 because i like me a big table and let me show you guys the table excuse the saltines we just had lunch so this is the table top right now it just just like this one it just has the ikea legs and what we are going to be doing is diying this because no one’s ever shown this everyone just gets the flexi spot table or the riser and so this is not a sponsored video

But i was just super excited to do this with you guys so let’s diy this table together well we’re going to be doing it tonight because it’s in the middle of the workday and your girl’s gotta work okay i will see you guys in a little bit we will speed run this and hopefully things go well i also have to take all the stuff off my desk it will be a fun interesting

Evening that’s for sure it’s going to be a table raising party is what i’m calling it okay bye guys all right it has been exactly a week since i’ve had my flexi spot so i decided that i would come on and talk to you guys about the process of assembling and just using the flexi spot in general so uh just to give you a little bit of a background i will show it on

Screen on their website but i ended up going for the more expensive base model that they had just because i was concerned because i’ve got two monitors i’ve got a mic i’ve got you know my desk stand and all that kind of stuff so i wanted to make sure that i don’t kill the motor that is really the only reason why i went with the stronger motor if you don’t have

That kind of stuff and you just have a laptop or whatever then i would totally suggest going with the base model that they have but that is what i wanted to do and it was mainly my hubby setting this whole thing up if you guys saw the speed run so the instructions are pretty good can’t complain uh it does take a little bit of time to set it up i’m not gonna lie

I think it took us about an hour and a half in total um so it’s not super super super super quick um the other thing i would really suggest when you get a standing desk in general is get a caddy for all of your wires and things like that i got one on amazon it came with two i gave my spare one to chris because i didn’t really think i needed both and by no means

Am i an expert when it comes to organization of wires please don’t think i know what i’m doing i’m just trying to figure it out just like everybody else um but i also ended up getting this little amazon tube like thing that you just zip up on your wires to keep them all intact and together which i thought was a super awesome way to have cord management some of

The other things i would really highly suggest and this is something i had from before is a little uh foot rest because a foot rest is super great my hubby has a really good book from a guy named kelly starrett and he is has this book called the supple leopard and it’s all about posture and movement and just muscle injuries and that kind of stuff in general

And when you are at a standing desk it’s really important that you you move your feet from one on the step stool let’s say to the other one on the on on the mat vice versa both on the mat so you want to vary it up so you don’t get your feet all tired and with saying that i also decided i would invest in a little squishy mat again most of the stuff is from amazon

These this little step stool is from ikea in the bathroom section for little kids so very inexpensive i’m so happy i have these things and uh yeah i absolutely love it it’s been helping my arm a lot so i’m trying to do um an hour on hour off not every day i’m getting into that because sometimes i feel a little crappy so i’m not gonna stand but so far so good i’m

Finding that my arm is less crappy by the end of the night so that is definitely a plus and again i never thought i would be one of those people that would ever want a standing desk and yet here i am with a standing desk but i was very excited to have it come in other things that have uh come up because of having it is what’s really cool is when i’m doing things

Like getting etsy orders ready and especially when i’m doing memo pads when i need to be back and forth from my printer and my die cut machine to my desk because everything is really quick when when i’m making my uh my memos that standing is perfect for that because i don’t have to be sitting and then standing the other great thing is that because i have my

Ikea drawer organizer down below i end up having another spot to put paperwork or when i’m packing orders or when i’m getting things ready to be put in to the cricut machine for cutting it’s great to have that extra little spot to put stuff so i by far i’m really happy that that ended up coming into play another really cool thing with the flexi spot is you can

Actually pull and contract the legs to be bigger or smaller depending on the size of your desk anyways so considering that i used an ikea tabletop this actually went over really really well and because the other side of my desk there really isn’t that much that i put on there there’s a kitty pillow and sometimes i use it for photography or when i’m doing my

Die-cut stuff i don’t put that much pressure on that side of the desk so it’s not that big of a deal that i don’t have the legs going all the way to the edge of the table which is super fantabulous and the only other thing you’ve got to be careful with and i did definitely keep an eye on this the first time i was raising my desk is that you have enough space for

All your wires that are connected to your computer and your internet and all that kind of stuff i never had a problem thank god but you just want to make sure that you’re not tugging on any of the wires especially if you’re a tall person i can see that being a huge problem me being a five foot nothing little short short person i don’t really have that much of a

Problem but even still i can’t believe how much higher i have to raise the desk like i did not realize it would be so high and what i try and do with raising the desk so i don’t mess up my arm any more is i want to try and make sure that my hand and especially because i’ve got the ergonomical mouse you want to make sure that you’re like this so the problem uh

That i’ve run into in the past is either my hand is like this or my hand is like that you really want it to be 90 degrees as much as possible when you’re working so uh just keep that in mind when you’re working so that you don’t have any arm pains as well and then the other thing that i should probably go and do is get another massage because that would probably

Really help my arm i’m just saying anyways i hope you guys found this video helpful let me know in this in the comment section down below if you found this insightful especially coming from like a no standing desk kind of gal over here if you got this car in the video put i don’t even know is there a desk i will put a pen put a pen or a mouse in the comment

Section below let me know your thoughts and i will see you guys in the next video goodbye

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IKEA DIY Desk Hack with Flexispot Desk Frame Unboxing and Setup By CandiWare