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Levoit Humidifier Unboxing and First Impression

Hi everyone here’s my unboxing and first impression of the Levoit Humidifier.

Hi there again everyone you’ll see here from life at 50 and beyond thanks for joining me here in my channel today i’m gonna have an unboxing and first impression review of this product here this is a lis void l evo it humidifier now because i have asthma flare-ups that’s the reason why my voice is like this while i’m doing this voice over for the past month now

I have been contemplating on getting a humidifier i in reading up on it and as well as trying to see any research if it’s gonna be helpful for my asthma so i found a few articles online stating that a humidifier will be helpful with someone who has breathing problems respiratory infection or breathing problems due to asthma so i spoke to our physician our family

Physician and she has agreed that a humidifier is good in most cases when it comes to asthma so she gave me a green light to try out a humidifier and so that’s the reason why i have agreed with this collaboration with lee voigt and i want to test this one out and see if it’s gonna work as with any of my other reviews i just want to give you a disclosure here i

Received this product for free to review or to use or try out and give my honest review i am not receiving any monetary compensation i only received the product for free but that’s it after that i don’t get anything else even if you buy or decide to purchase this product using the link that i will be sharing in the description box below i will not be compensated

Or receive any commissions out of the sale i will also be adding a discount code in the description box below so that should you decide to also get this product you can avail of discount so my first impression on this product as i unboxed it is that it looks really well-made its lightweight so if you want to move it around the house it’s easy to carry around it’s

Not huge i think the size is just right for a humidifier especially if you want to put it next to your bed on top of your side table i think this one is not gonna eat up too much space reading through the manual that it came with there is a locking mechanism or feature i was able to turn it to the right and i was able to lift the reservoir i am then removing the

Cap from the top and then i’m flipping over the reservoir and then i am going to be opening up the cap from the bottom where the water is gonna go through after i unscrew the cap i am going to be pouring in room temperature water and per direction it should be filled halfway of the reservoir gonna be replacing the cap that i have removed and i am locking it tight

Making sure that the water doesn’t seep through after that i am flipping it back over right side up and then i am going to be replacing or putting back the cap and i’m gonna be putting it back on to the system making sure that things are aligned and making sure that everything is dry so i’m wiping it dry and clean and then i am putting it back in and then locking

The system up i mean certain the power cord onto the wall socket and then i’m gonna be turning the system on there’s some mist that’s coming out of the top cap so these are the controls here and it’s a touched control it’s not a dial control obviously it’s really very modern so that’s the on and off switch that’s the display and if you want a warm mist you can

Click on the third icon here and that will turn into warm or it will warm the water and then there’s that light i think at night you will see that it’s illuminated and then making sure that humidity is on and then there’s also timer if you want to run it on a timer and then those dots at the bottom are actually the power cycle or the strength so one two three four

And five one being the lowest power and then going all the way up to the five which is the strongest power and you will see it also that the mist that comes out is a lot strong so i’m turning on the volume so that you can hear the noise actually that you can hear is not the machine itself not the humidifier itself but it’s our floor fan because it’s kind of still

A little hot here but this is really quiet you can barely hear anything except the sound of the bell when you are pressing on the control and it also comes with a remote control i like the remote control because it’s not bulky it’s also thin and lightweight and it’s the same controller there the – and pluses will let you control the speed or the power you know

From one through five so my first impression on this one is that i really like it a lot and i am grateful to have this is free but again i have a follow-up video in case you know to give you a result when it comes to my asthma my breathing problems sometimes especially at night and since it’s flu season this is something that i think will be very beneficial for

The family not just myself again thanks again for joining me here in my channel have a great day everyone talk to you again on my next video bye

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Levoit Humidifier Unboxing and First Impression By LifeDIYJosie