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Here’s a quick haul of my most recent Thrive Market order! I had a coupon for an extra 15 percent off, so I decided it would be a good time to stock up on a few things. 😀

Hey everybody its kendra welcome to my channel if you’re new and new welcome back if you’ve been here before my video today is going to be a thrive market hall and unboxing i have this ginormous box from thrive honestly when i came home the other day and saw this i was like wait what did i order it don’t remember rotary that much anyway i think it was just very

Well packaged so generally when i order from thrive market i wait until they have some type of extra promo some extra discount or some cool freebie that i’m actually interested in and in this case i had actually was emailed an extra 15% off coupon so anywho let’s get into it it’s a lot of like stocking up i was out of a whole bunch of stuff alright first up i got

A couple things for my kitties actually have two kitties two little girls and one of them has her birthday tomorrow my little kobe is turning 4 it’s my my little baby anyway first up i got these cat treats and i don’t know why i got four of them i know there was a minimum order of two but my cats have never tried you so i don’t actually know if they like them but i

Got four so i guess we’re gonna find out and fingers crossed they like them so these are the blue buffalo videos in the tempting tuna recipe you can see these are kind of like a softer sort of kitty treat i don’t know they had good reviews hopefully my babies like them and also for my kitties i only got one of these this is the castor and pollux organics organic

Cat treats these i believe our chicken flavor and they actually these are hard treats and you can see they’re kind of shaped like little chicken drum strick drum strokes so happy birthday to my little co bay and kimchi’s for in a month – so she’ll get some early birthday treat alright next i had to pick up a few body products i was actually out of tiger balm and

I believe the right market has normal tiger balm but they also have tiger balm ultra-strength so of course i got the ultra strength one i’ve never tried this no idea what it’s about it is it is kind of like this white clear color but it kind of smells more like cinnamon ii than the original tiger balm but apparently is supposed to be great for like relieving

Pain my back and neck and shoulders have been alien me also i picked up a couple products from this brand a cure and i have mentioned these a cure products before um and i really really like their skincare i’m really excited about this brand it’s affordable and i think it’s like pretty non-toxic i think it’s pretty clean so the first one i got is this brilliantly

Brilliantly brightening night cream so this is a reorder this is gonna be my second two of this and i love it it’s really really good really good night cream not like greasy or heavy but not too light definitely moisturizing and then this is a new product i’m trying out this is the seriously soothing blue tanzy night oil so generally what i have been doing with the

Night cream so i’ll apply the night cream and then i have this other serum from a cure i can’t remember the name but that was actually a freebie from thrive a few months ago really like that so generally what i do is apply the night cream and then i put the serum on over that so i’m gonna try that with this blue tanzy um night oil so apparently blue tansy i believe

Is supposed to be very good for the skin like very like healing and soothing well does it’s called seriously soothing and again this one it does say to apply this after your moisturizer so i’m nearly out of that serum so i guess i’ll just replace it with that uh blue tansy one and my final body product is this hand cream from well lleida this is the sea buckthorn

Hand cream this is a repeat order i do love these while a two hand creams this is my second one in the sea buckthorn and i’ve had their evening primrose one and i want to say have tried the pomegranate one as well super moisturizing slightly greasy but if you are familiar with walidah and their skin food product this is nothing like the skin food the skin food to

Me i like to use that one before bed because i’m not really gonna be touching things um so i don’t care if i’m my hands are kind of greasy these are not nearly as oily as that like this stuff definitely robson smells good and i love it i just love these hand creams alright i know we’re at the point where you’re gonna think i’m a total i go because i stocked up on

So much stuff um got four jars of these divina olives these are my absolute favorite olives i’ve been out of them for about a week so my salads at lunch have been kind of they’ve just been missing that like nice little salty pizazz so these are the novena organic pitted green olives absolute favorite olives i probably eat a jar these week baby i like to put them

On salads at lunch like a nice salad you know some greens some type protein chicken or i know sometimes bacon or prosciutto whatever avocado some all of some type of nut balsamic and avocado oil so so so good so happy to have these back in stock also i picked up two jars of salsa this is my favorite salsa this green mountain gringo’s we’ve got the medium and the

Hot no i’ve never tried the hot so we’re gonna see how spicy this stuff is i like to always have a couple jars of this on hand because i like to do like venison taco lettuce wraps or i’ll just kind of make like venison taco meat i put it on greens super super super good and i always like to dump in like a jar of salsa okay next up i stocked up on tuna this is the

Safe catch elite solid wild tuna steak this is a skipjack tuna so like chunk light not all the court i do not do albacore tuna i just i don’t know i something with the texture and the flavor i think i had too much like albacore tuna like chicken of the snow not chicken of the sea chunk what’s the other one sunkist starkist whatever the other tuna brand is they

Used to do like pouches of tuna and i used to eat that in high school like literally like take bits of tuna out and put it on a cracker and i would eat that and i think i got a couple funky packs of all the core tuna that’s why i don’t like it anymore but anyway love this skipjack tuna okay and finally my favorite thing in this whole haul are these chocolate bars

From hugh kitchen so if you saw my last 5 market hall you’ve definitely noticed i ordered a ton of this chocolate i think high twelve of these chocolate bars than that one um but i have narrowed it down to my favorites and i only ordered my favorites my absolute favorite this this one the cashew butter and pure vanilla bean dark chocolate murdered three of those

And then i also ordered one of their simple dark chocolate this one’s super nice if you just want something super clean super basic just like a good piece of dark chocolate but the cashew butter ooh baby that is something something special so good also i do want to quickly mention that i just noticed that whole foods has started to stock a huge chocolate and they

Have all the same flavors as thrive market whole foods i believe was about a dollar fifty more per bar than thrive market um and i think the only additional flavor that whole foods had the thrive market did not have was this like crunchy chocolate mint one and i thought one of those and i liked it i thought it was pretty good i don’t think i don’t get it again just

Because i love the cashew one but you know the crunch in the mint see it was nice it was okay anyway if you have not yet tried this brand of chocolate i would definitely recommend doing so cuz it’s so good okay so there you go that is what i picked up in my most recent thrive market order love drive markets but i always wait for a good bra so anyway thank you so

Much for watching like comment subscribe and i’ll see you in my next video bye

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