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Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bartender Tool 10 Piece Set Unboxing

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bartender Tool 10 Piece Set Unboxing

Welcome back everybody i’m ben and i’m back with the for real deals team to go through another unboxing what have i got for you today well ladies i have no doubt you’ve thought about sex on the beach gents maybe you’ve even thought about a slippery nipple i’ve got the answer for you this afternoon don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to our channel so there

We have it folks this is the cocktail set of your dreams if you dream about cocktail sets which is a little bit strange anyway let’s go through this step by step first of all most important component is the cocktail shaker as you can see made out of beautiful stainless steel three components you’ve got the main body that’s where you’re gonna put all your lovely

Alcohol and your ice and whatever else you put in there you’ve got a lid and then importantly you’ve got a cap because obviously you need the caps if you shake this without the cap on yeah we can mess all over the place any cocktail is not a cocktail without ice therefore pretty sure your guests won’t appreciate if you put your hand in the bucket point the ice

Into your container so nicely the the people who made this thing put together a nice set of ice tongs i suggest using those instead of your hands what else we have in here well you know what there are times when your guests don’t always appreciate a cocktail so for those beer drinkers we’ve got yourself a nice bottle opener and obviously being in south africa

You’ll have a lot of wine drinkers and therefore there’s a bottle opener as well if you’re anything like me my free paws are a little bit slap-handed and i tend to throw my drinks all over the place so within the set you’ve got these really nice bottle pourers uh you obviously put that in the top of your bottle gives you a bit more of a an accurate pour don’t

Want to make your cocktails too strong to make the perfect cocktail you need the perfect measure this little cap is a great device on one side you’ve got single shots on the other side you’ve got double shots me personally i don’t think i’ll use the single shots very often but it’s there anyway a lot of cocktails require fresh fruit fruit pulp obviously if you

Squeeze the lemons squeeze your oranges see what i said there um you tend to get the juice everywhere spoke in your eye in your guest side even so the best thing to do is use this crusher and basically put your fruit inside your container and give it a good squeeze therefore you don’t make a mess everywhere either a lot of people don’t know what this is for this

Is actually a strainer so once you’ve finished making your cocktail you place this on top you pour that out and you guess drinks stops all the bits and crap that you don’t really want in the drink except that alcohol and flavors and getting into their glasses in the first place and finally for those people who like to get really fancy we’ve got a stirrup obviously

If you pour yourself a long drink and you want to make sure that the cocktails mix properly with the ice and any of the other components you put in there you’ve got a nice long swizzle stick straw uh spoon here it’s not a straw it’s a spoon um so we’ve got that component there the lovely thing about this is that as you can see it’s all beautifully contained in

This uh this little stand it’s made of bamboo so i wouldn’t recommend leaving around any pandas um but otherwise without pandas this thing’s perfectly safe it’s gonna last forever stainless steel the bamboo would look stunning this is going to look fantastic on your bar in your kitchen this is a show-off standing piece everybody to learn more about this product

Which is available through for real deals on their website simply follow the link in the description as always don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to our channel

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Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bartender Tool 10 Piece Set Unboxing By ForRealDeals