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Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush Unboxing

This is an unboxing and brief review of the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth. You can read a full review at .

Hi i’m rick from the free stuff show podcast and this is the oral-b pro 5000 smartseries electric toothbrush this is a little different from your typical electric toothbrush because it incorporates bluetooth technology we received this one free from oral-b in exchange for our honest review and in this video we’re going to open the box and take a look at what’s

Inside all right here we go for starters this is the front of the box the oral-b pro 5000 smartseries powered by braun this is a rechargeable toothbrush five feature characteristics daily clean plus triple pressure sensor gum care it’s a sensitive it features whitening and deep clean wow okay removes 100% more plaque and as i said before it’s powered with

Bluetooth technology this is what the toothbrush looks like and without going any further with the box we will go ahead and open it and see it for real all right for starters we have the instruction manual this covers the operation of the pro 5000 the smart guide and i suppose some warranty information is in there somewhere and here’s the toothbrush itself this

Is without the head i should say this is rather impressive looking toothbrush at the outset it’s feels pretty solid it’s definitely not a cheapy battery power toothbrush that you get over the counter or off the off the shelf at the local supermarket this is this is pretty heavy-duty it looks like we have the head the toothbrush head and this appears to be part of

The stand assembly see what up sit up here looks like the this looks like the charging assembling charging adapter ac charging adapter up and take a look at it this is some it looks like it is that guess the toothbrush goes on the stand here some way but i will look over the instructions before i start making assumptions and this is it looks like the case travel

Case for storing the toothbrush in all of its accessories this is pretty cool it says kind of neat you can we take your traveling with you can just put everything right in here and it’s nice neat grab it one one piece that that’s very cool and except another piece to the stand and i believe well these are essentially the pieces to the oral-b and i’ll set this up

So you get a better look at each one and now i will proceed to test it out the pro 5000 has five modes of operation daily clean mode is the standard mode for daily brushing deep clean mode allows an extra minute for extended brushing sensitive mode brushes a little more gently whitening mode is for whitening and polishing teeth and massage mode is for gum massage

There’s a brush head available for use in each mode these brush heads are also compatible with many other oral-b electric toothbrushes and are sold separately the pro 5000 is equipped with a triple pressure sensor and lets you know when you’re brushing too hard the pro 5000 also includes a timer which not only times you’re brushing session it tells you how long to

Spend on each quadrant of your mouth then there’s the second part of this cleaning system the oral-b app yes it’s an app for brushing your teeth and you install it on your smartphone it’s a pretty straightforward installation and pairing the toothbrush with the app is relatively quick and easy the app monitors and logs all brushing activity it features an onscreen

Timer that syncs with the built-in timer on the toothbrush once the app is loaded you can start the timer by either touching the start button on the screen of the app or you can simply turn on the toothbrush and the timer on the app will start automatically from that point the two are synced and data on the brushing session flows from brush to app in real time

Of course you can still brush your teeth without running the app the pro 5000 can store up to 30 brushing sessions and will upload them to the app the next time they are connected in summary i really like the pro 5000 it clings really well and the built-in timer is a really handy feature it’s also waterproof and comes with a 2-year limited warranty the bluetooth

Technology is great for a lot of applications but it isn’t needed for a toothbrush the app is completely unnecessary and the idea of a toothbrush app in general is well i think it’s kind of dumb the feature-packed toothbrush itself however is very very smart this has been a look at the oral-b pro 5000 smartseries electric toothbrush with bluetooth once again i’d

Like to thank oral-b for sending us a free sample for review you can read a full review of this product on our website at the free stuff show com you can also subscribe to our podcast the free stuff show at the free stuff show com or on itunes blueberry comm or stitcher radio i’m rick and thanks for watching you

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Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush Unboxing By The Free Stuff Video Show